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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Episode 13,417
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail quietly ends a call with Jen. Marlena is critical and out of surgery. Jen is staying the night. She gets back to JJ. They are keeping one another company as Doug and Julie are out. She sighs to sympathetic JJ she misses Chad. Meanwhile Chad ends a call from Hope, promising to get in touch if he hears from fugitive Kristen. Gabi is busy working on a project for Ari. Chad cannot believe Kristen lives and poor Paul crashed through a window! Gabi notes Will left but said little ... Detectives Lani and Eli are at the scene of Paul’s fall. The cops have one of Kristen’s designer high heels so she could not have gotten far ... Kristen gasps to help her and collapses in Stefan’s arms at the DiMera door ... Brady is at the hospital waiting to hear about Paul. Val is sorry he is still in OR. Brady wonders how to break the news to papa John ... John smiles when the woman he loves opens her eyes and asks what happened. He gushes she is gonna be alright and kisses her on the cheek. It feels like a miracle. So far ... Stefan places Kristen on the sofa and wakes her up. She claims she was shoved from a window. Stefan is surprised she is even alive. He wonders why she came to Salem. She grins to get her revenge ... Marlena hyperventilates so John suggests she save her strength. She remembers the wedding and Kristen. She also remembers Kristen told Sami to shoot him. He sighs he is fine since Sami missed and hit her by accident ...

Eli and Lani discuss his unclear handwriting and she teases it was terrible when they were partners. They drink coffee and she insists on redoing what he wrote. They laugh and come closer. She suddenly hands him what he wrote. He will return to the station to finish. She excuses herself to head to the hospital ... Marlena is not happy to hear Sami was arrested. John assures her the authorities are sorting things out. Marlena now learns Kristen is on the loose. Enter Brady with the latest ... At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi is elated to announce Will’s memory is back. Chad is happy for Ari. Gabi is over the moon and continues cutting paper penguins. Chad offers to help so she smiles a flirty smile ... JJ thinks Chad misses Abigail but Abigail has her doubts. She saw Gabi cozying up to him with Ari. JJ believes her claim that they are friends only. Abigail says mmmm and admits she does not trust that girl who used to be her bff! JJ assumes they argued. Negative but Abigail noticed every time she was getting close to Chad at the mansion Gabi appeared. She suspects she might resent her for her past actions and is no longer a friend who is true ... Chad is sitting on the floor with Gabi cutting penguins. When he last saw Thomas he wished daddy was with mommy. Gabi asks how it was when he dropped him off with Abigail. Alright. She compares Abigail carrying Stefan’s baby to Eli getting Lani pregnant. She did the only thing possible with Eli. She ended it! She looks at him with her dark eyes ...

Brady is elated to see Marlena awake. John gushes Eric and Belle are gonna come back from their meal soon to see her. Brady now leaves Marlena to rest and steps out to speak with John. Outside the room John asks what is up. He tells him how Paul the hero fell out a window while struggling with Kristen. He made it but is presently having surgery since his injuries are serious ... Kristen smirks about Sami. Stefan asks why anyone would have pushed her out the window yet again. She reminds him he is supposed to be her ally as they are DiMeras and Stefan has fewer principles than brother Chad. Stefan stands up and starts to call the cops ... At the hospital Lani asks Val about Brady’s whereabouts. He is with John. Lani is sorry for them both and decides to get a statement from Brady later. Val now invites her to join her and Eli for dinner tomorrow night. Lani gasps it is not a good idea. In fact they almost made a mistake ... Julie joins Eli at the station and complains about Kristen’s freezer antics. She came to sign the report and is ready to interrogate Eli, who has been ignoring her calls. He replies it has been busy at work. Julie wants him to know she and Doug are always here. He admits he has been leaning on ... Julie hopes not Gabi ... Chad reminds Gabi that his situation is different than hers was as he took wedding vows. She thinks he should end his marriage ... Kristen snaps to stop cos they are family! Stefan retorts they only just met and he already has family as Abigail is having his baby ... JJ still feels Gabi is a good friend. Abigail, however, has felt her strange vibe of late and asks if she alluded to being angry at her. He flashes back to Gabi complaining that Ari was angry as she had felt abandoned after she was unfairly imprisoned because of the lie Abigail’s alter told. In addition the prison beating made her barren so no more kids, whereas Abigail enjoys her wonderful life and future. Gabi had hissed she made her suffer forever ... Back to the present. JJ admits Abigail could actually be right about her former friend ...

Lani shares she and Eli have been spending a lot of time together since the loss of their baby. Val thinks that is understandable but Lani believes there could be blurred lines as they are not a couple ... Eli informs relieved Julie that he has been leaning on Lani. He confesses he kissed her and things have been strange since. Julie suggests he tell the girl how he feels. He worries he might ruin their friendship. Julie urges him to at least find out where he stands and smiles she wants him happy. Eli gets it and he also gets she does not want him with Gabi. They both laugh and hug ... Abigail has heard from JJ what Gabi said about her resentment toward her. JJ seems to feel words are just words. Abigail counters Gabi did kidnap Melanie! JJ thinks that was then this is now and wants to believe in the girl who saved his life one fateful night ... Chad sighs with time things might get better and appreciates Gabi listening. She gushes she cares about both her bffs and wants to know any and every problem they have ... Brady praises Paul’s heroism. John wants to know what happened to Kristen. She walked away and the cops are searching for her. John snaps not good enough cos she could hurt someone else! Brady worriedly wonders ...

Val thanks Lani for being considerate of Eli’s feelings and wonders whether she has been overthinking. Lani laughs she does at times overthink. Val suggests they wait and see where their feelings take them. Eli now arrives and informs Lani they have a new assignment. He will explain on the way ... Kristen sarcastically states Abigail probably does not want to celebrate being pregnant with Stefan’s baby and reminds Stefan she is the only one who can tell him all about father phoenix. She tries to make herself of value by comparing him to Stefano as head of the family. She can share details ... Ding dong! She fears it could be the cops. Stefan quips she will now find out whether she was wrong to trust in him ... Abigail comes down from reading Thomas his bedtime story twice and thanks JJ for keeping her company. Julie returns so JJ takes his leave after bidding his sister a good night. Julie overheard them mention Gabi so Abigail sighs she senses she has not been straight with her. Julie warns her not to trust that one. Abigail wants to make sure her suspicions are right before ... The penguins have been cut and Chad thanks Gabi for the talk. He goes to get a sandwich. Gabi now grumbles to herself that Chad is not letting go of Abigail even though she switched the paternity test results. Time for action ... Detectives Lani and Eli want to know whether Stefan has seen his fugitive sister. Stefan blinks ... Brady and John wait for word on Paul the tough guy. John is upbeat and relieved that doc is now on the road to recovery ... Val visits Marlena in her room but the Salem patient starts to slur and suddenly passes out. Oh oh!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, September 5