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Episode 13,486
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe visits Eli and hangs his head. Eli senses something about Hope. Rafe updates him on the complicated other man ... Hope enters the festive pub pleased to see Ciara working. But she worriedly wonders why she is seeing someone who tried to kill her ... At DiMera mansion Stefan leaves an anxious message for Gabby and tells Ben he is not pleased. Ben asks if he feels she is playing games ... Dr. Kayla catches Gabby attempting to access her files. Abigail stands up and announces she is really Abigail ... Gabi confronts Julie for sneaking into her room. Julie fibs she wanted to find Maggie’s room and was lost. She hides the envelope but Gabi blocks her path, demanding an explanation ... At Kiriakis mansion as Chad gets himself a drink Victor growls about him paying too much for an energy company they could do without. Chad boasts he wanted to kill Stefan’s bottom line but Victor cares only about his bottom line ... Ben hears Gabby has yet to sleep with Stefan since giving birth. Ben teases he heard Abigail hated him so the girl living under his roof has to be Gabby. He offers to bring her home ... Abigail removes the wig and updates Kayla on her plan. Kayla thinks she should be back in Bayview. Abigail states Gabi set her up so she is after the proof that will send that beech to prison ... Julie counters to Gabi that she was after evidence she set up Abigail. Gabi calls them both certifiable. Julie threatens to return her to her cage. Dangerous drums play ...

Rafe has told Eli about Hope protecting Ted from the wrath of Stefan. He admits he hates it and hates how Ted is preying on Hope’s Ben fears ... Ciara believes Ben is a good guy. Hope snaps he is working for scum. Ciara argues it was the only job he could get and all are against him. Hope suspects he spilled how she pressured him to confess. Ciara notes he did not and proceeds to probe ... Chad talks back when Victor calls him boy. He admits he was rather risky. Victor rages he took too much of a risk and was childish. Chad reminds him he did reveal he wanted to go after Stefan. Victor growls about the PR predicament being even worse since Sonny wed his harasser Leo! Chad wonders why he would do that. Sonny appears in his suit and sadly states he had to ... Kayla was aware from JJ that Abigail suspected Gabi. Abigail updates her on her taunting, how she admitted to even drugging her! She has to find proof Gabi was able to get the sedatives and asks whether Kayla was the one who prescribed them ... Gabi accuses Julie of paranoia. Julie points out she knows she drugged Abigail and blasts her for not caring what she did to Nick. Gabi notes he had it coming and Abigail ruined her chances of having more children. She dares Julie to search her room since she has nothing to hide. Julie triumphantly holds up the envelope ...

Chad is sorry for Sonny, who needs to neutralize Leo. Victor not so subtly suggests a hit. Chad asks about Will. Alas Sonny has to stay away from him. Victor blasts Chad again for his stunt and suggests Sonny check his phone. Sonny fumes he did this after he gave him his second chance. Victor asks about that second chance ... Stefan would rather not upset Gabby in case seeing Ben triggers something. He believes their connection is stronger now since they share a child ... Kayla laments she could lose her license. Abigail understands. Kayla hopes there is another way to prove what Gabi did. Abigail admits she is waiting on it ... Gabi gets livid and lies that test result is about her inability to bear more children. Julie doubts it and sneaks a peek. She then cries out Chad is the real father of Abigail’s babe, calls her names, and slaps her. Gabi glares like a predator ... Eli wonders what now. Rafe replies now they stop Stefan from getting Ted. He wishes Hope had been truthful. Eli tells him to blame Ted and notes he should neutralize the threat from Stefan. Rafe drawls after he does his marriage will go back to being normal. Eli is amused he ever assumed that marriage was normal ...

Hope updates Ciara on Ben going after a target she was hiding. He is Stefan’s flunky! But she refuses to reveal the identity of the target. Ciara doubts the tale without a name and denies Ben is dangerous. Hope warns he could snap and start killing again but Ciara believes in her big Ben. Nothing will change her mind. Hope vows to get proof and exits, more determined than ever ... After Chad admits he withheld the proof that Leo was a fraud from Sonny so he could stay CEO, Victor blasts him for the betrayal and fires him on the spot ... Julie calls Gabi cruel even to the innocent baby, who ended up with Stefan the psycho. She vows to expose her. Gabi stares silently, still standing between the diva and the door ... Ciara summons boyfriend Ben outside the pub and demands the truth. She suspects he was hiding his problem with Hope since he did not want her to find out he was Stefan’s muscle ... Victor cannot trust Chad. Sonny admits he is uneasy about being CEO and besides Chad does hate Stefan. Chad apologizes for everything ... Abigail is waiting for a call from Julie but hears from Stefan first. She fibs she turned her phone off as the square carrolers were singing. He asks her to come home as he misses her. She lies she misses her lover too and ends the call. Kayla is impressed ...

Julie warns Gabi she will show this paper proof to Chad. Gabi gasps she cannot but Julie gets past her ... Rafe sits beside Hope at the Horton square Christmas tree. He deduces it did not go well with Ciara and acts sympathetic. He updates her on Eli and Lani’s involvement in tracking her to the hotel. She hates he investigated her like a perp and invaded her privacy. Rafe looks browbeaten ... Ben confirms he has to follow Stefan’s orders. He was only supposed to handle someone who was certainly no saint. Ciara is miffed. He promises he will never cross lines and asks if she can live with it ... Kayla is disgusted that Abigail has to act like she loves Stefan. Abigail believes Julie will come through. Kayla wishes she could do something. Abigail swears her to secrecy ... Gabi goes after Julie, who rages it is over. Gabi pulls at her purse at the top of the Kiriakis staircase ... Hope stands up in a snit clutching her coffee cup. Rafe berates her for her Hope Brady secret case. She suspects he was jealous and assumed she was having an affair. He admits he did tell Julie. Hope is horrified. He suggests next time she be straight with him ... Ciara accepts Ben’s promise. He lets her keep his jacket on until the next time. She teases he wants their second date. He admits it will not be soon enough and steals a kiss ... Sonny is sorry for his slip and hands Chad a drink. Chad is sorry for losing it. He sighs he could kill Stefan for stealing his wife and raising her baby ... Stefan holds Charlotte in his arms and gushes her parents love her. He assumes they will all live happily ever after ... Abigail realizes Julie is a no show at the park and remembers her request that she get into Gabi’s room. She calls her phone and leaves a message hoping she found something they can use against Gabi ... Chad and Sonny hear a noise. Julie tumbles down the stairs, as Gabi has let go of her bag. The guys step into the foyer, only to find Julie in a heap at the bottom of the staircase, Gabi alone at the top ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 17, 2018