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Episode 13,477
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan returns to DiMera mansion alone. He sits and plays part of Gabby’s sad song on the piano. Her vision appears before him ... At the square Gabi is surprised by Chad while holding the paternity test results. She hastily puts the paper away. He deduces something on that paper has her perturbed ... Will is sorry as he updates Sonny on Kate, who enters and is sorry for the mess she made of their lives ... Hope hates lying to Rafe and tells Ted over the phone. Enter Rafe! Hope turns around. Rafe plays along and pretends he believes she was speaking to Jen. He offers to take the locket. She wants to do it, thanks him and departs. Rafe informs Eli he has something to take care of. Eli asks for help with a case so distracted Rafe stays ... Gabi sighs Chad always senses when she is hiding something and tells him she just got some test results from Kayla’s office ... The Gabby apparition urges Stefan to bring her home. He feels like he is being fooled but she reasons she could be real. Ben walks in and wonders who he is talking to. Stefan announces he wants the security fixed cos he is bringing baby home tomorrow and maybe her mama. He glances back at his hallucination Gabby with a grin ... Gabi claims her tests showed there was no change and she can still not have another child. She is plagued by what happened to her. Chad feels her future is bright. She suggests they head home for dinner with their kids and Sonny. Chad laments Sonny will not want to see him and who can blame him ... Kate is sorry. Sonny snaps too late! She states Vivian started the scheme but is ashamed. Sonny snarls she is jeopardizing Will’s chance at happiness and regrets ever defending the monster mama to Vic. Now he has to deal with being blackmailed for trying to kill a man he wishes he had killed...

Eli needs to crack a code and notices Rafe is miles away in thought. He wonders what is troubling him. Rafe’s wife has been lying to him ... Hope finds Ted comfy with his wine and book at the cozy cabin. He offers her a glass and flirts she should spend more time here. She fumes Rafe found her ferry ticket and she had to lie to him. Ted talks the greater good. She points out she must protect her daughter ... Ben asks about Abigail. Stefan replies she seems to be Gabby but she could be Abigail trying to get out ... Chad admits the secret he hid from Sonny to Gabi. She adds Kate was involved and reveals she was present when Will confronted her. She assures him Will and Sonny will come around. But Chad feels badly about being driven by his wish for revenge on Stefan. He questions whether he is losing his soul ... Kate claims she was alone and desperate when she learned of Vivian’s plot. Sonny is still appalled she went after him and made his life go to hell. She reminds him he was not with Will at the time. Will wants her to publicly come clean but she argues Leo will still be an issue. Sonny gets madder by the Salem second. Will calmly informs her their relationship is over if she does not publicly announce what she did. She agrees. Leo appears and leers it will not matter when this pair are in prison! He addresses her as boss lady, feeling like he has the upper hand ...

Leo taunts Kate, who calls him a cheap suit. He gushes he is going to get what he wants from Sonny, who snaps to leave Salem. Will warns the whole town will soon know everything so he cannot cause trouble. Leo accuses them of attempted murder and claims to have proof. He can roll the tape ... Ben has also been blinded by love. He alludes to the girl he now cares for. Stefan smiles that must be the one he wanted to impress. Ben asks for the night off so they can have dinner. Stefan notes he has done nothing for him. Ben boasts he actually has a lead on Ted. Stefan needs to know where he is ... Hope tells Ted he has to meet Ben. She will find a neutral location. Ted fears it is too risky. Hope orders him to set up the meeting with Ben and get his confession or she will turn him over to sinister Stefan ... Rafe tells Eli the strange tale Hope told him, how he overheard her on the phone about lying to him. Eli assumes he was about to follow her. Rafe does not deny it but feels badly ... Gabi insists Chad is one of the good guys. He sighs he did not want to be like ruthless Stefano and shows her the phoenix ring he now wears. Kate gave it to him. He hates what he has done to Abigail. He went too far and feels he lost everything. The mother of his child wants nothing to do with him! Gabi takes his hand and tells him he has her. It does not seem to make him feel any better ...

Leo has the whole rolling him up in the rug incident caught on camera. Ted is suspected ... Hope talks tough to Ted so he makes the call to Ben ... Stefan asks where Ted is. Ben is not certain but is expecting to hear from him about meeting. He now gets the call. Ted talks facts and alludes to a telephone confession. Hope whispers no. Ben is not for it either. Ted does agree to meet later tonight time and location TBA. Ben will wait to hear from him. Ted ends the call and declares it is done. Hope is pleased ... Rafe reveals to Eli he suspects Hope is doing something against Ben cos of Ciara. It is an obsession he worries will bring her down ... Gabi gives Chad a pep talk and points out he and Abigail will always share something precious. She fiddles with her red bag and reasons he has his son. Then she shows him a few pictures on her phone from before when he had already lost Abigail. He regrets he hurt good friend Gabi when she was on his side. She boasts she will always be there for him and suggests they turn to each other ... Will is aware Ted had a P.I. tailing Leo. Leo boasts this was Ted's plan but he wanted the blackmail money all for himself. Then he up and vanished so Leo decided to go solo ...

Hope orders Ted to come. He finishes his wine first ... Rafe has made a call to Jen, whom Hope evidently did not go to see. He decides to head to Smith Island and leaves. Eli has a bad feeling ... Kate is livid. Leo taunts she is one to talk after what she did. Kate plans to go public. Leo taunts it will not help Sonny, who has to marry him cos he wants the high life. He leaves to enjoy another drink. Kate offers to make things right. Will wishes she would go so she does. Sonny sadly believes he has no choice but to marry Leo Stark. Will soap stares in horror ... Rafe enters the cabin. He spies a man’s shirt on the floor, then the two wine glasses, one with Hope’s lipstick ... Hope escorts Ted to a cheap motel room, convinced she will get Ben tonight ... Back at DiMera mansion Ben boasts he will get Ted for Stefan tonight. Since the meeting is later Stefan lets him have a little time off for dinner. The boss reminds Ben to return early enough so he can deliver on Ted. Ben agrees and goes for his dinner with Ciara. Stefan lets out a long sigh. The Gabby apparition reappears and teases they could be together forever. After a brief kiss she walks away ... Chad thanks Gabi for giving him hope, light in the darkness. She whispers welcome. He wants to get back to Thomas. She will be there later and suggests something wonderful could be just around the corner ... He walks off and she takes out the paternity test, muttering she is going to give him his baby ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 4, 2018