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Friday, September 7, 2018
Episode 13,419
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Bonnie paces at the station, expecting a pal. Here comes Maggie to blast her ... Adrienne wakes up Sonny, who spent the night on the sofa. His phone beeps. Paul is out of surgery. He texts Will back he loves him and keep him posted ... At the hospital Chloe and Lucas asks Will about Paul, who is now with family ... Belle and Brady stand in Paul’s, room relieved he made it after saving Sami. They wait for him to open his eyes. Belle is so sorry for John. Yesterday was supposed to be his wedding day. Meanwhile John sits with sleeping Marlena, whispering Paul made it and so must she. Enter Eric. The former father who is a son brought breakfast. John curses and cries he only wants the woman he loves to open her eyes ... Belle asks Brady about Eve. Hs excuses himself to see her. Belle admits she has a lot of insurance paperwork and pats Paul. Then she gets the files out of her bag ... John apologizes for being testy. Eric understands. He tries to be upbeat his mother continues to breathe. John laments she would be lost without the ventilator. Eric notes she needs to know they are here and love her. John gets back to her side and urges her to open her beautiful eyes. Eric blinks. But still she sleeps ...

Adrienne knows Sonny texted Will he loves him and wonders. Sonny gushes they are gonna get back together. Will still loves him. She is thrilled. Sonny sighs about the timing and poor Paul the good guy. Will now has to break his noble heart. Adrienne can relate cos she had to break Lucas’ heart and it was hard. Now she complains about Susan using gallons of water for her bubble baths. Sonny assures her she will be gone in a few days. Adrienne cannot wait until Bonnie is also gone, behind bars ... Maggie and smug Bonnie exchange words. The redhead came not cos of Victor but to tell her off for putting Lucas through hell ... Chloe takes a call from Julie. Will is happy for his father being with Chloe and her calming effect. Lucas sighs about Sami and now hears that Paul saved her from Kristen. Will refers to his and Lucas and Sami’s history with details, including a snake in the tent. Lucas realizes he remembers and embraces him ... Bonnie insists she was only taking orders from Angelica and hates Adrienne dropped the hottie. Maggie does not believe her remorse but Bonnie states she wants to tell Lucas how sorry she is up close and personal ... Lucas is over the moon. Will remembers how much he loves him. Lucas is moved and asks if Sami knows. Not yet. But he has spoken to Sonny, whom he loves. They want to be a family with Ari but he could not tell Paul. Now he is in hospital so how to say he is leaving him? Brady thinks only a monster would do that ... John cries to sleeping Marlena that God might not hear him. Eric begs to differ. Father and son now join hands. Eric prays to the heavenly father for them both ...

Adrienne advises Sonny to go to Will. Sonny has to let him let down Paul alone ... Will admits to Lucas he feels he might be obligated to Paul as he saved Sami’s life. Lucas sighs it would not work and he speaks from experience. Honesty is the best policy ... Belle signs a paper and sighs in Paul’s room. She tells him how proud Papa John is. She praises his courage and his good heart. Sami should be here in bed instead of him! Back to the papers. Legally blonde Belle now comes across one that shocks her ... Will agrees with Lucas about being honest. Lucas feels one should follow one’s heart. He still regrets believing Bonnie was actually Adrienne ... Adrienne asks the cop guard at the station for a cell. No luck ... Maggie catches up with Lucas and Chloe at the hospital. She is sorry to hear about Marlena and tries to be hopeful about Paul. She warns Lucas that Bonnie is at the station. She blamed her for him falling off the wagon and adds Bonnie asked to apologize in person. She warns Lucas to stay but he goes to see her instead ... Belle hates what she has read and leaves when Will arrives at Paul’s room ... Brady joins John and Eric in Marlena’s room. The sons urge their father to have a shower and a shave. Brady escorts him. Eric stays to watch over his mother and kisses her unresponsive hand, begging her to come back. Belle returns with a long face. She wishes her mother had stayed awake like yesterday! She asks Eric to check when the specialist is expected. He departs to do just that so she sits at Marlena’s side and sadly pats her head, fearing there is not much time left for them to talk ...

Adrienne wants to make Sonny French toast for breakfast. He would rather wait. She is elated for him and Will and excuses herself to the Spectator. There is much news in Salem since Kristen came back. She now hopes karma will bite Bonnie back bigtime ... Lucas walks into Bonnie’s holding room at the station. She thinks he looks as fine as ever and is sorry about the drinking. She hopes he can forgive her. Lucas officially forgives her as it is part of the recovery process. She breathes a sigh of relief and announces she needs his assistance. Lucas cannot believe her nerve ... Will sits beside Paul and calls him a crazy good man. He means much to him. Paul now opens his eyes and whispers Will's name. He wonders where he is. Will replies the superhero needed surgery. Paul remembers falling from the window and he is relieved Sami made it. Will almost takes his hand but stops. He is grateful he saved his mom. Paul murmurs the mom of the man he loves. Will starts to go but he asks him to stay. It makes him feel better. Some of his memories of recent events are unclear. Will asks what he remembers. That he loves him and Will had something big to share. He now smiles and asks what it was. Will pauses, feeling guilty as soap sin ...

Bonnie babbles about needing help. Lucas snaps why would he help her stay out of the slammer! She announces she is the mother of his child. Lucas scoffs ... Sonny admits to mama Adrienne he does not want Paul to be hurt ... Meanwhile Will points out Paul just woke up from surgery. Paul insists Will tell him what he wanted to before. Will grins he got his memory back. Paul pauses, then acts happy and asks how it happened. It started at the wedding speech. Paul now realizes that was his reason for racing off. Will replies it was not easy to process and then things got crazy so he could not break the news. Paul gasps does he also remember loving Sonny? Will replies he does remember their life and his love for him. Paul woefully looks away and weakly wonders where that leaves them ... Belle is in tears when Eric comes back. He praises the doctors for doing whatever possible to keep Marlena alive. Belle cries therein lies the problem cos they cannot let them do it anymore. She hands him the document so he can read it and weep with her ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 7