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Episode 13,484
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the festive park phone Kayla hears from Steve he was released but he wants to fix things. She woefully wonders when he will return. Tripp hears as she laments she misses and loves him. After it is over the young man has questions ... At the pub Eric hugs Sarah, thankful cos he thinks he will get Holly ... At the club Maggie reads Nicole’s letter announcing her wish that Holly be raised by Chloe alongside half brother Parker if anything happens to her. Chloe assures the redhead she would still be important in Holly’s life. Maggie is sorry to say she allowed Eric to raise her. Chloe counters what Nicole wanted was not that ... Victor storms into the Kiriakis mansion. He growls what is going on ... Eric is already making plans for a new place where he can raise Holly. Sarah starts to make a list. Enter Will. Sarah greets her cousin. He is sorry about Rex. So is she. Eric heard that Will was back with Sonny. Will sadly states Sonny is marrying another ... Victor snaps he assumed Sonny wanted to be with twit Will. Leo Stark introduces himself. Victor starts to explode about Sonny tying the knot with the bastard who tried to bring Titan to its knees ...

Kayla gasps how long was Tripp listening? He suspects something more than a routine case. Tis sensitive. He asks for an explanation. Steve left without a goodbye and he gets no replies to his many messages. He might approach John. Kayla swears him to secrecy ... Victor sits in an armchair demanding answers from Sonny. The Greek orders Leo out of the room so he can speak with the family. Leo warns Sonny it better not be long and steps out with overtime Sheila ... Will refers to Sonny’s choice as a sacrifice. Eric wants a name. Leo Stark. Sarah smells blackmail. Will does not deny it. He also complains he cannot get out of the lease of the pad he rented for himself and Paul. Sarah finds out it has a yard. Eric gets an idea ... Maggie explains Eric and Sarah informed her of Nicole’s dying wish. Brady and Chloe believe this letter is more binding. No one wants to hurt Eric. Brady notes this is about Nicole. Maggie did have doubts about grieving Eric. Chloe feels fierce about doing as Nicole asked and wonders whether she has Maggie’s support ... Kayla has updated Tripp on the espionage charges against Steve due to hacking of his bionic eye. Tripp wants to help! Kayla cries and blames herself for dealing with Stefan the DiMera devil ...

Eric wants to see the place. Sarah calls it a sign. Will steps away to call his landlord ... Maggie also wants the best for Holly and is aware Nicole put much thought into her decision. Chloe promises to raise Parker and Holly as brother and sister with her complete devotion. Maggie weeps that would be best ... In the Kiriakis foyer Sheila calls out Leo on scamming the Kiriakis clan. He refuses to let her in on the action. She scoffs so he offers a big tip if she finishes the ceremony ... Victor declares if Leo had wound up dead they would not be in such a state. Leo returns. Victor grumbles to get it over with and warns he will get what is coming to him. The two grooms take their places ... Kayla sighs to Tripp no one could connect Stefan to the spying so far. Tripp seeks details. Kayla suspects Steve is staying away as he feels what she did was unforgivable ... Maggie hopes Brady does not just want to hit back at Eric. He admits they are at odds but he was reaching out. The redhead reasons Eric betrayed him and he must feel resentful ... Will hands Eric the key so he and Sarah can check out the place. If they like it they will do the paperwork. Eric smiles about the new start. Will gets glum ...

Sheila’s cards are out of order. Leonardo says I do. Now it is Sonny’s turn. He remembers Will and sighs he does too. The rings are exchanged as Sheila reads her Coles Notes. Adrienne and Justin watch from the sofa, clutching hands. Victor glowers. Leo kisses the reluctant groom, who wipes his mouth. Justin warns he will be watching him until he slips up. Leo gets sarcastic. Sheila comes back for her tip. Leo tells Sonny to do it. Sonny has no money. Leo suggests Victor tip her. He throws her the hell outta his house instead ... Leo now heads down to the cellar alone to get a bottle of the best bubbly. Sonny quips to take his time ... Kayla updates Tripp on Steve’s hatred for Stefan. The ISA took Steve away! Tripp assures her after Steve helps the ISA get what they need, he will come back to her. He always does ... Brady owns his bad behavior to Maggie and swears he wants to right his wrongs. This is all about Holly. Chloe offers to explain the letter to Eric. Maggie decides she should be the one to do it. Chloe thanks her and she goes. Chloe hates hurting Eric. Brady gives her a supportive embrace ... At the square Eric and Sarah are over the moon about the perfect place they found for him and Holly. He remembers his plans with Nicole and still blames Brady for her death. Sarah wishes him happiness and gets a call. The doctor must make a decision. It she does not return to the Chicago hospital she shall be replaced ...

Tripp insists Steve still loves Kayla and will come back to her. Violins play. She regrets all the secrets. Tripp can relate. However, Steve and Kayla have always overcome. She misses him so deeply ... Chloe suddenly realizes she will be super busy with the club and childcare. Brady adds many will help including Sarah, Eric and of course him. Chloe smiles with stars in her eyes ... Eric has harsh words for Rex when Sarah sadly states he is probably with Mimi as he is visiting his daughter. Perhaps it is time for her to go ... Will drinks a beer at the pub and sadly remembers Sonny’s poignant promise to never leave again ... Sonny announces he is going to spend the night with the one he loves. Justin assumes he means Will. Exactly. Victor snaps like hell ... Tripp lets Kayla know he is here, just as Roman is. They all love Steve. Kayla gets emotional and they embrace ... Victor declares Leo must be dealt with. Sonny snaps he did wed him. The Greek growls he will not let Leo destroy Titan. That means Sonny must make him happy for the time being. Sonny appeals to Justin, who agrees it ought to appear real. Victor now orders Sonny to avoid Will ... Sheila complains to drinking Will that she got weird vibes at the wedding she just officiated. Will realizes she is referring to Sonny and Leo. He sadly sighs ... Chloe is worried about Eric’s reaction. Brady believes he will understand. Nicole’s letter is crystal clear ... Eric suggests Sarah stay in Salem so she smiles. Maggie approaches and they gush about their perfect place for Holly. The redhead solemnly states Nicole left a letter ... for Chloe. Eric looks worried ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 13, 2018