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Episode 13,483
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Towel clad Brady opens his door to Sarah. She implores him to help with Eric ... At the club Eric woefully updates Chloe on Holly asking after Nicole. Chloe can relate cos of Parker, then stops. Eric has not forgotten Dan died because of him and adds he will need help with Holly. All the advice Chloe can offer. She is sympathetic and seems on his side. For now ... Maggie takes out a stuffed toy she just purchased at the square and remembers Eric attacking Brady ... Abe finds Sheila in the office amid a mayoral mess ... Sonny gets a text from Will begging him not to wed Leo. Sonny the unhappy groom replies there is no other way. Will hates it. Sonny tells him it is temporary. They exchange I love yous. At Kiriakis mansion Adrienne asks why Sonny looks like he is attending a funeral. He sighs he is getting married ... Sheila claims this mess is all cos of Mayor Abe’s system. He apologizes for the other day and asks her to clean up. She retorts he can clean up and she will observe his system. Leo comes in and introduces himself. He asks the mayor to marry him and his fiancé today ... Adrienne assumes the other groom is Will and gets excited ... Will is at the hospital waiting to speak with Marlena. The glam shrink in the red jacket asks what is the matter. He laments he may have lost Sonny ... Brady has tried with Eric already and tells Sarah he is done. Sarah reminds him he heard Nicole ask Eric to raise Holly in her last moments. She adds Maggie makes the final decision and is worried about Eric’s rage, having witnessed his brawl with Brady. He asks what she wants him to do. To fib he started that fight ... Chloe deduces Maggie is having doubts as Eric and Brady brawled. Eric remains bitter toward his blackmailing brother and blames him for losing Nicole. He cannot lose Holly now as well ...

Abe explains there is not enough time today and talks paperwork. Leo left phone messages. Abe offers to do the ceremony in a week. Leo gushes but his groom is Jackson Kiriakis ... Adrienne assumes Leo has something on Sonny. He gasps it is very big ... Brady feels Maggie might be right. Eric has emotional issues. Sarah argues Holly already loves him like a father and leaves him to consider ... Chloe is here for Eric if he needs ... He laments he needs Nicole and leaves. Here comes elegant legal eagle Justin. His office was sent something for Chloe from an attorney in Nashville. He hands her the envelope. Tis from Nicole ... Marlena is flabbergasted about Leo and Sonny planning to wed and wonders why. Will woefully admits Leo has something to send them both to prison. She suggests he tell her the whole story ... Sheila notes an office romance would be a no no. Abe suddenly realizes this is the Leo who wanted to sue Sonny. Leo insists they were in love. Abe exclaims Sonny lost his job over it. Leo smiles they will spend the rest of their lives together since Sonny is free of Titan. Abe refuses to ever marry them since something is off. He walks out. Sheila, on the other hand, offers to marry Leo and Sonny herself since she was ordained online. Of course cash up front ...

Sarah summons Eric to the pub. Time to convince Maggie he is the best dad for Holly. The redhead is en route. Sarah also asked Brady to speak with Maggie for him. Eric fumes. The bad blood is still there. Maggie arrives and overhears his fury ... Chloe thanks Justin for the delivery. She proceeds to read Nicole’s last letter alone ... Justin returns home and overhears Sonny sighing to Adrienne about Leo having something big on him and Will. Sonny suggests his parents sit and gets an envelope from the safe behind the mirror ... Sheila gets her cash. Leo leaves a happy man. Abe returns. She will be back tomorrow after she gets him his fancy shoes. Abe is mad about the mess. She suggests he re-organize and gets going to her gig ... Eric emotionally explains to Maggie that this is about Nicole’s last wish for Holly. The redhead calls parenting a commitment. Sarah convinces her to hear him out ... Brady joins Chloe at the club and complains about Sarah asking him to lie he started the fight with Eric as the redhead harbors reservations. He notes Nicole did want Holly to be raised by Eric. Chloe solemnly suggests otherwise and hands him the letter ... Frantic Sonny feels he has no choice. Justin wants him to fight. Sonny believes this will buy him time. Adrienne calls Leo a snake. Leo walks in, leering he will soon be her son-in-law. She blasts him and he lies he is in love. She gets in his face and warns the family will never accept him. Leo talks back. Justin suggests he give up. Leo talks back some more. Justin advises Adrienne not to make it worse. Here comes Sheila, who greets Adrienne like an old friend. But Adrienne has not forgotten about Bonnie’s flunky ... Marlena suggests there must be a way to buy some more time. Will tells her they wed today ...

Leo smugly states to the shocked Kiriakis clan that this rep from the mayor’s office will marry them ... Marlena suggests Will tell the police the whole story. He sighs Leo would lie with his pictures and both Ari’s dads could go to the slammer. He sadly adds Sonny and Leo are marrying at the Kiriakis mansion, where they were wed. Marlena believes in the power of their love. Will suddenly feels he should face Leo down and stop him in his tracks ... Brady reads the letter from Nicole, who was already feeling like a prisoner of Xander. She wrote that Brady ruined her relationship with Eric. She asked Chloe, who carried and gave birth to Holly, to raise her alongside Daniel’s other child and her brother Parker. Chloe concludes they must contact Maggie ...

Eric admits he is not perfect but through a higher power he has learned from his mistakes. He asks Maggie to allow him to honor Nicole’s last request. He will be the best father figure for Nicole and also Daniel ... Loud Leo cannot wait to be a Kiriakis. Sheila yawns. Leo starts the music. Sonny whispers to his worried parents it will be temporary. They take their places in the living room. Adrienne approaches Leo, who anticipates a kiss on the cheek but she smacks him instead ... Eric and Sarah are over the moon about Maggie changing her mind. They believe he will be honoring Nicole’s wishes. Eric thanks Sarah for her support. Now he is going to be Holly’s guardian. He gives her a grateful hug ... Chloe and Brady summon Maggie to the club. When she names Eric as Holly’s guardian, Chloe hands her Nicole’s last letter ... Marlena invites Mayor Abe to dine with her and John. Alas he has to clean up the mess in his office. When he laments Sheila left to marry Sonny and Leo, Marlena smiles knowingly cos Will is not going to let it happen ... Leo reminds Sonny’s folks he holds all the cards. Sonny gets them to sit. Sheila starts to stammer through her notes. When she gets to the speak now or forever hold your piece part Adrienne tries to stand. Justin stops her. The door bursts open. The guests all turn and soap stare. Dangerous drums play ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 12, 2018