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Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Episode 13,163
Length: 1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire has come home to the loft early. She turns off the loud music and turns to see Theo clad in a towel ... At the hospital Kayla remembers when Steve and Tripp toasted to him gaining trust. Here comes Steve with Tripp ... Hope is at the Kiriakis mansion asking Adrienne if she knows how Angelica wound up dead in her bed. Pause ... Phone Rafe updates FBI Eli on the package of evidence against Raines Dario has couriered to the club. They are on their way ... But at the club Gabi has already heard the damning recording of Raines, who now grabs her with a gun, refusing to let her go. She gasps in soap horror ... Back at the loft Claire learns that Val was called to work. Seductively smiling Theo thinks they will be aloooone. He heads to his room to change. Claire gets a flirty look on her face ... Tripp tells Kayla he will be donating his inheritance to the hospital. No way in hell says she ... Hope believes "Adrienne" is acting odd. The imposter babbles she is healthy no worries but Hope gets even more worried. Justin appears asking if all is well. Bonnie feigns fatigue. Hope mentions what happened to Angelica. Justin wonders. Bonnie enlightens him on the dame dropping dead ... Steve states Tripp's offer is generous and asks for a word alone with Kayla. He asks what is the matter. She snaps she saw him celebrating with him at the pub while their other son languishes in prison. Furthermore, she wants nothing to do with the blood money of Ava Vitali ... Rafe and Eli find the club empty, as well as the empty envelope on the counter. Rafe spies Gabi's distinct red designer bag on the floor. This does not look good ...

Gabi begs for her life as Raines shoves her into a cabin, ordering her to shut up. He crushes the damning recording under his heavy foot and wonders what to do with the witness ... Theo is casually dressed. Claire informs him they have been asking for the rent check. Theo wonders what to do with all the food. Neither can cook well. She suggests they get Tripp as a roommate since he is a good cook. Theo scowls. Someone knocks at the door and they assume it is the landlord. As it turns out it is Tripp, who grins ... Steve sighs he is trying to be a good father. He regrets the past and praises Kayla for the way she raised their kids. He wishes he had not been on the run all that time. She sarcastically states now he can be here for Tripp ... Tripp tells Claire he donated his inheritance to charity. Claire is impressed. He explains he needs a less expensive place to live so she impulsively invites him to move into the loft ... Justin morphs into lawyer mode and asks for the facts. Hope explains Angelica was found dead in Adrienne's bed. They are awaiting the results of the autopsy. Justin asks "Adrienne" how and why the woman was in her bed ... Eli notes he was with Gabi at the club earlier but escorted her away. Rafe growls Raines must have gotten her. If he harms a hair on her head he will KILL him ... Gabi warns counterfeit mastermind Raines he will not get away with his crimes. He sits on the sofa beside her and blames her brothers for causing trouble. He then holds the gun to her side and she starts to breathe fast ...

Gabi tries to reason with the corrupt commissioner. He blames Dario the snitch for betraying him. She sees the duffle bag nearby, stuffed with counterfeit bills. Raines rages about Dario screwing up the perfect plan. He made the mayor the scapegoat. Gabi is sorry and stammers he should not blame Dario for running away. He leers he was right to fear him. Gabi stares him in the eye and states she is not afraid ... At the station Eli and Rafe update horrified Lani and JJ on the situation. It seems Raines has Gabi ... Justin is Adrienne's alibi as she was with him at the time in question. Hope assures Adrienne she only wants answers, she is not accusing her. She will be in touch if she has anything. After she is gone fake Adrienne thanks Justin. He flashes back to her refusing to let him in her hotel room last night and asks if she is hiding something from him. Eerie music plays as she insists he is her man so she would never keep secrets. He reminds her she did not let him into her room. It would be in her best interest to tell him the truth so he can protect her. She swears she did not even see Angelica last night. Her refusal to let him in was the result of the issues she still has with her new body. He apologizes and she acts indignant ... The APBs are out. Eli calls in favors with the FBI. Hope runs into the station and promises furious Rafe they will find his sister and bring her home safe and sound ... Gabi calls Raines a bully who takes advantage. Rafe is a real cop and he will never be like him! Raines counters Dario is a coward. She reminds him he was the one who ran over Abigail. Raines loses his patience and pushes her down on the sofa. He admits he regrets what had to happen but sometimes innocent people get hurt ...

Claire thinks they should share the rent. She also offers to try and get Tripp a job at the cafe, Tripp is touched. Now they wonder what Theo thinks. Theo thinks it is a bad idea ... Back at the hospital, Steve assures Kayla he too is suffering without their son Joe. She does not want him to turn his back on Tripp but is tormented that Joey was taken from her. She remembers her frightened little boy from years gone by. Steve sighs. She weeps now he is wallowing in a dark place (prison) where she cannot protect him. Steve can feel her pain ... Claire thinks Theo is being unfair. Tripp takes it well as he understands he is being loyal to pal Joey. Tough cookie Claire takes Theo aside and advises him to either get off his high horse or ride it right out of the apartment ... FBI Eli has no new leads on Gabi but Rafe tells Hope he seems to have something. He soap stares at the pages in his hand ... Gabi refuses to become Raines' hostage. He laughs wickedly and leers she is more than that - she is a witness ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Justin calls the situation bizarre but he believes Adrienne. He is sorry for Angelica and decides to call Alexander with the news. After he has left the lavish living room. Bonnie calls Hattie demanding answers. What the hell did she do ... Theo welcomes new roommate Tripp to the loft. Tripp is pumped. He grins he will be back soon. Theo thinks Claire liiiiiiiiikes Tripp. She does and tells him to give the guy a chance. Besides, he could not possibly be jealous since he only wants to be friends. Silence. She flounces out to help Tripp pack. Theo grimaces ... Steve too wishes Joey had not snapped and killed crazy Ava. He urges Kayla not to let the sad story tear them apart. Tripp was trying to make amends with his generous hospital donation. It was a gesture of great respect. They cannot allow the ghost of Ava to destroy them. She agrees to accept the donation and he thanks her. Then he heads off to tell Tripp the good news ... Rafe has a list of assets that were frozen by the feds after Dario went on the run. One is an address out of town. Eli's eyes darken as Rafe reasons Raines must have taken Gabi there ... Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Gabi promises to keep her silence and begs to be spared. Raines thinks it is too risky and aims his gun at her temple, close range. She cries and gasps please nooooooo ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 5