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Monday, August 27, 2018
Episode 13,408
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric tries to get Sami’s gun as Kristen confuses her about EJ and urges her to shoot. The gun goes off ... Will loves that he remembers. Sonny does too and they kiss at the club. Sonny’s dream has come true cos Will is back! They hug and Sonny closes his eyes ... Hope and Rafe are at the station discussing Eli arresting a dealer. They now discuss Ben as Hope needs to nail him. Rafe is appalled anyone would let him stay at the loft. They now note the royal wedding is happening. Hope smiles they must have been pronounced man and wife by now. Alas Marlena has been shot in the chest. Eric has Sami under control and cannot believe it. Paul, John and Kayla rush to Marlena, who is out cold. Steve stands in stunned silence. Kristen now has the gun and taunts the terrified crowd. She praises Sami, who gasps it was an accident. Eric holds his drugged sister. Kristen taunts Sami about her intel on EJ and claims she has no time. She waves the gun around, grabs Claire as a hostage and hisses she will see Marlena in hell as she leaves. Belle and Shawn are horrified. As doctors Val and Kayla attend to her, John whispers to the woman he loves to hold on. Brady wants to go after Kristen with Shawn. Belle follows. John tells Samantha Jean to stay back as she sobs. Jen goes to her side and John returns to sweetheart. Paul goes to find Will as he has a bad feeling ... Sonny’s dream has come true. Will finally fell into his arms! Will is sorry for the past. Sonny promises no pressure and gushes he is so happy. Will pauses. Sonny starts to kiss him again. Will suddenly states this is impossible. Sonny’s face falls ... Rafe and Hope are ready to go to the royal wedding reception. He suspects Sami might show up. Hope admits it would be uneasy but wants to be there for their friends ... Sami cries for her mawm to wake up and then cries to Eric, who promises it will be alright. Marlena manages a slight gasp to John and asks if he is alright. He assures her they are alright and she will be. The ambulance siren grows louder and they exchange I love yous. Then her eyes close and he implores her to stay with him ... Paul soon sees Steve sitting alone. Eve has found the phones. Steve leaves for the hospital to join his friends and family. Paul pouts Will has no phone so he cannot contact him ... Will points out he is expected at the wedding and Paul must wonder where he went. He stammers he has to go back. Sonny stammers but he remembers their love and asks what this means. For him, for Paul and for them ...

Belle finds Claire outside. Alas Claire twisted her ankle so Kristen luckily left her behind. Shawn and Brady arrive, relieved. Claire points them in the direction Kristen went ... Now at the hospital Sami assures Eric and Jen the drugs have worn off and pulls her hair back. Eric assures her the doctors are looking after Marlena. She remembers EJ looked like that once and cries Kristen claimed he was alive! She only found dead ends and asks brother Eric whether he believes it ... In Emergency John stands by the woman he loves as the doctors do their best and urges her to fight. Abe places a supportive arm around his shoulders ... Belle sits Claire down as Brady and Shawn return. Brady praises Eve for finding the phones. Brady and Eve head to the station. Shawn and Belle are with Claire and refuse to leave her. Shawn tells Belle to go to her mom cos he is here for Claire. Belle kisses her and goes ... Will has no answer about the future right now. Sonny gets it and takes his hand. Will starts to speak but ‘Susan’ rushes in, rambling about Kristen, relieved to see him. She trembles in terror ... Hope admits she and Sami have not spoken since their affair came out. Perhaps one day they will. Brady and Eve race into the station. Brady tells the cops to take out an APB on Kristen, who crashed the wedding. Marlena was shot ... by Sami ... Eric reminds Sami that Kristen is a liar. She gasps she got a lot of details about EJ’s death right and reminds him of Will. Eric refers to Will as a miracle. Jen now updates them on the status of the Salem patient. Sami worries it is taking too long ... Steve gets an update from Abe, who tells him Marlena is being prepared for surgery. Abe heads to the station. Steve updates John on Claire being okay. He tells his pal that gal is tough just like her grandma who will make it and puts his arm around him. John nods and watches his sleeping beauty in her hospital bed ...

Rafe and Hope hear about Kristen’s claim that EJ was alive and also that Sami shot Marlena. Brady notes she was drugged. Rafe heads to the hospital ... Susan insists to Sonny and Will that Kristen stole her dress and locked her in the freezer. Luckily a cook found her. Will states he just saw her at the wedding. Susan screams that was already Kristen cos Kristen confronted her at the club when she was holding her lookalike Marlena bridal Barbie. Susan was stunned when the vampire produced a knife. Will wonders whether she stabbed her. No but she stabbed the Marlena doll. Will wants to go warn everyone but Susan begs him stay. Sonny offers to stay with her so Will goes to play the hero. Sonny gallantly gives the jumpy loon his jacket ... Sami insists on staying at the hospital with Eric until they hear mawm is alright. She did not mean to hurt her. Eric understands. But not Belle, who warns Sami her blood will be on HER hands. Jenny stands behind Belle in silence ...

Back at the station Brady updates Eve on Marlena being stabilized for surgery. She tells him she is in good hands. Brady is baffled as Kristen was not always like this. Eve goes to call Theresa in case she has something in store for her in California. Brady sadly sighs ... Sonny has taken Susan home to the Kiriakis mansion and makes her tea. She sips it and he wants to go to Will but she stops him, still scared of the vampire. Sonny gallantly remains. She tells him no need to worry about Will who has a hunk of burnin love to look after him ... Paul ends a call with Kate and promises to let her know when he has reached Will. Nearby Shawn helps Claire stand and takes her home. The cops make notes. Will now approaches Paul, who hugs him in relief. Will wonders where all the wedding guests went ... Belle screams at Sami as Eric asks her to calm down. Sami counters it was an accident. Belle dares her to swear so on EJ’s life, screams she is a selfish beech and slaps her. Eric jumps between the two and tells Belle this was not the time! He suggests Sami go for a walk. Before she does she swears she would never want to hurt their mother. Belle angrily walks the other way ... At the station Brady gets a call from Eve’s phone but it is really Kristen calling him ...

Susan gushes about Will’s good meeeeeean. Sonny sadly listens. Susan states her own Elvis Jr does not swing that way but she loves that Will found love with Paul. Sonny’s face falls ... Paul updates Will on Kristen crashing the wedding so Will updates him on Susan. Will is now horrified to hear his own mother shot Marlena ... Rafe comes to see Sami, who throws her arms around him, relieved to see a friendly face. Alas he is here not to support her but to haul her to the station ... Kayla informs John they might have Marlena stable for surgery. All of a sudden beep beep beep beep! John begs his baby to hang in there. The soap queen continues to sleep ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, August 27