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Episode 13,489
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric updates Sarah on Henderson not knowing Maggie’s whereabouts. The redhead arrives and assures them Holly is alright. She left her with Chloe. Meanwhile at the club Chloe suggests she and cute Holly hang something on the tree soon. Brady arrives and is touched by the sweet scene ... At the square John and Marlena go over the Christmas presents they have gotten for loved ones. Paul texts John that rehab is going well. Doc is distracted. It is about Abigail ... At DiMera mansion Abigail promises to keep baby Charlotte safe. She explains a man is coming from far far away to help them ... but Stefan stops her before she can depart ... A new nurse is on the hospital phone begging for help. JJ arrives at the nurse’s station and asks if she is alright. She hangs her head and fibs she is fine. JJ worriedly watches her walk away ... Gabi pulls back the pillow and blasts sleeping Julie. But she cannot go back to prison ... Dr. Marlena feels badly she did not realize Abigail was about to relapse. John thinks she did all she could but she decides to go find her. She kisses her hero and he grins good luck ... Stefan wants to celebrate the day before Christmas with his Gabby. She explains she wants to go get his gift. He asks her to leave Charlotte who had a little fever yesterday. Abigail has no choice and leaves alone ... Gabi refuses to allow pro Abigail Julie to ruin her life and decides ... Enter JJ. She turns around when he wonders what she is doing. Pause. She casually puts the pillow down on the chair and claims she came to check on Julie. JJ sighs it is not easy to see her this way. Gabi feels partly to blame. JJ is bewildered ...

At the park, Abigail asks the big brute of a man who married her and Stefan to return to his country and end their marriage ... Stefan gushes to the baby girl in his arms this will be the first of many family Christmases. Marlena walks in with a Bah Humbug ... Back at the club Chloe and Brady converse about Holly sleeping so well. Brady wonders what happened with Eric and Sarah. She updates him on the recent drama which made her appeal to Maggie, who agreed to honor Nicole’s last letter ... Stressed Sarah gets shrill with Maggie for giving Holly away and acting nonchalant. Eric deserved more consideration! Maggie blasts her for criticizing her for having Holly’s best interest at heart. Sarah is hopelessly loyal to Eric, who stands in silence. Maggie explains Daniel was her son and he lives on in his son and daughter. She believes they should be raised together. Sarah starts to rant so Eric asks her to stop since it is Christmas. He asks her to see him to the door and goes in peace. Almost ... Chloe admits to Brady she feels badly for ever keeping Holly from Nicole. Perhaps neither she nor Eric deserve to raise her ... Eric is at the square but has no chuckle when John laughs with a hearty ho ho ho. John asks if he is alright. In a word ... NO ... Marlena and her gift for Abigail are not welcome in Stefan’s home ... The big brute gives Senora Abigail a hard time. She offers big money. He wonders why she wed Stefan, who loves her. She calls it a mistake so he suggests she speak to her husband. She notes she owes him nothing. He notes he might owe him ...

Gabi gives JJ her story about feeling badly that Julie fell down the stairs after she caught her in her room. JJ explains Abigail believed she set her up, hence Julie’s belief. Gabi gets worried until JJ sighs his sister was ill when she accused Gabi. Gabi starts to go. JJ has something to say first. She looks guilty as soap sin ... Eric sadly sits with John and updates him on the trouble between Maggie and Sarah. John brings up the rift between his sons – Eric and Brady ... Brady reminds Chloe if she had not consented to carry Daniel and Nicole’s child, she would not even have been born. Chloe gets it and brings up the situation with Eric. Brady does not blame him for his rage and admits he would not forgive himself either ... JJ tells Gabi how touched he was when Theo called him to make sure he was alright as it was the anniversary of the shooting. Gabi praises both guys for having great hearts. JJ gushes Theo is giving like Gabi. He thanks her for saving his life last Christmas. She glances at sleeping Julie with guilt ... Abigail offers more money but he wants 50 grand. Abigail thinks that is a lot so he threatens to contact Stefan. Abigail hastily promises him the money soon ... Marlena calls Stefan’s set up with his little family a form of delusion. She warns him Abigail is not stable. She will eventually overpower Gabby in her mind and leave him. Stefan states he will give Gabby everything she needs and sarcastically adds he is aware the good doctor does not care about him. Marlena begs to differ cos she does care. Stefan pauses. In the spirit of Christmas Dr. Marlena wants to help. She hopes Stefan will not lock Abigail in a cage when she wants to leave him. He denies he would do as papa Stefano did. Marlena urges him to let Abigail get the help she needs and also start to heal himself ... Abigail promises to get the bribed padre his money by tonight. He smiles by morning she will be single and tries without success to kiss her hand ...

JJ gushes how much Gabi helped him overcome. She gets tears in her eyes ... Maggie is having trouble with a heavy ornament. Sarah appears and apologizes, then states how she feels for poor Eric whose chance at happiness was destroyed. The redhead reasons like what happened to her daughter. Sarah looks like a lost soul ... Chloe feels that Brady and her love of Nicole will guide them to do right by her daughter. Brady promises to be here always and they hug. Eric walks in and hisses they must be celebrating stealing Holly ... Sarah admits there are similarities between her and Eric’s stories. Maggie wonders what comes next. Sarah cries it would be too hard to be in the same city as Rex and Mimi. That is why she will now be working at University Hospital ... Brady tries to get Eric to stop. He snaps to stay out of it ... Stefan is thankful for Marlena’s concern. However, he already lost Gabby once and let her go. Now he knows how much they mean to one another and will not lose her again. Marlena argues what about Abigail’s loved ones? He is convinced Holly, Gabby and himself will live happily ever after. Nothing can change that fact ... Gabi lies to JJ she wants to say a little prayer for Julie. JJ praises her and leaves, unaware Abigail is lurking outside the door. Gabi gets the pillow and has an attack of conscience ...

JJ enters the staff lounge. only to find the new nurse passed out on the floor, an empty pill bottle in hand ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sarah questions whether her mother wants her to stay in Salem. Of course she does! She hands her her late dad's stethoscope cos he would love she is continuing his tradition of saving lives. Maggie is proud of her darling daughter and they emotionally embrace ... Brady defends Chloe to Eric, who gasps he is not going to let him keep Nicole’s daughter away like he did Nicole ... John updates Marlena on what happened. She is worried about Eric and will call him. John asks about Abigail. She saw Stefan and warned him he could not live a fairytale. Alas he refuses to listen to reason ... Stefan holds his pink bundle and gushes she is the greatest gift ... Gabi gasps and puts down the pillow, deciding she is not a bad person and Arianna deserves better. Julie is spared. But when she turns to leave, she runs into Abigail who is still wearing her dark Gabby wig. Showdown Time!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 20, 2018