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Episode 13,478
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara pretties herself for her date. Tripp clears his throat and updates her on Claire convincing him to stay ... John, Marlena, Brady and Claire dine at the pub. Sami’s happiness with EJ but Brady’s sadness about Nicole and also Eric comes up. Marlena mentions Holly needing to heal. She wants them all to be a family again ... Rafe calls Hope and curses there is no reception at the cabin ... Ted is surprised by Ben’s text he will meet him at ten. He fears for his safety. Hope warns if he does not get Ben’s confession then they have no deal ... Outside the club Ben calls boss Stefan on the phone and promises he will have Ted later tonight ... Ted is against Hope calling Rafe. She leaves him a message pretending to be dining with Jen. Now they wait ... Ben greets owner Julie at the club but she refuses to let the serial killer in. He drawls he has a date. She snaps who would be crazy enough. When she hears it is Ciara she warns he will bring her here over her dead body. But he had better not take her up on it ... Tripp is bitter about Ciara breaking up with him for Ben. She counters it was really cos he lied. She is wearing her perfume that makes him sneeze and puts on earrings. He growls she is going out with Ben and blasts her for acting like she did not care for the guy. He hopes she will end the date alive! The glam girl in black ignores him and goes ... Julie threatens to call the cops. Chloe appears and offers to escort Ben out. Julie can handle him herself. He reminds her he helped Ciara at the cabin. She accuses him of setting the fire and repeats to leave. Chloe seconds that. Julie threatens him. Ben saunters out ...

Ben meets Ciara his dream date outside the pub and gives her flowers. Claire comes out and snaps to get a room. Once she leaves Ciara smiles where are they going? He sighs the nice restaurant was booked. She gushes they can get something to eat at the pub. Roman is not here and besides it is her family biz as well. He teases her and she blushes. Inside the pub Marlena giggles that she and John closed the place! She teases he had this all planned. He puts the closed sign on the door and hugs and kisses the woman he loves, reveling in their romance ... Ben and Ciara see the closed sign ... Brady bears a new book for Parker. Chloe is grateful. She asks about his holiday. He sighs he had to steer clear of Eric, who loathes him on account of Nicole. He wishes they could go back to where they were. Chloe listens ... Rafe sits at the bar and asks Julie for a tequila. He finds out Hope and Jen are not here and sighs. Julie hopes nothing has happened. He laments his wife seems to be lying ...

Hope grudgingly agrees with Ted not to reveal the secret get Ben operation to Rafe ... Ben has an idea and leads his dream date elsewhere ... Claire finds Tripp in Ciara’s room cleaning up the perfume bottle he just broke. He grumbles about her date with Ben. Claire caught them all over each other. Tripp wishes she had not talked him into staying. Claire slyly suggests they take back ownership of the place and vote Ciara off their island ... Ben and Ciara get cozy on a bench as they await takeout Chinese. She asks about the new job. He grins he got his first assignment. She wonders who his boss is. He states he is Stefan’s new head of security. Ciara sadly sighs ... Hope confides to Ted she lost a child once and could not bear to lose another. He is sorry and asks about her son. He is with Bo now. Ted tries to comfort her with an arm around her. She wishes he would not. He admits he too lost a child years ago. One never stops missing them. Hope unhappily agrees ... Elegant Julie tries to make Rafe feel better but has no luck. She wonders what happened. Rafe updates her on the locket deception and what he found on Smith Island. He keeps drinking his tequila and also tells Julie about the two wine glasses, one with Hope's lipstick, plus another man’s boxers on the floor. He hopes there is a reasonable explanation. Julie suggests she might be paying him back for his affair with Sami ...

Ciara is horrified to hear that Ben is now living with and working for evil Stefan DiMera! She hears it is his first security job too. Ben admits Stefan seems to want him to intimidate people. They understand one another but he does not trust him. Ciara is disappointed. Dangerous music plays. He promises he would quit if Stefan ordered him to cross a line. She asks if he is referring to murder ... Hope laments to sympathetic Ted that Ciara makes terrible choices due to her past. He notes it is not Hope’s fault but she begs to differ ... Julie knows there has to be a reason for what Hope is doing. Rafe decides to damn well find out ... John has bubbly for himself and the woman he loves. He refuses to ever let her go and plays the first song they danced to as husband and wife. She marvels she can hear the music every time they are together. They slow dance like a supercouple in love. The song ends and he brings out dessert. Tis a tiny wedding cake for the forever bride and groom. They feed one another and kiss. She stops and suggests they take the cake home. She wants to be alone at with him. He agrees and they romantically kiss ...

Tripp will not kick out Ciara cos he is jealous. Claire insists. He does not agree. She hopes he will stay cos she would miss him and smiles when he admits he would miss her too ... Ciara worries Ben is giving mad mama Hope ammunition against him with his new job. He promises to always put Ciara first. She could never bear to lose him. They almost kiss and he gets the text the food is ready. He then realizes it is already 9:30. He has to make a work call. Ciara goes to get the food. Ben calls Ted and states he is rescheduling since he has a date. Ted tries to play it cool and updates Hope on the date. She fumes it must be with her daughter ... Chloe thanks Brady for helping her. They hug and she assures him she is here for him with Eric. Brady gets an idea ... Tripp tells Claire he will stay for now. She hugs him and he exits Ciara’s room with the broken glass from the perfume bottle ... Back at the park Ciara and Ben have their takeout. His fortune cookie claims good things come to those who wait. He calls Ciara a great thing. She opens her own fortune cookie about her date ending with a kiss. She gushes they already knew. And then he kisses her ... Hope rages about Ben being with her daughter and vows to get Ben’s confession no matter how long it takes ... Meanwhile Rafe returns to the cozy cabin and assumes Hope and her guy are gonna come back. He sits down, takes a sip of the wine straight from the bottle and decides to stay and confront them...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 5, 2018