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Episode 13,487
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad and Sonny look from Julie unconscious at the bottom of the staircase to Gabi, who is standing at the top of said staircase. She has her hands behind her back ... At the square Christmas tree, Hope apologizes to Rafe and reasons he himself once feared the truth would be too risky with her. He suspects Ted was payback for Sami ... Kate is reading and loving 'Ladies of the Lake' by Ken Corday when she is interrupted by someone knocking at her door. Tis woeful Will who admits he drank too much. He blames her for Sonny wedding Leo tonight ... Kayla is at the hospital remembering her promise to keep Abigail’s secret. JJ approaches to discuss Abigail ... Abigail leaves Julie another anxious message before she enters the DiMera mansion. Stefan opens the door ... Chad and Sonny rush to Julie’s side. She gasps. Chad attends to her as Sonny calls 911. Gabi exclaims will she be okay? ... Abigail comes in and pretends she was talking to the store about Stefan’s Christmas present. He sneaks a kiss and updates her on Chad being on the corporate attack. He offered to back off if he returned her to Bayview ... Chad asks Gabi what the hell happened. She lies she has no idea. Julie makes a sound to Chad and glares at her ... Will sighs Sonny and Leo were wed in the same room where he married Sonny. Kate is sorry and assures him that marriage is not real. Sonny loves Will. He laments they are not together. Kate suggests they sneak around. Only Will has Sonny’s heart. She urges him to go to Sonny for he would rather be with him ... Paramedic JJ is perturbed about Stefan preventing Abigail from getting help. He is suddenly summoned to the Kiriakis mansion cos Julie fell down the stairs. The news starts to spread ...

Julie gasps Chad must know! He suggests she say nothing until she is checked out. She glares at Gabi again and grumbles NOW. Gabi panics ... Hope assures Rafe she felt awful not telling him about Ted. But she is busy trying to put Ben back in prison away from Ciara. The commissioner now gets a call from Kayla about Julie’s mishap ... Julie hyperventilates about an envelope. Gabi acts innocent. Julie cries YOU and then passes out. Chad demands an explanation from Gabi about what was going on on the stairs as Sonny goes to meet the arriving ambulance. Gabi soap stares in horror ... Hope asks Rafe to go get Doug, she will race to the hospital for Julie ... Abigail acts grateful that Stefan told Chad to go to hell cos he would never send her back to Bayview. They start kissing on the sofa and he asks to lie together. Then the baby cries. He wants to check on their Charlotte and steps out. She wonders what happened to Julie ... JJ notes Julie’s pulse is fast but there are no signs of trauma. JJ, Sonny and Chad now hear from Gabi that Julie broke into her room to get proof she set up Abigail which was naturally not true. Then Julie left and must have slipped on the stairs. Chad seems to accept the story and decides to ride in the ambulance with Julie as she is rolled out on a gurney. Gabi is rattled ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny ends a call about Julie. Will walks in with a smile. Sonny updates him on her fall and calls this the worst night. Will agrees with that assessment ... Kayla tells JJ to take Julie to room 318. She asks Chad to remain in case she has questions and heads off. Hope arrives asking what happened. Chad suspects she slipped. Hope wonders why Julie went to the Kiriakis mansion. He repeats Gabi’s story about Julie accusing her of setting up Abigail. Hope is bewildered ... JJ urges Julie to hang in there and leaves after handing Kayla the sleeping patient’s bag of belongings. Kayla wonders aloud whether Gabi had anything to do with this situation. She answers Julie’s cell and informs worried Abigail she is in hospital ... Kate wishes she could keep reading 'Ladies of the Lake' but gets interrupted by Gabi banging on her door ... Abigail wants to come to the hospital but Kayla talks her out of it. She should continue to deceive Stefan. Kayla will call later. Click ... Hope is desperate to see Julie. Rafe arrives with Doug, who refuses to wait. He and Hope enter her room. Kayla gives them their time together. Rafe joins the family. Doug woefully holds Julie’s hand and will not let her leave him ... Kate suspects Gabi pushed Julie. Gabi tells her the whole truth about grabbing the envelope. She fears she will wake up and tell Chad the truth. Then they are both in big trouble. Kate quips only her ... Sonny reveals to Will that Julie was trying to say something before she passed out. Will wonders about Leo. He passed out from drinking too much expensive champagne! Will sits and sighs he himself had too much to drink. He heard the wedding news from Sheila. Sonny loathes what this is doing to Will. Will feels he is suffering as well. Sonny confesses he imagined his face when they were wed. Will kisses him. Sonny jumps up gasping they cannot ever do this. Will argues Leo is not awake. Sonny speaks of the stakes. He cannot let Leo destroy the company. In fact this marriage will undo some of the damage already done to Titan. Will teases he can be his other man. Sonny insists it has to look real and reminds him Leo could have him followed and photographed again. Will blinks back his tears in disbelief. Sonny sadly states they are stuck in this state all because of Kate ...

Kate reminds angry Gabi she did warn her. Gabi threatens to expose her as well if she goes down. She notes now that Julie does not have the paternity tests no one will believe her. Gabi is a wreck about Chad and asks her to call him. Kate exclaims in exasperation and does as asked. Chad answers his phone at the hospital. She asks about the accident with Julie. He repeats Gabi’s claim that Julie was in her room, they argued and then Julie slipped. Kate can hear the doubt in his voice and hopes he does not think Gabi did it on purpose ... Kayla has ordered more tests but wants the family to know the body can slow itself down after a fall as a form of preservation. Doug weeps and warns his sleeping sweetheart he is not patient. Hope leans on Rafe. Doug will wait as long as he must for his darling but after she has had her time to heal she has to come back to him. They must have time for more memories. He plants kisses on his beloved's hands. Hope quietly cries and touches his shoulder ... Will is annoyed Victor too might be watching to make sure they keep up the façade. Sonny wishes they could be together with Ari for Christmas but until Leo is gone they have got to keep their distance. Will bitterly walks away. Sonny stops him and whispers he loves him. Will loves him right back. They look up at the mistletoe and kiss. Then Will walks out without a word ...

Stefan returns to Abigail and announces he should sit with Charlotte as she has a fever. Abigail acts like Gabby wanting to be a mother and goes instead ... Chad admits to Kate he knows not who or what caused Julie’s fall. Hopefully they will have answers soon. After the call he informs JJ that Julie seemed like she was trying to say something to him. JJ wonders what. Something important ... Hope thanks Rafe for his support and they exchange I love yous. He asks what happened to Julie so Hope says what they know so far. Rafe looks serious when she states they will have to talk to Gabi and Julie when she wakes up ... Gabi anxiously asks what Chad said. Kate warns he wants to get to the truth with Hope. But at the moment Julie is unconscious. That is exactly the way Gabi wants her ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 18, 2018