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Episode 13,476
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe asks Hope about Smith Island. She remembers her secret deal with Ted. Rafe wonders what she is hiding ... At DiMera mansion telephone Ben slyly asks Ted where he is now ... Will comes upon Kate and Gabi, announcing he knows what his grandmother did ... Chad avoids answering Sonny’s questions about whether he knew about Kate setting him up ... Abigail starts to make a pass at Stefan. He is still not convinced she is Gabby the alter of his dreams ... Gabi starts to go. Will stops her so she can hear what Kate did to Sonny. Kate acts innocent. Will blasts her for going behind his back and harming the man he loves ... Sonny suspects Chad knew what Kate was doing and demands he tell the truth ... Abigail tries to act even more like alter Gabby ... Kayla is surprised to see Ciara working at the pub. She is also sorry she broke up with Tripp. Ciara claims she cares for another ... Ted argues Ben should sue the whole Salem P.D. for false arrest, harassment, defamation. Ben hesitates. Ted boasts they could make millions but first he needs to know whether he attempted to kill Ciara ... Kate feigns indignation. Will reveals what Leo said. She calls him a liar but Will knows she was in bed with Ted ... Hope fibs she went to the cabin to retrieve Abigail’s lost locket for Jen. Rafe has his doubts … Sonny urges Chad to come clean. He is almost like a brother! Chad admits he was aware of Kate’s game. Betrayed Sonny looks like he has been slapped ... Abigail does her best impression of Gabby and gushes she just got out. Stefan sighs to stop. She updates him on Gabi confessing and Abigail almost killing her. That was when she was able to free herself. Stefan seems to be listening ...

Rafe offers to return the locket but Hope wants to visit Jen. Rafe wonders ... Ted talks attorney client privilege. Ben pauses. Ted presses him to confess ... Sonny slams Chad for hiding Kate’s deception. Chad explains he only found out after he was hired at Titan. Sonny is now even more suspicious ... Will asks Gabi whether Kate was talking about the Leo lawsuit when she mentioned the truth. Negative. Then what was that all about? Gabi starts to babble about Abigail ... Abigail laughs about Chad’s visit. Stefan asks what she wants. She snaps to stop calling her that. He has been on her mind nonstop and he was the best thing to happen to her. He whispers for him too but it ended. She insists she wants him and implores him to look at her. She loves him and dares him to say he does not feel the same way. He woefully weeps he loves ... Gabby. Abigail gushes they can get anything they want and be together. He gasps at Abigail to stop taunting him. She starts to kiss him instead and he responds. She reminds him they made love and made a baby. He notes she does not like children. She announces he can have it all ... Alas he signed papers to have Abigail committed. She suggests he say what he must to get her out. Then they will have their whole lives together. Smitten Stefan considers ...

Gabi informs Will that Abigail attacked her when she visited her in the hospital. That was the truth she and Kate were discussing. She takes off. Will stops Kate from following and demands an admission of guilt from his grandmother ... Sonny rages at Chad for the nightmare he made him endure. He should not have felt to blame for anything. Only Kate and Chad were to blame ... Rafe suspects Hope has Ciara on her mind and the fact that she felt he should have done more. She cannot change her mind about Ben and reminds Rafe she would do anything to keep Ciara safe. He mutters in agreement and they hug ... Back at the pub Kayla is horrified to hear Ciara believes in Ben. She urges the girl to wait before she begins another romance and is relieved to hear they are not dating. Ciara gushes they are going to go out for dinner when he has a job and a place to live. Kayla warns her to be prudent ... Ben tells Ted the phone could be tapped since he seems to think the Salem P.D. is after him. He suggests a one on one meeting. Dangerous music plays ... Gabi slips into Kayla’s office as per Kate’s order to get the original paternity papers printed. She sits down at the computer, smug the assistant left the password written on a piece of paper ... Chad believes he was blinded by his rage toward Stefan. He holds up the phoenix ring on his finger and suggests he might be as bad as Stefano ... Kate admits to Will the target was not Sonny, it was simply Titan. She had lost everything and planned to bring Victor’s company down to make an opening for her own power. Will hates how she lied to his face and hurt Sonny. She weeps she is sorry and regrets causing him such sorrow. Will seeks information on Ted but she claims she has no clue where he is ...

Rafe asks for the locket. Hope lies she is taking it to Jen. Rafe gives up and gets going with a grin ... Gabi prints out the DNA test result that indicates Chad and not Stefan is the biological father of Abigail’s baby. Out at the nurse’s station she runs into Kayla and forces a smile. Kayla wishes to discuss her sedatives but Gabi excuses herself in a hurry ... Kate wishes she could right the wrong. Will urges her to completely come clean. Impossible as Victor would ruin her and fire Chad, plus she could be imprisoned for what she did. Will gets glum. However, he does not want to cause her any harm as she has always been on his side. She deduces he will not reveal her sordid secret so he informs her she should do it herself. It is the right thing to do ... Back at the ornate Kiriakis mansion Chad is sorry he let his thirst for revenge go too far. He offers to resign to Victor but Sonny no longer wants his Titan job, He has Will back and they are busy dealing with Leo. Chad offers to help. Sonny turns him down and does not feel like forgiving him either. Chad admits he is unable to forgive himself ... Abigail warns Stefan that she as Gabby could be gone for good soon if he does not take swift action. He whispers he wants to believe her. She sneaks another kiss and he caresses her hair. Then he gasps he has to go and leaves. Abigail stands in the sunlight, fixes her hospital gown, and declares she will do what she must to get her kids back ...

Will returns to the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny confirms Chad knew all along. Will is appalled and sorry. Sonny asks about Kate. Will asked her to come clean before Leo could cause more trouble but he did not seem to reach her. Kate appears and assures him he did ... Hope is on the phone with Ted the secret guest, getting an update. Ben wants to meet but if he leaves the cabin Stefan’s thugs will kill him. Hope assures him she will come up with a way though she hates lying to the man she married. Rafe has just opened the door and overhears ... Ben is bursting with good news for Ciara at the pub. He boasts he has a job and a place to stay. Ciara smiles with stars in her eyes ... Abigail mutters mommy is coming for her kids. Meanwhile Stefan wonders to baby Charlotte whether her mother is back ... In her office Kayla finds a crumpled piece of paper on the floor with her password. She wonders ... At the park stylish Gabi takes the paternity test paper out of her red bag and congratulates Chad for being the father. He comes around the corner and speaks her name. Gabi looks up, the paper still in her guilty hand ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 3, 2018