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Friday, September 8, 2017
Episode 13,166
Length: 1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chloe is on the phone with little man Parker. Lucas comes to her door. She hopes he is alright. He insists he is sober and grateful she helped him cover the Angelica chaos. Chloe is baffled how he ended up with that body. Lucas wonders what really happened. He was with Adrienne ... Meanwhile Adrienne wallows in the slammer and wants the life Bonnie stole from her back. She is in tears but her resolve is tough ... As they breakfast at the Kiriakis mansion Maggie gets catty with chomping Bonnie the bogus Adrienne about Angelica's body being in her bed. Justin sits faithfully at Bonnie's side ... Paul hurries to the station for Hope's help. It is about John ... John and Marlena are in their padded rooms struggling with their restrains. He growls electric shock therapy is imminent ... At the square Andre wonders why Marlena said he is not competent. She adds he is also a sociopath. Jen gasps. Roman is bewildred. Kate's eyes narrow as Andre starts to sweat ... Adrienne asks the guard for phone privileges to speak to her sons. He warns her she will be without privileges for 3 week and threatens to return her to solitary. She wonders what she can do. He looks her up and down, alludes to something creepy. She lies she will let him know ... Paul updates Hope on the fact that Marlena lied. John is not on an ISA mission. He must be in big trouble ... Andre raises his voice at Marlena for deceiving him. Roman says to calm down. Hattie now calls him a danger and orders him committed immediately ... Hope agrees it is odd that Marlena dropped John and kissed Roman. She suspiciously tells Paul the time has come for them to have a talk ... Marlena brings up Andre's history as the Salem slasher. He insists he was pardoned, rehabilitated. She insists he has returned to his evil ways. Andre rages at the beech. Roman and two orderlies restrain him as she orders him carted off. He implores Kate, who calls him an embarrassment. Hattie smiles smugly as he is hauled off damning her ... Marlena suspects Hattie wants their memories to be erased as a side effect. John struggles even harder cos their memories mean much ... Inmate Sheila, Hope's ancient enemy, is hard on Adrienne, assuming she is Bonnie. At the party Adrienne wants to sign her goodbye card anyway. She sits and writes and writes. Tis the farewell party for Sheila's release ... Chloe gives Lucas another pep talk about not giving up on love. He laments Adrienne's treatment of him. Glam Chloe suggests she could have a change of heart and now hears she moved back in with Justin ... As Victor reads his newspaper, Maggie wonders why Angelica got nekid in Adrienne's bed. Bonnie acts innocent. Justin states that is a matter for the Salem PD. Maggie muses lucky she has an alibi cos the Salem PD might think she had the motive. Bonnie gets mad and demands she elaborate. The redhead purses her lips, ready to go to battle ...

Back at the square Kate calls it quite a morning. Hattie claims she just wanted to get Andre help. Kate thinks the handling of the discreet matter led much to be desired. Roman is surprised when "Marlena" mentions the funny business but Roman claims there is none between him and Kate, who excuses herself. Roman repeats to hopeful Hattie they are not gonna happen. He has moved on and suggests she do the same. Meanwhile Jen asks "Marlena" for a quote for the newspaper. Hattie snaps the s.o.b got what he deserved. She sounds less like Marlena by the Salem minute ... Adrienne asks Sheila to show the card to her ex husband cos she left a message in it for him. He will give her tons of money cos he is a Kiriakis ... Bonnie accuses Maggie of accusing her of murder. Justin heard the autopsy results and Angelica had a heart attack. That means no foul play. Maggie sarcastically apologizes. Victor would like to see granddaughter Holly so Maggie goes to see if she is awake. Bonnie stuffs her face with a sneer ... John and Marlena have been placed in a room together. All of a sudden Andre is shoved in, also wearing a straight jacket. Their eyes meet and he wonders wot the devil ... Hope arrives at the square. Stunned Jen and Roman update her on what happened with Marlena and Andre, who was carted off. Paul wants to find Marlena to ask about John. Hope is in a hurry to find her. Jen and Roman note the woman is not herself. Hope knows exactly what is going on ...

Andre accuses Marlena of playing games, of being a scheming beech. How could she humiliate him! John and Marlena watch and Marlena informs him this was all the doing of Hattie, who is impersonating her. Andre soap stares ... Adrienne muses Sheila could be the highest paid messenger of all time. She waits for her response ... Meanwhile back at the Kiriakis mansion fake Adrienne complains to Justin about Maggie. He assures her she will come around in time. Then he moves in for a kiss. Ring ring! Alas a work matter so he must take the call in the other room. Bonnie tells herself she will make Maggie the beech go down. She has big plans ... Chloe cannot believe Adrienne is back at the Kiriakis mansion with Justin just after her break up with Lucas. He sadly remembers her words of love, her about -face. How could their love so right turn out to be so wrong ... Sheila will do it. Adrienne gushes her thanks. She gives her the orders to take the card to the Kiriakis mansion and weeps with joy ... Bonnie sits beside Victor, who is now alone in the living room reading his newspaper. She fake cries and asks for a tissue. He hands it to her and she sobs. Annoyed Victor assumes something is the matter ... Andre is horrified to hear idiotic Hattie could have concocted such a scheme as to impersonate Marlena. John notes she could not have acted alone. Andre starts to laugh and tells the three orderlies to listen and let them go ... Roman discusses Marlena's bizarre behavior with Hope and Paul. Paul states she seems like a totally different person. Hope nods knowingly ... Bonnie fake cries to Victor about Maggie not wanting her around. He reminds her that Lucas is her family and he has been hurt. She complains she is treating her like the hired help. Victor knows Maggie would want her to feel welcome and offers to speak with her. She says no and tries to swear him to secrecy. The Greek sighs ... Kate assures the board she is pleased Andre is getting the assistance he needs and assures them she will remain in charge. Jen catches up with her at the park and starts to record, asking her honest opinion of Marlena declaring her husband incompetent ... The orderlies decide to remove Andre from the room. He rages tis a travesty ... Hope informs Roman and Paul the woman they think is Marlena is NOT her ... Heartbroken Hattie has returned to her room. She sits on the bed, her dreams of romance with Roman dashed. She reminds herself at least she got revenge on Alfie and decides the time has come to flee Salem before they catch onto her deception. She starts to pack ... Kate claims she will cooperate with any investigation and will not question the good doctor's diagnosis ... Andre has been locked in a padded room. He protests with his usual flair ...

Hattie opens her door. There stands Hope. GOING SOMEWHERE HATTIE? The game is over! Meanwhile Roman and Paul discuss the drama. Paul worries where the hell his dad and the real Marlena are. In fact, the real Marlena and John are holding hands, having been advised that their shock treatment starts NOW ... Chloe convinces Lucas to attend a meeting but when he leaves she looks worried ... Adrienne prays Sheila will succeed in her mission ... Back at the Kiraikis mansion Bonnie thanks Victor for being kind and gets closer on the couch. She praises his strength, his appeal and brazenly touches his knee. Victor gives her an odd look ... In the grand foyer of the Kiriakis mansion, Knock knock! Justin finishes coming down the staircase and opens the door to Sheila. Puzzled by her presence, he asks if he can help her. She is hoping they will be able to help each other. Justin is listening ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 8