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Thursday, August 30, 2018
Episode 13,415
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Doug and Julie arrive at the hospital. Eric updates them on Marlena’s surgery ... At the station Hope admits to Rafe she did get a statement from difficult Sami, who accused her of being the bad guy. Sami even refused to take the blame for sleeping with Rafe ... Paul wonders what Will wants to say to him ... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny remembers Will remembering, then gets interrupted by screaming Susan, who had a nightmare premonition about Kriiiiiiiteeeen DiMera doing something dastardly ... Posing on the bed, Kristen warns Brady there could be consequences for Eve if he doesn't play. He refuses to sleep with her so she picks up her phone and coos she can give the order to kill her ... Will sighs about the pressure he was under to remember his past. Paul gets it. Jen interrupts searching for Eric, whom Will explains went to see Marlena. Jen wishes they would find and stop Kristen! Paul is surprised to hear that Brady never rushed to the hospital as per his plan ... Brady stops Kristen from giving the order and asks her to release Eve. They can talk! She wants so much more and reminds him he called out her name when she fell through the Italian window. She knows he grieved for her ... Doug and Julie drop off food for grateful Eric. Julie asks so he admits Sami shot Marlena but Kristen is to blame. Julie cries they will keep praying for Marlena and calls Kristen a monster ... Susan wonders who is in trouble from Kristen now. Sonny asks her to calm down and is sure it is not Will. She sits on the sofa and is now relieved Will has his jackpot Paul to protect him. Sonny goes silent ... Paul gets worried as he has not had any word on Kristen or from Brady. He decides to go back to the station to see what he can learn. Will agrees they can talk later ... Brady reminds Kristen she stole his son from Theresa and ruined Eric’s life. She regrets any pain she caused Brady. He has his doubts. She updates him on waking up a broken and bloodied woman after her Italian fall. She reasons God was merciful so Brady should also be able to forgive her ...

Hope considers Sami quite a pill cos she shot her own mom. Rafe uses the A word. Allegedly. Hope wishes he would not defend her! Her jealousy starts to show. Rafe feels he would have been better to take her statement but Hope only assumes he wanted to be alone with her ... Jen joins Eric as he pours himself water and drinks it at the nurse’s station. She is sympathetic when he laments no news on Marlena and feels rather lost. She takes him to the chapel to pray ... Rafe assures Hope he is not after Sami. She admits she could not handle it. Rafe regrets that mistake he made and reminds her they already overcame. Sami being in town should change nothing ... At the hospital elevator Will suddenly remembers holding baby Ari with Sonny present for the first time, how they loved her and each other. Violins play ... Susan gushes she is gonna come back to Salem for Will and Paul’s wedding. Sonny thinks she is jumping the gun ... Kristen, as it turns out, was rescued by nuns and taken in at a convent following the fall in Italy. Her recovery was long, hard and bible inspired. Brady listens as she declares she wanted to be a better woman so he would forgive her and give her a second chance. He soap stares in stunned silence ...

Sonny informs Susan that Will has his memory back so ... She squeals they were lovebirds so Paul will get dumped. Sonny has not said that. She snorts he seems to be hoping for it ... At the club Julie blames Sami for causing Hope pain and now Marlena! Doug defends her but looks worried when Julie hopes Hope will not have to deal with Sami again ... Hope and Rafe are interrupted by Paul. They have nothing new on Kristen so Paul steps away to try calling Brady again. Hope promises attentive Rafe she will try not to be bugged by Sami. But she does get one call. Rafe grins he will handle it ... Eric has finished praying at the chapel with Jen and thanks her for the idea. Jen wonders whether EJ really is alive. Eric replies if he is then Sami could be reunited with the love of her life. Jen says nothing since she still has Nicole on her mind, who was known as the love of Eric’s life ... Brady blasts Kristen and notes she never came back to make amends. She argues Stefano thundered not to ever bow down and just fight and take what she wants. Now she is back and she wants him. Brady cares not and no longer loves her. He is with Eve. She claims they are both outsiders who belong together. She truly believes she is the one ... Doug decides to tidy up as there will be no reception here. Julie cannot believe Kristen had locked Susan in the freezer and goes to check for contamination ... Will comes back to Kiriakis mansion and Susan hugs him. She is glad he got his memory back. Sonny asks about the hospital. Susan is horrified to hear Marlena was shot ... not by Kristen but by Sami. She calls that bad bad bad ...

Jen cannot comprehend how Sami could even consider killing John even though EJ was the love of her life. Perhaps she would have been better off with someone stable. Eric knows EJ was her one and says so. It was terrible how Kristen taunted Sami about EJ. Jen gets choked up and agrees it is unforgivable to keep true loves apart ... Back at the station Paul updates Hope on missing Brady who is not at the hospital. No one can reach him! Hope suspects he needed some time. Paul intends to check on him at the inn ... Will defends Sami and declares someone made her pull the trigger. Susan questions that. Will remembers Sami seeming to turn to shoot John after Kristen offered to take her to EJ. He was the love of her life. Back to the present. Will calls Kristen conniving. Susan agrees and wants to head to the hospital. Will suggests she pray for them instead. She gushes she is gonna go say a rosary. Now he and Sonny are alone. Sonny is sorry and now gets the update on Kristen offering to take Sami to alive EJ. Will is not telling Susan, though since Kristen is far from a trusted source ...

Kristen wants Brady to be with her. He replies noooo but then returns her passionate kisses ... After opening the freezer Julie screams to wake the dead so Doug goes running ... Guilt ridden Jen cries and Eric calls her the best person he knows. She is the only one he wants and he kisses her. Then he leaves the chapel to check on Marlena. Jen confesses to God she was wrong to hide the truth from him about Nicole and begs for forgiveness ... Will sits with Sonny and admits he also remembered being with him after Ari was born. It was the best moment of both of their lives. Sonny loves hearing that. Will wants to see his daughter. Sonny states she is asleep and hopes they can finish that convo they had started at the club. They kissed and then Will hesitated with a BUT. Sonny wants him to continue ... Paul walks into Brady’s room and gasps oh my God ... Back at the station Hope finds Rafe not with suspect Sami but out cold on the floor!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 30