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Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Episode 13,164
Length: 1600+ words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John tenderly tickles Marlena's soft hand through the vent. She calls him a sweet talker. He promises to hold the whole her soon and that's a fact. She smiles and gushes he taught her how to get out of a straight jacket. John's plan is to grab the orderly's keys and get her out. She wonders how much havoc Hattie has wreaked in Salem ... Phone Hattie complains to phone Bonnie about her lack of gratitude. She ends the call, and reminds herself she is Marlena the helpful. Then she reads a medical book in Marlena's office ... At the square Eric is sweaty from running. He stops and remembers snapping Nicole's photos for Holly. He gasped Holly was going to feel her love and gave her a look of longing. Nicole had high praise for his kind soul. Back to reality. He sighs in his torment ... Nicole and Brady arrive at the hospital. She cannot wait to have Holly back and has a stuffed frog ready, wondering if she will like it. Brady assures her it will all be good. The pediatrician is examining Holly. Brady smiles they will have her soon ... Hope, Rafe and Eli race off to save Gabi. Meanwhile Raines taunts her with his gun, noting she is now a liability. She swears she will keep her silence but he is not willing to chance it. She begs him not to and jumps up for a struggle when he seems ready to pull the trigger. Gabi is literally fighting for her life ... Brady lets nervous Nicole know he loves her with another kiss. He will be there for mom and daughter always. She tells him she loves him and they kiss again. But is this too good to be true? She fears she will not have her happily ever after. Things never go her way. She credits Eric for helping things come this far. Brady is about to tell her something, then spies "Marlena." Hattie tries to blow him off but he insists she speak with him. It concerns John. Hattie soap stares ... John hopes doc remembers the route out in the event that they should become separated. She does and worries. He wants her to be positive and lets her know how much he needs her and needs her to believe they will make it through together. She marvels her faith in his noble heart and soul always sees her through. John loves her too but now hears the orderly. The orderly enters, puts down the tray and John gets him in a sleep headlock ... Gabi slaps Raines with her long nails. He calls her a beech and growls it just got personal. He prepares to shoot her ... A split second later Rafe, Hope and Eli burst in, guns drawn. Raines is ordered to FREEZE. He grabs Gabi as his hostage. Rafe says they can cut a deal if he lets the girl go. Eli lets him know they know everything. Raines threatens to kill Gabi if they do not let him go ...

John gets the keys and gets out, He then frees Marlena. They embrace and all seems well until... Enter the now armed medical man wondering where they are going ... Hattie tells Brady to make an appointment, she is busy busy. Brady insists they speak now in her office so she nervously agrees ... Nicole is nervously waiting for Holly when Eric walks into the room ... John and Marlena are ordered back in their cell. John plays along and then attacks, only to be neutralized with a stun gun. The hero goes down with the electric current as Marlena cries out his name in horror ... Brady wants to know what happened between Marlena and John. Hattie states she is over it so they are done. Brady cannot believe she would throw away their love. She claims not to love John and does not deny she wants Roman. Brady makes her sit in the office with him and explain. She reasons her love for Roman always remained. Brady thinks that sounds strange. True love is what lasts, not first and fleeting love. He eyes her with suspicion ... Eric finds out from Nicole that Holly is having her final exam. He is happy for her. He is here as the Horton Center called him about someone in need. She lets him know she is here to help. He calls her a great mom. She thanks him for his kind words to the judge. He gushes she gave light to the center. Pink Holly is brought in. Mother and daughter share a sweet reunion. Eric smiles warmly ... Rafe tells Raines the jig is up. Hope talks evidence. Eli internalizes. Raines bellows at raging Rafe and the other two to drop their guns. Gabi gasps as he keeps her close. The last one to lower his weapon is FBI Eli. However in the last second he lifts it and eyes his target. BANG!

Raines goes down, having been shot in the shoulder. Gabi runs to Rafe. Eli roughly hauls Raines to his feel and Hope cuffs him. Hope reads him his rights. Raines gives her a murderous look ... Marlena screams to leave John alone. They are now left alone and she holds him, begging him to open his eyes. He does and drawls it did not go so well. He wishes she had run. She would never leave without him. She warns him the powers that be will be back and he holds her close, making the most of their moment together ... Hattie accuses Brady of projecting. Brady blasts her for breaking his father's noble heart. It came like a bolt from the blue. She counters Brady seems to be hanging on to an old relationship with Nicole. He denies it so she keeps going. Brady storms out, which was exactly what she wanted ... Nicole takes her pink girl in her arms. Eric admires the moment. He loves seeing her so happy. It is her dream come true! Her miracle baby. She hopes she will be worthy. Eric reminds her she risked her life for her and that speaks volumes. Nicole remembers he saved her life in Greece and feels badly about her rudeness. She praises him for his patience. He thanks her for giving him hope and gets in a tear in his eye, sighing he misses her so much at the center. Now she may go and be a wonderful mother.They clasp hands and she thanks him for everything. Brady opens the door and stares darkly at the sweet scene, wondering what is going on. Eric excuses himself to see his client ... Brady stands with Nicole and admires the baby. She explains she was thanking Eric for his help. Brady gets sarcastic and admits the one who really got her Holly back was HIM. However, she might not approve of his methods ...

Eric enters Marlena's office to discuss his client. Hattie tries to blow him off, having had enough from Brady about John. Eric reasons they were together for years. She shares that Brady was bothered by something. Eric assumes it was about Nicole. Hattie admits he has insecurity but will not say more. She now gets a call so Eric discretely departs ... Marlena and John have both been tied up and keep talking through the wall. He wishes she had run. She teases he would not leave her alone and tasered! John needs a new plan before they get neutralized. Something big and bad could be coming ... Back at the hospital Brady comes clean to Nicole about blackmailing the judge, who assumed he had proof Deimos bribed him. It was all about Holly. Nicole keeps smiling. He hopes she is not upset. Overwhelmed is the word. She feels protected and loved. He would so anything for her! She declares she loves him and they enjoy a family hug with Holly. Brady's blue eyes flicker ... Back at the chaotic cabin, Rafe calls for an ambulance. Eli asks Gabi if she is alright. She is and he calls her crazy brave. He is sorry he scared her. Now his FBI boss calls. He confirms they got Raines and they should contact Mayor Carver ... Raines is bleeding and tied to a chair. Hope asks him why and blasts him for being crooked while coming down hard on her. She warns she will throw the book at him. Sirens are heard approaching. Eli pushes the prisoner out and Hope follows. Trembling Gabi tells Rafe she will be alright and is grateful. Eli returns and Rafe suddenly accuses him of almost killing his sister by firing that shot. Eli explains he is a trained marksman and did what was necessary. Rafe rages Gabi could have been in the line of fire. Eli calls it a calculated risk. Rafe rages his sister's life was at risk. Gabi sides with Eli and suggests Rafe thank him for saving her life. Then she does so herself ... Brady is ready to take his girls home. They smile and step into the elevator as Eric woefully watches ...

Phone Hattie hears from her contact that John and Marlena almost got away. She decides something must be done. Then she opens her medical book and gets back on the phone. As Dr. Marlena she has new orders for her patients. This will be the next phase ... Meanwhile John hopes to Marlena that someone will eventually believe their story or discover the deception back in Salem. Time seems to be on their side. All of a sudden the medical man returns with news of an aggressive treatment scheduled for the morning at Dr. Evans's request. ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY. John and Marlena are now in danger of literally losing their beautiful minds!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 6