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Episode 13,482
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie is by the Horton plaque remembering her history with Tom and Alice. They were always there ...JJ and Doug are getting busy with the Christmas decorations. The Horton tree is imminent. JJ hopes it will cheer up Jen but Doug asks how he is doing ... Eli loves that Lani wants to decorate his place. She loves that Sheila is looking for her own place. He invites Lani to join him for the Horton tree decorating ... Will walks out of the pub with Lucas, who is elated he is with Sonny again. Will gets why he is leaving for Ali but is going to miss him. Ditto and dad Lucas is so proud of him. They exchange I love yous and a hug ... Leo corners solemn Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion, demanding an answer to his wedding wish ... JJ likes his job and appreciates his life. Doug refers to the last year. JJ is in a better place and finds the mistletoe. Doug jokes Julie the romantic is out getting a new batch. He adds she wanted to invite a lonely new waitress and warns JJ it sounds like she might be matchmaking. JJ is not looking. Doug deduces he still loves Lani ... Lani senses it is too soon to spill the beans to Eli's family about them dating. He begs to differ and they kiss ... At the club Julie is on the phone with Abigail. She promises no one will take her baby away and suggests they get her a top lawyer to get her away from Stefan legally and get the proof they need against Gabi. She insists she will keep her secret from everyone. Curious Chloe appears and asks about that secret ...

Back at Horton house, Doug is sorry he pried. JJ admits he has feelings for Lani still but has no hope. Doug is a believer in hope and leads him off to the eggnog ... Eli leads Lani into the Horton living room and assumes they are alone. He kisses her on the lips. JJ and Doug return with their eggnog and get an eyeful ... Back at the club Julie explains to Chloe she was discussing a private matter which was not connected to the club. Chloe counters she is a partner. Julie gets miffed and then wonders why the tears. Chloe cries she and Lucas are over ... In her suite stylish Kate is disappointed to hear Lucas is departing from Salem ... Leo flirts and seeks Sonny’s final answer. Sonny reminds him he loves Will but delusional Leo thinks he would be happier with him. Sonny replies he has no other choice so his only option is to say ... Will interruptus and furiously finishes for him. HELL NO ... Lani is surprised to see JJ, who acts happy to hear she is doing well. The tree is now up. Doug gets Eli to head out with him for more boxes. JJ puts on a brave face about Lani being with Eli but it's not easy ... Julie and Chloe discuss Lucas leaving town. Chloe cries Lucas could have at least talked it over with her first. Julie the romantic notes they were not meant to be. The breakups bring one closer to one’s true love. She assures Chloe she will be alright ... Lucas asks Kate to keep an eye on Will for him while he is away. She stammers of course. Lucas senses something so she covers ... Will knows Sonny wants Leo nowhere near him. Leo threatens to go to the cops with his photos. Will thinks he is bluffing. Eerie music plays. Leo taunts attempted murder will see them locked up for decades if not life ...

Lucas assures Kate he is leaving for his daughter and praises her as a mother. She is sorry she was overprotective. He appreciates her and loves her. She weeps she loves him as well and they share a farewell embrace ... Doug and Eli have more boxes. Here comes Julie, elated that Eli invited Lani. She starts to micromanage. She opens a box and gets emotional about Tom and Alice’s ornaments. She remembers a phone call she had with Alice once upon a time. She let her know she was feeling lonely being away from the family. Alice insisted she come home and Tom was no longer angry. They agreed she would come in a week. Back to the now. Doug wonders. Julie tells the tale of her grandparents inviting her home for Christmas when she was feeling all alone. The year before had been hard as she had put her son up for adoption, aka Eli’s father. She gets emotional about the fact that she ended up raising him after all and now has two wonderful grandsons, including Eli. She just loves the holidays with her complicated family ... Sonny and Will wonder whether Lothario Leo would be able to convince the cops of anything. Leo repeats the tale he would tell. Will steps up and announces he would confess he was the one who tried to off him. Sonny would be spared ...

Julie takes out the new mistletoe. The gang laugh she got mistletoe pot. Doug grins as they remember JJ’s donuts. Lucas arrives and announces he hopes Jen gets back soon. He has a flight. Julie realizes he is leaving ... Kate heads to the club to drown her sorrows over Lucas leaving. Chloe can relate ... Sonny tries to stop Will, who insists he will be believed. Sonny cannot let him ruin his life! Leo insists the pics implicate them both. Sonny offers to pay him off. Leo is not interested. He is after the Kiriakis wealth and power. Sonny refuses to let Will suffer for his mistake with Leo. He wants to step up and pay the price ... Kate sighs Lucas would do anything for his kids. Chloe cannot deny he takes after Kate the sometimes overly devoted mom. They drink to Lucas ... Doug praises Lucas for putting Ali first. Lucas assures the clan he will not be gone forever. JJ hands him his ornament so Lucas hangs it on the tree ...

Will tries to talk Sonny out of sacrificing himself. Sonny wants to get it over with. Leo suggests they wed today. Will looks ready to cry ... JJ is happy to get a call long distance from Theo ... Lani and Eli walk and talk at the park. They discuss Lucas wanting to do what is right for his child. Eli announces he wants to woo the girl the right way this time. They agree on dinner and a film for their first official date. They cannot agree on a film so they decide on dinner and walk away ... Lucas is waiting for his airport cab at the square. He remembers Julie reminding him Salem will always be home and whispers he will be back ... Back at Horton house Doug has a cake with candles to commemorate the great Julie. Her decision to return to Salem happened 50 years ago on this day! He recounts how he was a rake who fell hard for her. It led to love and their wonderful life. He lights the candles and is heard singing about the most beautiful girl and star in the world. Julie footage from the past is shown. She gushes all of her wishes came true and they share the perfect kiss ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 11, 2018