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Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Episode 13,409
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen calls Brady using Eve’s phone. He demands answers. She thinks he should stop shouting and glances at tied up Eve in the club ... Paul informs Will that Sami shot Marlena. Will thinks it cannot be! Paul points out she was drugged by Kristen according to her and she had the gun, which went off amid the mayhem. Will looks down at a bloody spot and hopes his grandma is alright. Meanwhile at the hospital Jen offers unhappy Eric words of encouragement about Marlena, who is fighting for her life. Eric cannot believe Sami did it ... As Sami protests, Rafe shouts she shot her mom and there were many witnesses ... It sounds like Marlena is flat lining. John begs doc to come back to him as attempts are made to revive her ... Sami gasps to Rafe he has got it wrong. He needs her statement as he already has Eve and Brady’s. Sami blames Kristen ... Eve groans as Kristen gives Brady his orders over the phone ... Eric wonders what hell Kristen has planned this time. Jen sighs she is venomous. Eric is aware she is out to get Marlena. Belle comes back with coffees for all and explains Claire will be fine. But what about their mother? Eric sighs they are still waiting ... Steve places his hand on John’s back as he gasps for doc to fight. She gets zapped and Val orders more medication. Then pressure is applied. John cries out to the woman he loves heart and soul. But sleeping beauty Marlena of perfect hair fame lies still ...

Rafe repeats Brady and Eve’s version to Sami, who repeats Kristen drugged her. He asks whether it is true Kristen offered to take her to EJ if she shot John. Sami argues Eric body slammed her and that was what made the gun go off. Rafe whispers it makes no sense. Sami suggests Kristen DiMera did something to the gun and denies shooting anyone. He must find the proof ... Kristen refers to her love of Brady and he wonders what she wants. She speaks in circles and cackles when he growls to get Eve on the phone. Then she remembers their almost wedding. Brady demands to speak to Eve now. She warns if he pulls anything she is dead, then she prepares to put the phone on speaker and pulls down the gag. Eve gasps for Brady but Kristen has a script for her which she makes her read, a gun aimed at her ... Will tries to wrap his head around what happened when he hears how Kristen offered to take Sami to EJ if she shot John. Paul points out Eric grabbed her from behind and the gun went off. There remain questions about whether EJ walks the earth and what Sami really wanted to do in that split second. Will blames Kristen the beech who has come after his family before. Paul assumes he does not recall that past and Will plays along ...

Kayla and Val inject Marlena’s IV as John orders them to save her stat no matter what the methods. The splattered blood on his white shirt has long since dried ... Rafe assures Sami he is on her side. She insists her story is the accurate one and she was trying to protect her mom with the gun. He quips it went off in her hand and he has more questions so she should come to the station. She wants to stay. He warns if she refuses he will have to arrest her. She folds her arms and gives him a dare stare ... Will stammers it cannot be. Paul explains there were eye witnesses and his mom has done crazy things before. Will believes in her big heart. Paul is perplexed. Will remembers confessing to Sonny he could remember everything. But he pretends to Paul he only has the wedding shooting on his mind. Paul now wonders where he was at the time ... Eve states Brady must do as Kristen says so she stays fine. Brady gasps he loves her. Kristen turns off the speaker phone and threatens Eve and Brady too if she does not behave. The gag goes back on and Kristen gets back on the phone with Brady. He asks what she wants. In order for Eve to live he has to follow her orders to the letter ... Belle wishes Rafe would lock Sami up as he takes her toward the elevator. Steve emerges from the room with John, who is clearly shaken ...

Will only tells Paul he went out for water. Paul asks when and where he saw Susan. Will wants to head to the hospital and is relieved John is alright. Paul admits he will not be alright if Marlena does not make it. He adds he was worried as Will seemed upset. Will assures him he is fine. Paul loves him and heads to the station. Will loves him too though his face is torn ... Kristen sits by an hourglass and gushes she and Brady will be all alone, no cops or anyone. He agrees. She warns if not he will never see Eve again ... Belle asks about Marlena. Steve states she flat lined and John urged her to fight back. Eric wonders what happens now. She is being prepared for surgery. The bullet is near her heart but Dr. Val is the best. Sami cries she is sorry to John. Belle screams she wanted to shoot him and shot their mother instead. She ruins lives! Sami blames Kristen. Belle lists her own past soap sins and accuses her of breaking lives and leaving. Eric listens in silence as does Rafe. Sami is sorry. Belle hates calling her sister! Rafe wants to escort Sami to the station. She fears Belle will turn them all against her when she leaves. Eric mutters he is not against her. Will arrives and she throws her arms around him, thanking god. Will now flashes back to her warm wishes before his wedding to Sonny and how she taught him family was worth fighting for. She now lets go and implores him to believe her that she was drugged. She loves and would never hurt her mom or John. She is innocent! Will assures her he understands as Rafe reminds her they have to go to the station ... Kristen is expecting Brady in fifteen minutes. He ends his call at the station as Paul arrives, asking for the latest on the deadly DiMera ...

Will starts to tell Sami he understands but then Marlena is brought out en route to the OR. John leans down and touches her face. ”Hey doc …” He strokes her hair and she stirs. Kayla warns she is weak and steps away to speak to John. They all have a chance to say they love her. Belle smiles at her and notes they need her to make things better and she needs to marry John. Marlena smiles. John asks Kayla what they are facing. Kayla can only say she has a chance with all their love and prayers. Meanwhile Eric praises his mother for helping him come back from his darkest hours. Now it is her turn to come back for them. He kisses her forehead and she closes her eyes. Will says hi and she opens her eyes. He praises her for accepting and loving him just the way he was. Then he remembers her encouragement and begs her to come back. He whispers he can remember everything and what a wonderful woman she is. Marlena’s blue eyes widen upon hearing his big news ...

Brady claims there is nothing new and denies to Paul he heard from Kristen. He asks about Marlena and lies he is headed to the hospital. Paul will come with. Brady wants him to stay at the station for anything new. He leaves and Paul watches him ... Belle is against it but John allows Sami a moment with her mother. She gushes she loves her and Marlena looks up at her girl. Sami believes she inherited her stubborn streak and is sorry she screwed up again. She regrets she ruined the wedding but wanted to stop Kristen. She weeps she has to be alright and she loves her. She sobs she is sorry and John hugs her in understanding. Rafe notes they need to go to the station. John looks down at doc again and they exchange a look of love ... Paul takes a look at Kristen's photo at the station and gets to thinking ... Brady arrives at his destination ... John tells doc this is not goodbye. He urges her to hang in and come back to her loved ones. He will be here to catch her for all the days of their lives. Then he kisses her and tells Kayla to take care of his bride. She will and he watches her disappear from view. He walks into the room she had occupied, holds the blood stained wedding dress to his face, and raises his eyes to the heavens, weeping and waiting for their next miracle ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, August 28