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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Episode 13,410
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny is pensive all by himself, now also without his framed wedding photo of Will that he ripped up. Meanwhile Will is pensive at a hospital window as he remembers speaking words of love to Paul ... Brady sweeps into Kristen’s room demanding Eve. She seductively states they are alone and eyes him ... At the station Sami screams at Rafe she wants a lawyer. She is also mad he made her leave Marlena. Paul soap stares at the sight ... As violins play John holds the wedding ring, the bloodied dress, and breaks down. Belle consoles him and they hug without words ... Sami soon finds herself in an interrogation room with Madame Commissioner Hope, who is pained and polite. Sami wants to leave but Hope will not allow it. Sami urges her to go after Kristen the killer instead ... Brady wants only Eve. First Kristen wishes to discuss them. She whispers they were in love. He counters he is marrying Eve so where the hell is she! Kristen confesses she wants to catch up but Brady is not interested ... Woman in pink Adrienne is appalled when Sonny informs her that was Susan she heard singing in the shower. She wants her out of the mansion this minute! Sonny sighs she said Kristen locked her in the freezer and took her place. Adrienne questions Susan’s sanity. Sonny is still waiting for an update from Will ... Eric approaches Will and they discuss the drama. Eric explains Sami and the family have a history with the DiMeras. Will grins he got his memory back so no need to explain ... Hope wonders whether Kristen said anything that could help them find her. Sami just wants to know why she is here. Hope calls it like it is. She committed a crime. Sami accuses her of revenge for her night with Rafe ...

Belle wants John to come with her. Eric, Jen, Will, and more of their loved ones. John blames himself for what happened since Kristen is only in their lives because of him ... Kristen remembers Brady’s words from the past. She admits she did not plan to fall head over heels when she schemed to use him and Eric against Marlena. She knows he feels the same way. Besides they were almost wed. He alludes to her selective memory, like forgetting her taped assault on Eric. He rages he was relieved when she fell outta that window. She gushes they got their second chance. Brady’s eyes are as cold as ice. She talks about them as a couple so he scoffs. She argues he forgave Eric and he angrily denies it. When she brings up both of them being with Nicole he shouts to shut up. She coos he needs her. He warns her they are done unless she lets him know where Eve is. He threatens to have her sent to prison and snaps he hates that his son was ever carried by her. She taunts he lost the lad to Theresa and declares he needs her, hence her return ... John mutters Marlena was holding the ring in her hand when ... Belle is sorry. He now feels they are out of luck. Belle argues but they brought Marlena back! John cries they could be coming to an end ... Adrienne ends a call with the Salem PD spokesperson and Sonny asks what happened. He is horrified to hear Kristen shot Marlena. Adrienne explains Kristen was present but evidently Sami did the shooting ...

At the station Rafe grumbles to Paul they have not gotten any new leads on Kristen. Sami said she drugged her though he has yet to see any drug test results ... Hope warns Sami that if Marlena lives she is still looking at assault with a deadly weapon. Sami fumes. Hope asks her to start talking. She will but only if Hope is up front first. She suspects she is still mad she slept with her man. Hope admits she is. Sami reminds her that she and Rafe were friends as lovers that fateful night and Sami told him to fight for Hope. She also suggested Hope give him a second chance. Hope is still bitter about him hiding in the bathroom when they spoke and alludes to Sami being selfish ... Will informs Eric he even remembers his old Halloweens, the first time he kissed a girl and then a boy. He also remembers well that Sonny was his first love ... Adrienne encourages Sonny to call Will so he does. Neither can believe what happened. Sonny offers to come to the hospital as Will waits for word on Marlena. Will notes it is not necessary. Sonny states if there is anything he needs ... After the call Adrienne wonders why that call sounded different. Sonny gushes Will got his memory back and really remembers them ...

John drawls to Belle about doc feeling the bad luck before the wedding. If only he had heeded her warnings ... Brady calls Kristen delusional and accuses her of causing more heartache. She lied about EJ being alive and used Sami to do her bidding. Kristen believes they are both broken and belong together. She alludes to his addiction to her. She wants him to fall off the wagon and gets closer. Brady seems to become somewhat tempted ... Belle disagrees with bad luck. She blames her selfish sister Sami for the marriage mayhem ... Hope has not forgotten that Sami set up Will to be choked some more by Ben. She shouts she only cares about herself and wanted him to remember HER at any cost ... Adrienne happily assumes Sonny and Will are getting back together. Sonny smiles but points out Paul is still in the picture. Aaaaaand Will kissed HIM. Meanwhile Will confides to Eric he should not have kissed Sonny but his feelings were so sudden and so strong. Eric wonders whether he loves him ... Paul gets the ISA to send the entire Kristen file though they have nothing on all the time she was presumed dead. Rafe is grateful and suggests he go be with John at the hospital ... Brady shoves Kristen, who falls onto the bed with a laugh. He wants to know where his fiancée is. She pouts first they have to make looooooove ...

Brady fumes hell would have to freeze over first. Kristen cackles he could not forget her. He counters he will marry Eve, the woman he loves now, and get his son and his life back. She taunts she will tell no one and he snaps she sounds like Theresa. She warns him she still has his fiancée at gunpoint ... John does not blame Sami but Belle sure does, She accuses her of firing the shot for information from Kristen on EJ ... Hope accuses Sami of aiding and abetting Kristen with her own agenda. Sami stands her ground on being drugged. Hope adds she pulled the trigger for information on EJ. Sami denies it and wants to see Marlena. Hope will not allow it and wants her to accept responsibility ... Sonny tells Adrienne things are now all on hold as Marlena is in hospital. He worries Will might want to keep him at a distance ... Will tells Eric the good listener he should probably tell Paul what happened. Enter Paul. He patiently waits for an explanation ... Adrienne must head to the paper to oversee the wild wedding story. She gushes to Sonny she loves he has hope again, and leaves ... Eric asks about Kristen. Paul admits they have nothing new. Eric heads out and Will decides he wants Paul to know something ... John gently sends Belle back to the others. She takes the ring and reasons Marlena will be his wife again so he should hold onto it along with the fact that their love is stronger than any bullet! John gets choked up ... Kristen wonders whether Brady will play along or allow his little Eve to die ... As Hope records, Sami threatens to make her regret it if Kristen gets away without telling her where EJ is and/or Marlena dies while she is stuck at the station. Her eyes flash with fire ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, August 29