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Episode 13,480
1600 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani and Eli lock lips. He reminds her they are at work but she keeps going regardless ... At DiMera mansion Ben is on the phone gushing to Ciara about their great date. Ted calls and insists they act now. Ben gets the directions and will see him soon. Meanwhile Hope and Ted are waiting ... Gabi goes to Kate’s room with the real paternity results that prove Chad is the father of Abigail’s baby ... Jen listens to a strange voice mail from Hope to please lie she was with her last night if Rafe asks. Knock knock! Tis Chad, sad as Abigail wants nothing to do with him ... Abigail takes a deep breath, pleased Stefan bought her act. The door opens. She keeps going with the Gabby act and hopes Stefan is here to take her home ... Kate wants the test results. Gabi wants a wee more time so she can devastate Stefan. Kate insists they do it now. Gabi wants to find a way that does not lead back to them ... Jen is sympathetic about Chad's situation. He laments Abigail assumes she is alone. He does not understand ... Stefan assures Abigail her release is imminent. She does her best Gabby imitation and gushes they are gonna be happy. He hopes so and hands her the trademark Gabby dark wig. She is soon ready in her tight outfit, makeup and dark wig. He demands a kiss so she smiles and obliges. Such is the depth of her desperation. They depart together ...

Lani and Eli have stars in their eyes. She does not want to miss out on what could be love. He grins they have got time and kisses her again ... Gabi argues Charlotte was only away from Chad a few weeks and decides it is in her best interest to wait longer since she needs to be Chad’s wife and Charlotte’s mother. Kate questions the timing so she adds Abigail will be locked up looooooong ... Abigail is on her way out with smitten Stefan. He wants her to see the baby. She asks to do so alone. Stefan agrees and will work on her release. She appreciates it and enters the baby room. She picks up her sweet girl and says hiiiiiii, overcome with emotion. Mama will never leave her again ... Chad tells Jen that Thomas misses his mother and seems stressed. Jen is glad he has Chad the loving dad. She offers to take him sometimes if it will help. Chad agrees. Knock knock! Rafe asks Jen whether Hope is at the house ... Hope wants to hear the whole plan. Ted states he will get Ben to confess which Hope will record. She can claim she was investigating another shady matter, hence the bug in the room. Ben now knocks on the door of Room 16. Hope hides and Ted lets him in with a smile. Ben’s eyes are filled with mistrust ... Jen bites her lip when Rafe explains Hope said she was here last night. Jen does not deny it. He wonders where she is now. Jen knows not. Rafe is worried and will return to the station. Jen asks him to keep her posted and points out Hope must have her reasons. She now invites Chad to visit Charlotte with her. Too painful. Exit Chad ... Gabi suggests she give Chad the test results anonymously. Kate warns her he would immediately start to suspect. Gabi suggests they plant the whole thing on Stefan, to make it look like he changed the results ...

Jen arrives at the hospital. She primly informs Stefan she would like to see her granddaughter. He coldly notes it is not possible as he and her mother are taking her home. They are together now. Jen gasps then Abigail is with the baby. Not exactly ... Abigail cuddles her baby and promises beyond the crazy wig she is still her mama. She must be Gabby a little longer to keep them all safe. She kisses the baby’s head .... Ted makes a couple of screwdrivers at the mini bar. As Ben comes up behind him he turns around and gives him one. They drink up. Ted talks lawsuit. However he needs all of the facts soooo ... did Ben start the fire? He assures him he is covered by attorney client privilege. Ben announces he is not interested in any lawsuit cos he has a good paying job. Ted wonders who in their right mind would hire him. Ben drawls Stefan DiMera did. He starts to approach Ted and promises not to harm him but Ted panics. “HOPE!” She jumps out, gun drawn and tells Ben to take a step back ... Back at the station Lani asks Eli to get Sheila another place to live cos she wants privacy. He suggests he stay with her instead. She teases that does not sound slow and suggests he sleep on the floor if Sheila is in his bed. Eli agrees ... Jen is horrified to hear that Stefan let Gabby the evil alter out! She blasts Stefan, who snaps he loves Gabby. Jen orders him to return her daughter to Bayview. Abigail appears and leers like hell! She lies to Jen she is now Gabby. Jen gasps she has to get professional help. Abigail goes back to get her baby with Stefan. Jen is unable to stop them ... Gabi gushes to Kate that Stefan will be set up and Chad will believe he switched the test results. Stefan wanted to believe Gabby would come back to him. Kate asks exactly how Chad will make this dramatic discovery. Gabi gets another crazy idea. She will plant the results in the safe at DiMera mansion. She learned how to crack a safe in the slammer. Kate wonders how Chad will even be aware of their existence. Besides Stefan knows she set up Abigail and will know she was the one who also set him up. Gabi gets it. However Stefan will have no proof and Chad will not listen to anything his betraying brother says. Kate impatiently wonders when it will happen. Gabi takes her leave to plant the paper in the safe before Stefan gets home ...

Abigail and Stefan enter DiMera mansion. She wants to put the baby in the nursery by herself. He gushes about the family of his dreams and kisses her. Then he carries the baby up to the nursery. She sighs and follows ... Eli and Lani discuss their future first date. Enter Rafe. He is worried about Hope, whom he knows was at the cabin with someone earlier. He came across two wine glasses. He waited all night and she did not appear so he is worried ... Ben asks Madame Commissioner what is going on. She still has her gun aimed at him. Ted babbles. Ben talks entrapment. Hope denies it. He insists he is innocent. She is even more suspicious since he now works for Stefan. He snaps she made certain to prevent anyone from wanting to hire him and threatens a lawsuit with another lawyer if she does not let it be. She asks about that date he mentioned last night as he heads for the door, assuming it was with Ciara. Ben walks out and slams the door ...

Ted assures Hope he did his best but now he has both Stefan and the serial killer after him! He demands more protection so she agrees to take him back to the cabin. He wants to shower first. She says to be fast. She will fill in Rafe on everything shortly ... Rafe finds out from Lani that Hope’s credit card was used for a room at the Blue Swallow Motel. Eli knows that is a seedy place. Rafe is on his way ... Chad comes to Kate’s door. They discuss Sonny finding out she was responsible for the lawsuit. She asks if Victor will fire him. He decided to resign first and is feeling down due to losing Abigail. Jen now calls and asks him to come back. They need to talk. It is about Abigail ... Ben comes back to DiMera mansion and admits to Stefan it did not go as planned. Stefan insists they discuss the details elsewhere as Gabby and baby are back home. The two men walk out the front door fast. Gabi now goes inside assuming the house is empty. She sneaks up to Stefano’s grand portrait and accesses the safe in the wall behind it ... Eli brings food for himself and Lani while they wait for word from Rafe. Lani likes he knows her fav tacos. He teases she also takes her coffee black and chews her pen when she works and avoids prune Danish, She kisses him and states she is so happy. But she feels for Rafe. Eli does too cos he could be in for one bad surprise ... Ted is in the shower when Rafe shows up. Hope wonders how he found her. Ted emerges clad in only a towel and asks what is happening. Rafe gets an eyeful ... At the park Ben complains to Stefan that Ted is in cahoots with the commissioner and he walked into a trap. Stefan’s eyes narrow ... Chad comes to see Jen, who woefully updates him on Gabby being back and with Stefan at the house ... Gabi struggles with the safe and starts to go when she hears a noise. Abigail mutters she must get her baby out of here and opens the living room door. Panic stricken Gabi worriedly wonders what she is doing there. Abigail claims she was about to ask her the same question and gives her a look to KILL.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 7, 2018