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Episode 13,479
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas hugs Chloe at the club. He is back from Europa but uneasy when she talks plans. He announces he is moving to Italy to be with daughter Ali ... At the pub Marlena advises Eric on how to address Nicole’s death with her daughter. He vows to make her feel safe and loved. It was Nicole’s last wish. Marlena believes they are both lucky for him. He appreciates his mother’s help. She is so sorry about Nicole and they exchange I love yous. A piano tinkles and she exits. Eric holds the last necklace he gave Nicole ... At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie giggles to Sarah she is ordering dresses galore for Holly. Sarah believes it is time for her to move in with Eric, who is responsible for her. Maggie pulls grandma rank and decides she should stay with her ... Post shower Sheila opens her door to Lani. Towel clad Eli emerges and Sheila acts like they showered together ... John and Marlena stroll through the square arm in arm. He asks about Eric. She states he is struggling but determined to right by Nicole’s daughter. John is committed to a great Christmas for all. First they must head to the lot for a tree. They stop and spy Abe all alone having breakfast. He needs them more ... Maggie is against a single father. Sarah insists Eric will have all their support. Maggie thinks her arrangement is best but Sarah reminds her Eric needs Holly to heal. After all he lost Nicole ... Eric is working at the still closed pub when Brady arrives. He offers to organize a memorial service for Nicole ... Eli laughs when Sheila calls him a hottie. Lani leaves her pie pan and storms out. Eli accuses Sheila of deceiving Lani. She quips just thank her cos the girl looked jealous ...

Lucas informs Chloe that Ali had wine at their holiday dinner and must have had more cos she got wasted! His daughter needs him now ... Maggie reminds Sarah that Eric has not always been stable. Sarah is aware of Daniel but Eric is now sober. Maggie notes an addict is a small step away from falling. Sarah suggests she speak to him and give him a chance. For her and Nicole. Maggie soap sighs and agrees. Mother and daughter hug ... Eric turns down Brady as he has plans for a Nicole memorial. Brady states he loves her as well but Eric blames him for her death ... Abe enjoys breakfasting with good friends John and Marlena. John thinks he is handling Val’s move well. Abe admits he misses her ... Glam Chloe acts understanding. Lucas thanks her and can only say he will be there as long as Ali needs him. Salem will always be home but he must be gone a while. He adds he would not expect her to wait. Chloe’s beautiful eyes widen ... Brady insists he tried to make things better. Eric calls him a selfish coward for hiding that Nicole really loved HIM. Brady retorts HE also betrayed his brother cos he slept with Nicole when she was his. He then reminds him he was responsible for Daniel’s death. He also lied to him and broke his heart. Holly is an orphan on account of him! Eric throws the first punch. Brady the raging bull rushes him ...

John believes absence makes the heart grow fonder and informs Abe. Abe now gets a call from Sheila who complains she is running late cos of Lani. He does not sound angry and will see her at the office. John and Marlena laugh about the loud voice. They are shocked to hear Sheila was hired at Lani’s request... Eli joins Lani at the station and states Sheila was not serious. She wishes he had said something. He tells her she looked jealous and notes they need to talk about their relationship ... Chloe is disheartened by the breakup. Lucas praises her for saving him. However his daughter needs him. He wishes her happiness and she says the same of him. She refers to him as a great dad and weeps she will miss him. He will miss the beautiful Chloe too, tells her to take care, hugs her and leaves. Chloe blinks back the tears ... Maggie and Sarah walk in on Eric battling Brady at the closed pub. They break up the fight and the redhead screams they are brothers! Eric disagrees. Brady has a bloody lip and walks out, slamming the door over his failed peace plan. Sarah snaps at Eric to sit and takes a look at his face. Maggie watches him with worry ...

Abe insists on treating John and Marlena. He appreciates their attempt to cheer him up and they agree to get together on the weekend for dinner when Val returns. Abe now gets a let down call from Val, who cannot come. He lets her know he loves her and ends the call. Sheila happily happens by bearing a gift. Abe gives her a suspicious stare ... Leni denies there is anything between her and Eli. He expresses his real feelings and wishes she would not deny her own. She confirms she cares, likes being with him and misses him when they are apart. She assumed he felt obliged to spend time with her due to their loss. He suggests their feelings for one another show how much their baby meant to their lives ... Eric dabs his grazed face with a towel and mentions talking to Holly about Nicole. Maggie knows he wants Holly to live with him, as per Sarah. He explains Nicole asked him to raise her. Based on what Maggie witnessed today she does not agree he should raise her granddaughter ... Lani is a little uncertain. Eli offers to walk away if it is what she wants ... At the park Marlena points out to John how terrible what Brady did to Eric was. John adds Brady is also suffering after losing it all. Marlena agrees and adds they have to pull the family together. He drawls that’s a fact. The family needs them. John fears Brady will fall off the wagon again. His son needs someone special he can count on ... Battle weary Brady walks into the club. Chloe wonders. He confides in her about what went down and how he feels Eric needs to own his own mistakes ... Maggie assures Eric this is no judgment but Holly needs a good environment with someone responsible. Eric tries to explain. Sarah sides with him. Eric insists he would not lose his cool with Holly the way he did with Brady. Maggie has seen him lose control in the past. He hangs his head about Daniel. Maggie thinks a mad man should not take care of a toddler. Sarah now suggests Maggie go while she remains with Eric. Maggie assures him he will be able to visit Holly always and leaves. He tells Sarah he cannot let her take Holly away from him, his eyes filled with determination ...

At the square café Abe finds letters in a black box from Sheila, who organized everything in his mess of an office. He gets snarly about the system he had and then apologizes. She wonders why the foul mood. Alas Val cannot come back for the weekend. Sheila stands up and heads to the office, now offended by “Mayor Jackass” ... Lani apologizes for the mixed signals. Eli teases he is a patient man but he also has a roommate waiting. Lani stops him from leaving and they kiss ... Chloe helps Brady with the swelling on his face. He is grateful and calls Lucas a lucky man indeed. When Chloe sighs he broke up with her Brady is sympathetic. He grins she is better off being without the dumb one who let her go. He appreciates her always being in his corner ... Sarah insists she will help Eric and they will change Maggie’s mind. She gushes how grateful she is he helped her get over Rex and adds Eric will be a great father. He feels she is someone he can always count on and they hug. Sarah has stars in her eyes ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 6, 2018