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Episode 13,485
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie feels badly but Sarah blasts her for the last minute letter mentioned to Eric. Meanwhile Eric approaches Chloe as she reads it aloud at the club. He talks a look at Nicole’s last letter to her faithful friend. Then he gasps My God ... Chad is on the phone with instructions he needs done tonight. He ends the call and woman in red Gabi appears, acting sorry about Stefan getting Gabby released. Chad plans to neutralize him and get Abigail all the help she needs. Gabi pouts ... Julie is on the phone with Abigail, who agrees to slip out and meet her at the park. Julie cannot what until Gabi gets what she deserves and calls her a cold hearted witch. Then she realizes JJ has overheard ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail almost makes her great escape but Stefan is at the door. She wants some peace and quiet. He wants her in his bed ... Maggie admits she was never keen on Eric raising Holly. Sarah is incensed and when Kayla comes by she accuses her mother of wrecking Eric’s chance at a fresh start ... Chloe can feel Eric’s pain. He feels Nicole’s final wish should be respected. Brady begs to differ. Eric gets testy and tells him off again ... Kayla asks for a word with Sarah. Hurt Maggie agrees. Kayla sits Sarah down and brings up Rex. She alludes to her being on edge. Sarah rages she must do what is right. Kayla questions her interest ... Eric argues Nicole was fearful for her child when she was Xander’s prisoner, hence the letter ... JJ calmly asks whether Julie has heard anything more from Jen about Abigail. Negative. They are all concerned. JJ defends Gabi and reminds her she saved him last Christmas. He thinks Abigail is paranoid. Julie disagrees. JJ continues to defend Gabi. Julie makes snide remarks. JJ believes Gabi hook line and sinker! And he does not believe his sister’s set-up story ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Chad boasts to Gabi he socked it to Stefan in business. Victor will probably kick him out of Titan because of it ... Abigail stops Stefan’s attentions and smiles they have to wait since she just gave birth. He will be a gentleman. She suggests she take a separate bedroom until her body has recovered. Stefan now gets a call about an injunction and must depart. But first he kisses her and grins he loves her. She hastily leaves a note and leaves in the darkness a few seconds later ... Sarah believes Eric deserves a break. Kayla thinks it cannot happen with Holly. Sarah admits she also got a call from the hospital about coming back to work. Kayla asks about Rex. He took a leave of absence. She now gets a call from said devil ... Chloe assures angry Eric that Brady is listening. Eric recounts how he and Nicole were planning to raise Holly together for the rest of their lives. He hates that Brady is in denial but she meant what she said before she died ... Abigail meets Julie at the park, temporarily without the dreaded dark wig. She updates Julie on the latest. The separate bedrooms will lead to a divorce but they also need proof against Gabi. Julie can be devious and discreet ... Gabi hisses she too hates Stefan as she sits with Chad. Enter Stefan, who confronts Chad about his latest stunt. Chad drawls it did get his attention. He insists Titan has a claim on oil that Stefan has set his sights on. Chad has the judge on his side, hence the injunction. Stefan wonders why. Chad reminds him they had a deal that he would get Abigail treatment. Stefan states the deal was not about Gabby, who is back. She wants him as well and they have a baby so all bets are off with his brother ...

Abigail admits to Julie she could have killed Gabi for the set up and the family feel she is off her rocker. She hopes Julie would be able to talk her way into the Kiriakis mansion to get proof that Gabi got the sedatives that drugged her. Julie updates her on overhearing Kayla was her doctor. Abigail will head to her office to check and sends Julie her to the Kiriakis mansion to get the pills as proof from Gabi’s room. Tonight is the night ... Nicole weeping and asking Eric to look after her daughter just before the end is shown again. Brady remembers and Eric dares him to deny it ... Chad wants Abigail back in Bayview. Stefan says no way. Chad threatens to keep going after DiMera. Stefan righteously refuses to commit the mother of his child ever. Chad storms out. Gabi starts to go but Stefan orders her to stay ... Sarah screams an insult at Eric and hangs up on him. Evidently he is moving Mimi and baby to Chicago. She cannot go back there! Kayla tells her of a vacancy at University Hospital and offers her the position on the spot. Sarah smiles she will be able to see Holly and help Eric. The she remembers Nicole’s letter and stops smiling ... Brady believes Nicole was trying to get Eric out of the burning building but the letter she wrote to Chloe holds. Eric explodes as Brady insists it is true. Chloe breaks up the bickering brothers ... Julie slips into Kiriakis mansion and heads toward the grand staircase. Maggie stops her, wondering what she is doing. Julie airily turns around ...

Brady assures Eric he does not want him to be hurt. Eric vows to do what he must to make Nicole’s last wish a reality. He leaves in a huff ... Stefan believes Gabi is responsible for Gabby emerging and warns the cocky girl his knowledge is power. Gabi counters it could really be Abigail playing him ... At the hospital cat burglar Abigail waits for Kayla to head off and approaches her office. Dangerous drums play ... Catty burglar Julie pretends to Maggie she came to remind her the Horton tree is up. Maggie muses she always goes. Julie knows but she has been busy and Doug said the season would not be the same without her. Maggie thanks her for that. Julie gushes Merry Christmas and gets going. That is, she pretends to. Once the coast is clear she creeps right back up the stairs ... Eric meets Sarah at the square and complains about Brady, the fact that Chloe could even take him to court. Sarah asks what next. He will fight for Holly ... Back at the club, Chloe starts to wonder whether Nicole meant her last wish to Eric. Brady wants to believe her last wish was real in her letter. If it goes to court he is convinced Chloe will win ... Gabi gets herself a drink. Chad comes back and she acts sympathetic about his lack of success with Stefan. He still thinks he got to him. Gabi tells herself she did too ...

Stefan comes home to DiMera mansion and calls out to Gabby. No answer. He spies the note she left about taking a walk and wonders ... Abigail sneaks into Kayla’s office and sits down at the computer, searching. Kayla walks in and wonders why she is there. She addresses her as Gabby and asks if that is who she is. Abigail soap stares ... Julie is in Gabi’s bedroom! She comes across an envelope in a drawer but then hears a noise. Tis evil Gabi standing right behind her. Oooooooo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 14, 2018