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Thursday, September 7, 2017
Episode 13,165
Length: 1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital Chad is happy to hug Abigail and kiss her. Time to go home. Jen and JJ arrive. The hugs ensue and so does discussion of Gabi. Abigail is relieved she is alright. JJ notes Raines will languish in prison for a long time. Jen credits Abe the great ... At the loft Theo hears online Claire calling someone a troll for trashing Abe the hero. Theo wishes he had believed in him all along ... In an interrogation room Mayor Abe warns Raines he is looking at 20 years to life. Raines had not realized he was playing him ... As they breakfast at DiMera mansion Andre cackles about the mayor. Kate silences him with the offer of a scone. He knows about her new acquisition attempt and her other affairs! He now gets a call from the woman he believes to be Marlena. She gave him a pass. Andre cannot wait to sock it to Kate ... JJ is still pumped about the sting. He sounds like a mini Roman about Raines but Jen wants to focus on family. Abigail lets her know they are having a double wedding with Sonny and Paul. Jenny blinks ... From bed Sonny ends a call with Gabi, so glad she is okay. Paul sends his love and Sonny says to kiss Ari, who is chilling with mom, Rafe and ice cream. He suggests Paul have ice cream and teases he is not listening. Paul looks up from his laptop and laments not hearing back from boss Shane about John's secret mission. He suspects Marlena was not straight with him ... Hattie advises Andre not to be too harsh with Kate. She offers to talk to the board on his behalf but he has a better idea. She coos of course he can count on her. If only he knew! This is Hattie's payback plan. He will soon find out payback is not a beech, it's a crazy beech ...

Abe is appalled that Raines was a lousy role model for the community. He calls him a punk so Raines cackles. Abe warns him his time will be tough time given he is now an ex cop ... Claire calls Theo the best son but he feels badly about letting Abe down. She counters that is what kids do and she should know. Theo thinks he was also unfair with her ... Jen accepts whatever Abigail wants. JJ is all for any wedding cos they deserve to be happy. They hug and JJ exits. Abigail teases Jen can talk freely now cos she can see her doubt. Jen wonder why share her big day. Abigail is all for it and Chad seconds that. Jen smiles at the happy couple. Abigail wants to celebrate life, love and each other with friends and family ... Paul is perturbed cos it is out of character for John to take off without telling at least him or Brady. Meanwhile Marlena is not quite herself. Sonny is also baffled by her behavior. The real Marlena he knows would never lie ... At the square Hattie runs into Roman, who has had Marlena and John on his mind. She insists she is moving on. He is sorry. She wants to revisit their relationship. Roman is sorry to say he will always feel affection but that old magic is long gone. Hattie says oh and she knows exactly where it went ... Andre joins Kate at the breakfast table smug as a bug about his own deal. She gets catty. He warns her he will reveal his exciting news at a press conference he has called at the square. He makes a cryptic comment and elegantly leaves. Kate lifts her glass of orange juice to her lips ... Jen helps Abigail slowly sit down. She heard about Angelica. Jen admits it remains a mystery what she was doing in Adrienne's room. They both feel badly for Lucas. Chad returns and Jen gets a text about the press conference that promises to deliver a bomb. She is on her way. Chad hugs his fiancee, who is looking forward to going home with him ... Hattie wants to go back to having the moon and stars with Roman but Andre approaches, purring he promises quite a revelation. Marlena helped .. Claire would rather forget that tape. Beside she does not bear a grudge against Theo, who finds it hard to forgive. She teases he is still sweet. Tripp's name comes up again and she teases he sounds jealous ...

The press arrive at the square and Andre promises a show. Kate hauls him aside and warns he may not make announcements about DiMera. He is acting like a fool. He fumes his dear wife will find out who the real fool is. He haughtily stands at the mike and proudly introduces the esteemed Dr. Marlena Evans in his corner. Kate wonders what the sly devil is really up to. He sadly sighs that Kate has been entrusted to run the family business and she is DiMera in name only. Andre does not let Hattie talk to the press. He reports Kate betrayed him. Their marriage is a fraud ... Sweet Abigail is happy to be home as Chad gets her comfy on the couch. He is gonna get her little man and hands her bridal magazines. He is hopelessly devoted and she calls him the perfect husband. They kiss in bliss ... At the pub Sonny gushes he wants the perfect wedding for Paul but Paul thinks just marrying him is plenty perfect. He is all for the double wedding as well. He loves that he can legally wed the man of his dreams and has a box for Sonny. Sonny is moved that he is giving him his championship ring. Game on! Paul smiles all that matters to him now is Sonny. He is his world. They kiss as the ring glitters on Sonny's finger ... Back at the station Lani, Val and JJ wait as Abe blasts Raines in the interrogation room. Abe tells the smirking SOB he will not forget he threatened his daughter! When he comes back the gang clap cos he is the man! Abe loves Lani loves Abe and they hug. JJ marvels he is a rock star. Abe thanks Val for supporting him all this time and has a gift to return to her. She says no cos the necklace was part of the sting but Abe insists since the feelings behind it were sincere .... Back at the loft Claire and Theo continue to talk about Chad and Abigail's happy ending. Claire is a hopeless romantic to the core ...

Home at last Abigail holds Thomas. Chad suddenly sees the press conference online. Andre plays the victim as he accuses Kate of using him and his true love. He announces she cheated with Roman Braaaady. Hattie was not expecting this ... Claire wants new dress for a wedding and innocently wonders whether Tripp wears a suit well. Theo snaps who cares! She urges him to reach out to Abe but Abe has already arrived at the door. Abe and Theo are both sorry and hug as the happy reunion is observed by approving Claire and Val ... JJ hauls Raines to his feet and leers he is looking at long jail time. Lani asks how he can bear being who he is, as they believed in him. Raines snarls to grow up ... Chad and Abigail watch Andre's unusual press conference together as it live streams ... Andre declares Kate also deceived the DiMera board and shareholders. He now dares the diva to dare step up and defend herself. Kate calls him delusional. Andre claims there were other witnesses. Roman suddenly steps up and states he was the one who kissed Kate who did not kiss him back. The press get bored. Andre now drops the real bombshell. He is filing for divorce so Kate no longer a DiMera CEO shall be. When questioned on her 6 month contract, he craftily replies he as a DiMera will take over as CEO to finish it ... Chad deduces Andre is after the DiMera power again ... Andre now excitedly introduces Marlena to the crowd to confirm his competence. Hattie steps up to the mike ... Paul has to stop the sweet moment with Sonny when unseen unheard ISA boss Shane calls him back. Apparently John is NOT on an ISA mission. Paul wonders why Marlena lied ... Chad is worried about Andre but not Abigail. She advises him to speak with him and also Kate. It is good Marlena will state to the world that he is sane ... However, that is not Marlena, tis Hattie, who is no Andre fan. She explains he has a dangerous history. However as a doctor and a professional she agreed to evaluate his mental state. Her official diagnosis is that he is mentally incompetent. Roman and Jen soap stare in surprise. Kate has the last laugh. Andre's face falls as he wonders wot went wrong ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, September 7