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Friday, August 31, 2018
Episode 13,416
1365 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John paces at the hospital, spills coffee and curses. The night sky reflects blue through the window to match his mood. He tells Marlena's pic on his iphone she must come back to him ... Sonny is having a conversation with Will about when they kissed and Will remembered. He asks what he wanted to say and hopes they stand a chance ... Hope finds Rafe unconscious on the floor, Sami nowhere to be seen ... Paul opens Brady’s door and is stunned to see Sami standing there ... Rafe wakes up and worried Hope offers to call EMS. He gasps he got clobbered on the head by Sami ... Sami fibs to Paul she was released and came to Brady’s place to find him and make sure Kristen does not have him. Paul notes neither is here ... Kristen has taken Brady to John and Marlena’s honeymoon suite. He would rather not do anything in this room as Marlena is in hospital. She murmurs they will make love and drink champagne. Brady kisses the she devil back ... Steve joins John in his moment alone. John appreciates his presence so he stays. John hates having to wait helplessly. Steve gets it as a fellow soap hero. John woefully wishes Kristen had shot him instead. Steve points out he cannot change it and assures him Dr. Kayla will make sure Marlena makes it ... Will feels rather raw and admits he did not have the chance to tell Paul about his memory amid the mayhem. Sonny emotionally shares how he was lost without Will’s love all this time. He never stopped loving him and never stopped hoping. Will feels he must return to Marlena at the hospital. Ari now comes up to daddy and Will hugs her, seeing her in his life for real for the first time ... At the club Julie and Doug tend to cold Eve, who was stuffed in the freezer by crazy Kristen. But she needs to find Brady so she takes off. Julie and Doug are flabbergasted. Meanwhile Brady tries to stop Kristen cos of the timing. She wants to have her way with him and warns him Eve will die if he does not do as asked. He garbs her and kisses her hard. Then the clothes come off and they fall onto the bed, which is covered in rose petals. Kristen laughs wickedly but Brady is not smiling ... Ari thinks Will’s tears are sadness but he is happy to have her on his knee. He also has his whole memory back. He remembers all the happy times he had with his girl and daddy Sonny. Sonny is moved. Will loved her from the first moment they met. She loves him and hugs him. Will loves her even more than yesterday. His tears of joy flow ... Rafe curses Sami as Hope gives him ice for his head. Hope decides to put out an APB on "dangerous" Sami ...

Paul finds the fallen flower from Brady’s jacket. Sami is convinced Kristen took him. Cold Eve comes in babbling about the beech using her phone to lure Brady. P.I. Paul tracks the phone and states it is still in the Salem Inn. Eve takes off to hunt Kristen and Brady down but Paul stops Sami ... Kristen is all over Brady. He suddenly stops and holds her down. He declares he loves Eve and demands to know what she did with her. Eve now opens the door and wonders what the hell he is doing on top of her ... Paul insists fugitive Sami turn herself in or he will! She argues if he really loves Will he will understand cos she would move heaven and earth to be with EJ. He was lost as was Will but he could be alive and she cannot give up! Only she will be able to get the answers she seeks from Kristen. Paul sighs and lets her go. They will find Brady together ... Eve wonders what is going on. Brady jumps up, puts his shirt on and tells his fiancee she threatened to kill her if he did not sleep with her. Kristen rages this was their night! Brady camly explains the situation to Eve, then turns and finds himself facing Kristen with a gun. She gets madder by the minute as he says to put it down. The delusional DiMera wants to believe Brady still loves her. He repeats he loves Eve and there is not a thing she can do about it. She hisses she will send them to hell with Marlena and tigtens her hold on her gun ...

John sighs to Steve that the surgery seems to be taking too long. Steve offers to check with a nurse, assures John they are all on his side, and stands. Enter Kayla. John asks how Marlena is. Dr. Kayla looks serious. Very serious. The surgery is over and Marlena is stable but still not out of the woods. One bullet fragment was too close to her heart and could not be retrieved. However, when she recovers they will try to get that too. John asks to see her and steps away. Steve agrees to tell the gang and assures him it is a good thing she is stable. He will see her soon. Steve is now in the room alone ... Hope slams down her phone. No sign of Sami at the hospital but Marlena is out of surgery. She suspects she went searching for Kristen and the info on EJ. The detectives now discuss Kristen. Rafe suspects Brady is her unfinished business. Hope notes no one has seen him in a while. Doug now appears and announces he has a crime to report ... Kristen refuses to let Brady live cos if she cannot have him no one will. Brady reminds her of what she did before and why he dumped her. He adds Eve came along and saved him from self-destructing afterwards. Eve states she loves him. Kristen smiles to say goodbye. Here comes hurricane Sami demanding answers from the crazy beech ...!

Sonny and Will agree that the bedtime stories to Ari felt just like old times. Will emotionally admits he is overwhelmed by his love for Ari and ... Sonny hopefully asks his love for him too? Pause ... Hope and Rafe hear from Doug and Julie that Kristen locked Eve in the freezer and then freed Eve went searching for Brady. Rafe assumes Sami is somehow there as well. Hope gets a sinking feeling ... Kristen taunts Sami, who demands she deal with her and tell her EJ’s whereabouts. Kristen agrees to deal with Sami and announces she will kill her and do the whole world a favor. P.I. Paul has arrived on scene and prepares to make his move ... Will confesses to Sonny his hesitation was about Paul. Sonny yearns to know what this means. It means Will loved Paul when he was lost but now he has found his memory and his feelings for Sonny are intense. He has always loved him heart and soul! Sonny kisses him and Will kisses him right back ... John sits by sleeping beauty Marlena and whispers he is right here. He praises her and promises she is not fighting alone. He loves her and hugs her, crying on her shoulder ... Sonny’s dream has finally come true. Will gushes he is his husband. Sonny wonders about Paul. Will is sorry he will have to break his heart but he cannot deny wanting to be with Sonny forever. Sonny shares the sentiment. Now what? Will sadly states he will have to somehow break the news to Paul ...

Kristen is not spooked when Sami threatens to haunt her forever. Sami wants to know where EJ is but Kristen reasons if she cannot have Brady then Sami will never have EJ. She prepares to shoot her but Paul jumps her and a struggles ensues. Within seconds both go crashing through the window. But Kristen the cat has nine lives ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 31