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Friday, September 1, 2017
Episode 13,162
Length: 1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hattie sighs to herself this report of scammer Andre is not enough cos he is also Alfie! She thinks aloud in Marlena's office. He will have no idea she is really after sweet revenge. She asks her receptionist to send the patient in. Andre appears and grins is she ready? ... At the square phone Lucas thanks Chloe, who called the cops. He sips his water and assures her he is sober. He believes it was natural causes. He now gasps he thought the woman he made love to was Adrienne. Justin appears and gives him a strange look ... Bonnie just loves being at the Kiriakis mansion and babbles about the beech who took Mickey away. She shall pay! Maggie appears and innocently asks who that might be ... At the station Hope and Rafe discuss the Raines case. He fears Myron the wimp will cave. Hope sighs he is their only option. The buck stops as soon as Raines tries to plant the fake evidence on Abe. An arrest is imminent! Raines shows up and asks what arrest ... The club is closed with yellow police tape in front. Gabi has her key ready to unlock the door but gets grabbed from behind ... Rafe mentions another case. Hope adds there was also a suspicious death at the Salem Inn. Raines growls to get on it already. Hope opens the file and gasps the room is registered to Adrienne ... Bonnie changes the subject to the stylish top Maggie is wearing. They sit and Maggie presses her about the beech she mentioned and what she stole from her ... Lucas gets off the phone and wonders how much Justin overheard. He heard Adrienne's name and notes it was enough. He advises him to stop drinking and get his act together. Lucas stands up and blames Justin for getting her to dump him. He gasps he woke up with ... and Justin wonders. Lucas starts to suspect the Kiriakis set him up ... "Marlena" suggests the sofa. Andre is after his sanity certificate for the board. Hattie claims she needs convincing and warns him she is no patsy nor is she a phony like his wife. She hisses his vows were a scam. Andre is baffled by her obsession with Kate. Hattie calls her a name for hurling herself at Roman, who deserves better. Andre peers at her and wonders how she is feeling. A tad too caffeinated but they can still proceed ... Gabi blasts Eli for dragging her away from the club door. He claims he had no choice as there is an open investigation. Gabi gets upset about what Dario did, also to Abigail. Eli assures her he heard she will be alright. She sighs Abigail is also with Chad again. Gabi dropped Eli for Chad, who dropped her before they could even begin. Eli is sympathetic and still seems very interested ...

Bonnie lies she was babbling about Angelica. Maggie asks her to put down the expensive figurine in her hand so she does and asks what the problem really is ... Back at the busy station Rafe wants an ID on the woman. Hope tries to reach Adrienne without success. Hope finds it all off. Rafe too and he gets a call with another update. The body belonged to Angelica Deveraux, cause of death to be determined by autopsy. Hope laments it looks bad for Adrienne as the two women were at odds ... Fake Adrienne wants to get along with Maggie. So she says. The redhead reminds her how Victor feels about her. He only let her come live at the mansion for Justin. Bonnie will be on her best behavior and refers to her and Justin parenting Jackson, whom she refuses to call Sonny. She reminds the redhead they are one big happy family. Maggie points out she and Lucas are both of the Horton clan and demands an explanation on his behalf ... Justin tells Lucas he and Adrienne are living happily ever after at the Kiriakis mansion. Lucas gasps OMG when he hears he was with her last night ... Hattie wants to know why Andre hates women. He denies the charge and insists he respects the fairer sex. She snaps what about what he did to Hattie Adams! Andre observes her like a snake and dangerously whispers how the hell does she know about Hattie ... Justin advises Lucas to talk to Maggie, try to move on. Lucas gets madder by the minute. When Justin walks away he spies a man with a martini and gets thirsty ... Andre awaits his answer. Hattie claims it was Hope who told her Hattie's sad little story. Andre notes it has nothing to do with the state of his mind but Hattie demands an answer. He replies it was business not personal. She hisses it was very personal. Andre is increasingly suspicious ...

Eli is sorry he could not help Gabi forget about Chad. She laments she felt that Chad loved her. Alas he loved the other girl more. Eli explains love can lead to loss but she will love again and he whom she loves will be a lucky man indeed ... Rafe assures anxious Hope they will bring Raines down. Myron now calls his cell. The game is a foot! He tells him to text Raines to meet him at the club. Hope crosses her fingers ... Bonnie really regrets hurting lovable Lucas. Maggie explains she dumped him in the worst way. Bonnie tells her to remember Mickey and the heart wanting what it wants. One can love more than one man in a lifetime. Maggie is suspicious of her sudden change of heart. What if her fickle heart changes its mind again? Bonnie muses she must want to be the only queen of the Kiriakis castle. Enter Justin ... Hattie admits she feels pity for poor Hattie and mentions their slight resemblance. Andre says mmmmmm and decides on anotha docta. Hattie assures him she will be impartial and wants to proceed. Andre agrees but not anotha word about Hattie ... Fake Marlena now asks about his mother. Andre giggles ... Hope is surprised to see Raines, who asks about the body at the Salem Inn. He has a bad feeling about reporter Jen creating another fuss. He now gets a text from Myron who is waiting and orders Hope to interview Adrienne. Now ...

Rafe wishes they could tail Raines. Hope says to contact Eli and heads off to see Adrienne ... Meanwhile Maggie admits to Justin that she questioned Adrienne on her abrupt change of heart. Justin assures her he is happy. Maggie is sorry for butting in but is elated to hear that Nicole won Holly so she is coming home. Alas Justin also bears bad news about Lucas losing it ... Lucas sits alone with his martini and remembers Adrienne ending their affair. He touches the stem of the glass ... Rafe gets a call from DARIO and gasps where is he! Brother feels badly about Abigail and then some. Rafe whispers of course they know it was not Abe. Dario says something that stuns him ... Gabi is about to enter the club when a courier hands her an envelope intended for Dario. She signs and unlocks the club door, crossing the police tape to go inside ... Justin excuses himself on a business call. Ding dong! Maggie asks Adrienne to open the door as she wants to get ready for Holly's homecoming. Adrienne is not pleased Henderson has the day off and finds Hope at the door. Hope looks surprised when she calls her Fancy Face. Bonnie assumes she is here to see Maggie about Lucas. Wrong! She is here to speak to HER about a police investigation. Bonnie starts to sweat ... Andre admits his childhood made him who he was. Hattie says she is not a gullible Hattie and explains she must review and analyze her notes before issuing a certificate. Andre believes time is running out. But he will wait for her to sign since she is known to be fair and honest. He grins keep him posted and goes on his way with a sly grin ... Hattie plans to give as good as she got from him ... Hope updates "Adrienne" on Angelica being found dead in her bed and asks if she knows anything at all ... Lucas remembers losing Adrienne and downs his martini ... Eli speaks on his phone with Rafe from the square. Rafe updates him on Dario wanting to make things right. He just sent an envelope to the club with proof against Raines ... Back in the dark club Gabi plays the recorder in the envelope, in which Raines incriminates himself reasoning how rich he will become from the counterfeit operation. But then real Raines reveals himself behind her, regretting she heard that. Things do not look good for Gabi, who is about to go missing ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 1