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Episode 13,481
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe catches sight of Ted in his towel, Hope in his hotel room. What the ... Ben complains to Stefan at the park about Hope trying to use Ted to set him up to confess. Stefan questions his new head of security ... Ciara daydreams of Ben. Julie bursts in fuming about her dating the felon ... At the house Jen laments to Chad that Gabby left the hospital with Stefan and baby. Chad deduces she is still dangerous ... At DiMera mansion Gabi gasps she assumed Abigail was still in Bayview. Gabi smirks surprise beeech ... Chad now thinks Gabby was always in control ... Abigail pretends to be Gabby to Gabi. She heard her admit she set up Abigail. Gabi denies it. Gabby acts like she cares not. She is just happy to be out with her man. She thanks her ... Julie is in a state about Ben wanting a table at the club for himself and Ciara. She quips he almost set her on fire ... Ben insists he is innocent. Stefan reminds him he warned if he has any reason to distrust him they are done. Ben assures him he told the cops nothing. Stefan hopes he did not mention his abduction of terrible Ted ... Ted tells off Rafe for cheating on Hope and taunts she is returning the favor. Rafe snaps and slugs him. Ted goes down before Hope can stop her jealous hubby. She stops him from shouting and denies she was with Ted at all. This was a sting for Ciara ... Ponytail Ciara has heard enough. Julie exclaims Ben killed people. Ciara argues he had a hard childhood. He was sick and was helped but wise woman Julie suspects he is snowing her. Ciara implores her to give the guy a break. Julie believes she is vulnerable and urges her to RUUUUUUUUUUUN.

Ben swears he would never rat out new boss Stefan. Stefan wonders whether he would make a deal with Hope. Ben denies it. Stefan demands all the details of the sting. Ben updates him on what went down with Ted panicking and Hope jumping out with her gun. Stefan senses Ted has no proof he kidnapped him cos he has not given him to the cops. But Ben blew his first assignment. Ben promises to make good on it. Stefan lets him have his second chance. Ben awaits his instructions ... Chad rages that snake Stefan is taking advantage of Abigail and storms off to confront him ... Abigail sarcastically credits Gabi’s machinations with setting her free forever. Gabi wonders whether she is really Abigail and what she might do next. She gushes she has her amazing life. Gabi taunts Thomas does not remember her and warns she will lose her baby as well. Abigail hisses like hell ... Hope tells Rafe about her deal with Ted. Rafe lists what he saw at the cabin. Hope denies any hanky-panky has been going on. He exclaims Ted said different. Ted declares he was protecting Hope and warns if Stefan heard he was here he would end up with ceeeeeeement shoes! Hope asks Rafe if he will assist her ... Ben approaches working girl Ciara at the pub. She has to set up for a party to celebrate an old family friend who turns 84 today and loves soap operas so she is busy. Ben senses something so she tell him about Julie’s warning. He hopes this does not mean she is dumping him ...

Abigail insists to dubious Gabi that she is Gabby. Gabi warns her she will not win cos her clan are convinced she is crazy. No one will believe her. Abigail gets that all assume she is dangerously insane and argues she cannot be held responsible for her actions. Sooooo ... instead of smacking off her smug smile, she just might kill her. She gets closer and gives her a dangerous stare like an animal preparing to pounce ... Ciara smiles no dumping and Julie did not change her mind about Ben. He feels her whole family is against him. She suggests it was not wise to try and take her to dinner at the family restaurant ... Jen has tea for Julie at the house and is horrified to hear Ciara is seeing Ben. That Ben led Abigail to her first break from reality ... Chad enters and asks what is happening. Gabi came by with work papers for Stefan. Gabby asks for them so she can pass them on. Gabi declines and departs. Chad wants to see Stefan ... Rafe asks for a private conversation. Hope claims she cannot leave Ted alone. Rafe fumes when he finds out she did not even get a confession. Hope thinks this is the only way. He warns she could lose it all. She is the commissioner! He suggests she walk away. Ted warns if they stop protecting him Stefan will surely kill him. Ring ring! Hope orders him to answer. Ted puts Stefan on speaker phone and asks what he wants. Stefan heard he made allegations about his head of security. Ted tells him it was true he kidnapped him and then sent his new head of security to recapture him. Stefan disagrees and warns his people will be able to find him anywhere if needed. Click ... Ted appeals to Rafe, who sighs to get his stuff. Hope is grateful and adds she cannot throw Ted to the wolves. Round two with Stefan’s henchmen could spell his demise ... Ciara laughs about Julie blasting Ben ... Jen and Julie are at a loss. Both Abigail and Ciara are in danger with their choice of men! Julie storms off to confront Stefan about Abigail ... Abigail acts like Gabby and wishes Chad would leave. Chad is mad as he made a deal with Stefan about Abigail getting help. Gabby warns his hatred for Stefan is stronger than his love for his ex. Chad denies it. She sits on his lap and seductively recalls his coldness toward her. Then she stands up and he admits he was hurt about the baby’s father being Stefan but his love for Abigail was always there. She counters his cruelty toward Abigail caused her split. He insists he will fix it. She calls him the enemy so he approaches her and says she sounds crazy. She insists she is in charge and he will never hurt Abigail again. He tries to kiss her so she steps away. But when he walks out she almost breaks down ...

Rafe hates Hope’s plan. However he has no choice but to agree. She apologizes. He agrees they are a team and takes her in his arms. Now to the plan. Hope wants them to return Ted to the cabin where he can hide from Stefan and Ben ... At the square phone Gabi complains to Kate about Abigail ruining her plan and snaps there is no point in getting the papers to Stefan. She ends the call and finds Stefan smiling at her ... Chad laments to Jen he let Abigail down again ...Julie heads to DiMera mansion, spies Gabby and screams for Stefan. He is not there. Abigail smiles she is herself not Gabby ...

Ben only cares what Ciara thinks. She gushes he is a good guy and with time all will see. She now suggests he leave before the big birthday party. First he invites her on their second date. She accepts ... Hope steps outside to check the hallway. Ted comes out fully dressed, Rafe warns him he is on Hope’s side only. Furthermore, if anything happens to Hope he will answer to him ... Stefan asks Gabi for the papers she wanted him to have. She notes the report is not ready yet, mentions his good mood and adds he will have everything verrrrrry soon ... Chad feels to blame for Gabby getting in Abigail’s head again. Jen begs him not to give up. He vows to fight for the mother of his child ... Abigail admits to Julie she had no choice. No one believed her that Gabi set her up. Now she needs proof. Julie wonders why tell her. Abigail is well aware of her hatred for Gabi. Julie tells her together they will make her pay. Then they hug. Let the games begin ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 10, 2018