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Episode 13,488
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shirtless Tripp is preparing breakfast when Claire comes out, happy he cooked for her. Ciara emerges, somewhat surprised by his attention to Claire ... Sonny is asleep dreeeeeeaming of kissing Will. Silk pajamas Leo jumps in his bed. Sonny wakes up in horror ... Eric has a visit with hungover Will, sympathetic about Sonny. Will hands him the new lease the landlord left. Eric sighs he hit a snag with Holly ... At the club worried Chloe asks Sarah about Julie. She wants her to be alright. Sarah changes the subject to doing right by Holly ... Gabi walks down the stairs where Julie fell and remembers. Ding dong! She opens the door to Eli and Lani in her pajamas. They announce Julie woke up and told all ... Sonny wants Leo out of his bed stat! Leo wants to consummate but Sonny refuses. Leo talks Titan going down. Sonny is only willing to ACT like they are wed and calls him a loser. Leo lays down the law – he cannot see Will behind his back or else ... Gabi admits she did argue with Julie but feels for Will’s grandma. The cops point out they are here about the paternity results. Gabi gasps not to listen to Julie. Eli is appalled and Lani cuffs her. She cries they cannot take her from Arianna. Sonny returns with Ari, who begs mommy not to leave again. Gabi wakes up with a start. T’was a nightmare ...

Sarah asks Chloe to respect Nicole’s wishes. Chloe mentions Nicole's last letter but Sarah is convinced her final wish was clear. Chloe will not budge. Sarah has no luck in changing her mind and Chloe wonders what concern it is of hers ... Eric updates Will on Nicole’s last wish. Will understands the draw of being a dad. Eric laments Holly is his last bond to Nicole and hastily signs the lease, determined to fight ... Ciara plans to Christmas shop. Claire asks if she will go with Ben. Ciara replies she will be solo and alludes to getting him a gift. Tripp grumbles and goes to shower. The girls exchange barbs. Tripp comes back with news. Kayla just called. Julie has been hospitalized ... Sonny comes running to Gabi, who gasps she dreamt she lost Ari. Sonny assures her they will never be apart again. He offers to get Ari so they can eat breakfast together. Gabi agrees ... Eli is in sleeping Julie’s room begging her to come back. Lani joins him. Doug was here all night. Hope and Rafe took him home to rest. Eli wishes he could do something. Julie’s machine starts to beep so Lani goes looking for a nurse ... Ciara heads to the hospital. Claire hears about Julie’s fall from Tripp and wants to go as well. Tripp offers to drive her ... Chloe claims Holly is not supposed to be the cure to Eric’s grief. Sarah counters nor is she a Lucas substitute and snaps to step aside. Chloe, however, hated giving her back after giving birth to her. Sarah throws her past sins in her face and insists Eric would be the better influence ... Before he goes Eric asks Will what he plans to do about Sonny. Will sadly states Victor wants them to make the marriage to Leo look real so he must steer clear of Sonny. So much for Christmas ... Sonny angrily orders Leo to stay away from his daughter while they lunch with Gabi. Leo decides to Christmas shop and demands some cash. The plastic kind. He gleefully gets Sonny’s credit card ...

Gabi comes down the stairs stylishly dressed. Eli and Lani arrive at the door like in her dream so she starts to sweat and wonders what they want ... Sarah and Chloe call each other names. Eric arrives and attempts to take it down a notch. Chloe is furious and threatens to get a lawyer. Sarah snaps she can fight. Eric says take it easy. Chloe kicks them both out. Eric warns he already has a place for him and Holly and plans to make it happen ... Will confronts Leo at the square for his lavish shopping. Leo taunts him by holding up red underwear for Sonny. Will leers he would never wear them. Leo grins they already got in bed together ... Gabi nervously asks about Julie. Eli explains it could go either way and seeks her statement. Gabi admits Julie accused her of setting up Abigail and notes Stefan only had “Gabby” released cos that alter is in control of Abigail and her accusations. But Julie believed her. She caught Julie in her room rummaging. She ordered her out. Eli asks if she left. Gabi lies yes. Eli declares that does not even sound like his grandma ...

Eric heads home with Sarah, who is sorry she made Chloe mad. Eric thinks she should ease up as Chloe could cut off access. He assumes anxious Sarah is heading back to Chicago. She updates him on Rex’s callous call and Kayla’s job offer. He is happy to hear she is staying ... Ciara is at sleeping Julie’s side, recounting how they disagreed about Ben. She praises her grandma for always speaking her mind for the ones she loves. Claire comes in and adds she also calls her out on her behavior. She cries they need her. Ciara and Claire now hug, realizing they are on the same side ... Gabi sticks to her story that Julie left and must have slipped on the stairs. She confirms she did not see it. Eli solemnly thanks her for the statement and leaves with Lani. Here come pancake king Sonny and Ari. She hands her mommy a Christmas list. All she wants is her mommy to never go away again. Gabi pouts and promises she will not ...Leo lets Will know Victor ordered Sonny to make him happy and lies they kept going at it this morning. Will slugs him. Leo goes down!

Sonny sweetly reminds Ari she must help Maggie decorate the cookies for Christmas. She loves her mommy and skips away with a smile. Gabi gasps she cannot hurt her girl again. Sonny assures her it will not happen and invites her to assist with the cookies. She has something to do for Arianna first and gets going with determination, destination ... Claire and Ciara make up and proceed to pray for Julie, promising to be better to one another and others. Tripp opens the door ... Eric is elated Sarah is staying. She gushes Salem is home and adds she wants to help him with Holly. He likes that and updates her on signing the lease to this place. He plans to fight. Sarah calls the apartment perfect and suggests they show Maggie with Holly to change her mind. He agrees so they head out to go get Holly ... Leo leers Will is now facing time for assault. Will leers this situation will not last. Leo threatens to cause trouble for both him and Sonny so Will grabs him by the collar. Sonny arrives and pulls Will away. Leo complains he hit him and suggests he tell Will to back off. Otherwise he is heading to jail for Christmas. Sonny asks Will to withdraw. Will asks if they slept together. Sonny says no. Leo leers they will and heads home, suggesting Sonny come with. He cannot wait to see him in his gift. Will woefully watches as Sonny sadly follows the fiend ... Sarah and Eric are unable to find Holly. Meanwhile Chloe pushes the baby stroller into the club and tells precious Holly they will be a happy family with Parker ... At the square Ciara and Claire hug again. Claire will keep her posted. Once alone with Claire, Tripp lets her know how impressed he is. He wonders whether it will last. Claire explains both girls love the family and laments Julie has to be alright. Tripp gives her a supportive embrace ... Gabi slips into Julie’s room with murderous thoughts on her mind and blasts her for butting in. She rages about Abigail and adds her daughter will never be abandoned again. Then she gets a pillow and places it closer to Julie’s face. Will she or won't she ...?


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 19, 2018