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Episode 13,490
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ tries to help the unresponsive nurse ... Jen and Hope are at the house. It is supposed to be a Christmas eve to decorate the tree but Hope is worried. Jen tries to make her feel better but complains about Abigail being under Stefan’s roof. Hope sighs she despises that DiMera and crunches her cookie ... Festive Stefan is surprised when raging Rafe storms over to lay down the law ... Chad bears a gift for Kate and announces he was fired by Victor ... Abigail orders Gabi out of Julie’s room. Gabi leers she knows she is not Gabby ... Chad explains to Kate he had to take action against Stefan as he violated the terms of their agreement. Abigail was supposed to get help ... Gabi gets Abigail to admit she was only acting like Gabby as she goes to Julie’s side to apologize. Gabi accuses her of sending her to spy in her room. Abigail admits that as well and blasts Gabi the beech for putting Julie in a hospital bed ... Paramedic JJ shouts the girl has a pulse and asks for a drug to revive her. He is handed the syringe and injects the nurse, who gasps and closes her eyes again ... Hope and Jen put down their holiday mugs as the fire crackles. They love and are grateful for one another. Hope is sorry she asked her to lie to Rafe. Jen wonders about that. Hope will only say it was about Ciara being dragged into Ben’s world. Jen can relate ... Rafe accuses Stefan of the abduction and imprisonment of Ted. Stefan taunts Rafe really does not want Ted hanging around Hope ... Kate offers to help Chad get a room at the inn. Chad explains Sonny made Victor agree to allow him to stay at the mansion at least for the holidays. She asks about Julie and her fall down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion. Alas Chad did not see it nor did Gabi ... Abigail confirms she sent Julie to search Gabi’s room for the sedatives, the dark wig and any other clues. Gabi counters she got nothing. Abigail demands to know what Julie discovered. Gabi pauses and remembers the fact that Chad is the real father of Abigail’s baby. But Gabi’s lying lips are sealed ...

Kate hears Gabi’s story from Chad. He adds Julie wanted to say something to him before she passed out. Kate acts astonished she would break into Gabi’s room. Chad starts to sense she is hiding something ... Gabi smugly states Julie found nothing and fell down the stairs. Abigail accuses her of trying to kill Julie. Gabi threatens to expose her to Stefan and taunts she will tell him the truth for Christmas ... Stefan sarcastically wonders whether Ted complained. Rafe reasons he is too afraid. Stefan suggests if Ted keeps his inaccurate accusations to himself there will be peace. Stefan believes he is being generous. After all he has a wonderful life ... Jen gets what it means for a mother to protect her daughter. Doug appears and announces he wants to go see his wife ... JJ gets the new nurse a room. The doctor on duty agrees it is best not to tell the hospital admin for the moment. The girl now wakes up. JJ explains what happened but she wishes he had not saved her. He drawls it is what he does for a living. The nurse notes he does not understand but he announces he has been there ... As Gabi threatens to call Stefan, Abigail threatens to call Rafe. They are at a standstill. Gabi leers it ain’t over and storms out. Abigail now sadly sits at Julie’s bedside ... Hope suggests Doug have some food first since he needs his strength. He grins to get him some pancakes or eggs or whatever ready. The gals race to the kitchen. Doug holds and kisses Julie’s Horton ornament ...

Rafe warns Stefan if he goes near Ted he will have to answer to him. Furthermore Abigail’s family does not approve of their arrangement. Stefan snaps he got what he came for and sends the cowboy on his way ... Kate fibs she just feels badly she has no gift for Chad. He wants her to open his, which is Andre’s gold pocket watch. Kate is touched. She decides she will have a gift for him eventually and whispers he will love it. They exchange I love yous and a Merry Christmas as he departs. Then she damns Gabi ... Gabi opens the envelope she snatched from Julie that reveals who Charlotte’s real father is and stares darkly ... The sad nurse does not believe JJ. He emotionally exclaims he planned to shoot himself one year ago today. T’was the night before Christmas but a good friend saved him. Now it is his turn. He tells her the details of his dark times, how he was helped. A good friend saved him in time to hear that the friend he shot was going to be alright. There is always hope ... Doug is unhappy Julie will miss the Christmas eve celebration. He wonders why she went to the Kiriakis mansion. Hope admits she went to help Abigail ... Abigail gets an unexpected text from Mendez. She promises to see Julie soon and scurries off ...

Jen is astonished to hear that Julie was helping Abigail and admits to Hope she had no idea. They hug. Doug demands to go to the hospital so they all get their coats and depart ... JJ gushes his good friend (Gabi) gave him faith that fateful night. The tragic nurse refers to her own predicament... Kate reads over a letter she has written to Chad revealing that Charlotte is his daughter and was never Stefan’s ... Abigail returns to DiMera mansion. Stefan wants a kiss from Gabby. She obliges and leaves him with his gift while she goes to greet Charlotte ... JJ cannot bring himself to leave the now sleeping Salem patient as it is Christmas eve ... Rafe catches up with Hope at the hospital. He assures her Julie will overcome and admits he spoke to Stefan about Ted. He promised to back off but Hope does not believe him. He reasons Stefan now fancies himself a family man. He would not want to lose Gabby or their daughter. Hope has her doubts. Rafe reminds her tis Christmas ... Kate cannot bring herself to send Chad the letter and crumples it ... Gabi is at the Kiriakis mansion with the paternity paper she wants Chad to accidentally find but how? He walks in so she puts it on the desk. They wish one another a Merry Christmas and he wonders what that is ... Abigail suggests Stefan open the beautifully wrapped gift box from her. Tis a decree he does not understand. She now drops a bombshell and wishes the son of a beech a very Merry Christmas with divorce papers ... Doug is at Julie’s side, with Jen in the room. He begs his beloved to come back to him. She is his everything! Voila. She slowly opens her beautiful eyes ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 21, 2018