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Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Episode 13,416
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr. Kayla ends a call wondering where Steve is. She assured phone Jen she was about to tell him the truth about dealing with the devil ... Kate walks into DiMera mansion with a gun on Stefan and a friendly very sarcastic greeting ... Will ends a call at Kiriakis mansion and updates Sonny on Marlena making it through her operation. Sonny tries to make him feel better. Will wishes he had remembered their history earlier and knows she will be happy to hear about THEM if she makes it. Sonny insists she will. They both marvel at the day they had. Together again! Will wonders how to break the news to Paul but knows not where he is. Sonny senses he found Brady. Will hopes so and he also hopes they found evil Kristen ... Replay of Paul tackling crazy Kristen for the gun as she prepares to shoot Sami. Kristen and Paul crash through the window together. Brady, Sami and Eve are at the broken window in an instant, then run down the three stories fearing for Paul ... At the station Hope gets a call and updates Rafe on the accident. They are en route ... Alas Paul ended up on his back and is unconscious when Brady, Eve and Sami find him. Brady races to his side. Sami snarls cos Kristen seems to have escaped again ... Sonny and Will snuggle on the sofa. Sonny suspects Paul will not be surprised since Will started having flashbacks. Will feels badly about hurting him. Sonny too. He also regrets not forgiving Will when he cheated before. Will wants to discuss where things really went wrong ... Brady is relieved his brother is breathing and asks Eve to call an ambulance. She does as Sami talks to herself about where oh where Kristen went, then departs to track her down ... Roman finds Kayla in her office and announces he has news about Steve. He has been arrested ... Stefan taunts Kate cos he thinks her gun is not even loaded and makes a joke about Ted, who disappeared even though his guys got there late ... Noisy Sami storms through the square searching for Kristen and is stopped by Rafe and Hope. Rafe unceremoniously cuffs her ...

Roman is sorry to say the Feds swooped in and carted Steve off for espionage. He was flown to Washington and is being accused of passing classified info to a foreign power. Almost all the docs he has seen have been compromised. Kayla gasps in horror ... Stefan tells Kate she should be more grateful he got rid of Ted. She stops aiming the gun at him and hisses he only helped as he has ulterior motives. She then wonders. Stefan insists he did not kill Ted, he simply relocated him somewhere where he will stay ... Rafe is mad at Sami for knocking him out. Sami updates Rafe and Hope on finding Kristen with Brady and Eve, how Paul jumped to her rescue and he and Kristen crashed through the window. Kristen escaped. Hope will take care of it. Rafe hauls protesting Sami down to the station ... Eve calls for that ambulance again. Brady knows not how long Paul will be able to hold on and is sorry he got tangled up in his mess with Kristen on this John and Marlena’s wedding day. Hope arrives and they hear the ambulance sirens. Eve assumes Kristen could not have survived but Hope has a bad feeling ...

Kayla holds Stefan responsible and tells Roman the whole story. He promises to help when she pleads and shuts the door. He asks for all the facts about her deal with Stefan. She only cares about Steve but Roman does not want her arrested as well. He asks what she gave the DiMera devil. Dirt on Kate! Roman now hears Stefan blames Kate for his mother’s death and made her do some digging, which means she and Steve were both spies. Roman soap stares ... Will seeks the sequence of their problems from Sonny. Sonny states he was happy to have his first article published and it went to his head. Will apologizes. Sonny smiles it is alright and points out no one is perfect. Then came his assignment interviewing Paul and the rest as they say is history and strange coincidence. Sonny regrets not revealing his past with Paul to Will back then. Will recalls how he realized he only wanted to be with Sonny but by then Ben was waiting at Abigail’s apartment. Sonny sadly states he fled to Paris as it was too hard staying in Salem when he was believed dead. They now marvel over the miracle of their second chance. The future feels bright ... Kate questions Stefan on where he put Ted. He taunts he saved her from him. She grumbles his goons did. Stefan pours himself a drink and suggests she get what he wants or else she might meet with a similar fate. Kate eyes him with a hand on her hip. She fears nothing and no one ...

Rafe has Sami back at the station and refuses to give her a phone call. She wishes she could find Kristen and suggests Hope might let her slip away. Rafe knows she only wants what Kristen has to say about EJ. He tells her that hit on the head made him testy. Sami gasps she is sorry but she needs to know what Kristen knows about EJ. Rafe will not budge and calls her behavior crazy cos he doubts EJ is even alive. Sami speaks of the DiMera lab and reasons Will did not die. In addition Kristen claimed she injected EJ with Dr. Rolf’s serum. The same happened to Will! Rafe sighs her mom is in hospital and she is running around Salem after a ghost. Sami hyperventilates about wanting the nightmare to be over ... Eve updates Hope on what happened and praises Paul for his heroism. Hope notes they found no gun. Eve thinks Kristen could still have it ... Roman asks if there is anything more so he can help Kayla and Steve. She confesses she let Stefan see Abigail’s medical records cos he was threatening to wipe out Steve’s sight. She wants to tell the Feds. Roman agrees with that but warns not to tell anyone else or tip Stefan’s hand. She cries he is going to take away Steve’s sight and he comforts her ... Kate hands Stefan papers of all the deals Chad is presently working on. He laughs about him leaving Abigail and alludes to them having a future cos the Gabi alter still loves him. Kate wickedly warns him not to get too attached to the baby. Stefan sense she knows something and wants her to spill. Kate pauses and covers by claiming Chad and Abigail will not allow him near that child. She casually mentions Kristen the cat with nine lives is back and crashed John and Marlena’s wedding. Then she leers he was wrong, her gun was loaded and waltzes out ...

Roman states they can take this a step at a time. Kayla gasps she has got to see Steve! Roman advises her to stay away from the situation and focus for Steve. He will make some phone calls, speak to Shane and come up with a way to proceed. Kayla is close to breaking down. He assures her he is on her side and tells her to go to the patient that she was just paged about. She does and he takes a deep breath ... Will deduces he was in denial when he was with Paul. Both he and Sonny loved him and feel badly about having to hurt him. Will decides to tell him about their reconciliation tonight ... Meanwhile Paul is wheeled in on a gurney. Kayla has a bad feeling cos his chest sounds strange. She suspects internal bleeding and warns brother Brady either way he will have to have surgery. Brady’s face falls. Eve joins him and he stammers Kayla was uncertain. Meanwhile John is with critical Marlena. How can Brady tell him about his son? Kristen is to blame! Paul’s phone rings so Brady answers and informs caller Will that Paul is not well ... Rafe is on the phone repeating Paul needs surgery and Marlena remains in ICU. Sami starts to sob and wonders whether her mother knows she loves her. Rafe sits beside her and assures her she does. Sami cries on his shoulder and he puts his arm around her. Hope returns and her eyes widen at the sight from the window ... Someone is banging at the DiMera door. Stefan opens it. Out of breath Kristen introduces herself as his sister and begs for his help. Stefan sighs since family has to come first ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, September 4