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Friday, August 24, 2018
Episode 13,407
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will comes face to face with Sonny outside, his matrimonial memories having returned. Sonny takes in his teary eyes ... Meanwhile mayhem hits John and Marlena’s wedding when Sami staggers in screaming not to marry him. She falls to the floor. The guests gasp in unison. Susan/Kristen gets a gun from her bag ... Sonny can see Will is crying and wonders why he left the wedding. Will wants water so Sonny follows ... Abe helps Sami stand. Marlena suspects she is drunk. Sami hyperventilates she will die. Kayla looks confused. The bride and groom are bewildered. Sami babbles she figured out HER plan and got away. Eric tries to remove her. Kayla wants to take her to ER. Sami gasps she got drugged. John needs a name. Sami goes looking through the seats, then screams and points the finger at Susan. They struggle ... Sonny is now at the club with Will, who has his water. Sonny is worried but Will replies he is fine. Sonny can see he is upset as he is looking away. He knows him so well and takes his hand, tenderly telling him to trust in him. Will admits he remembered their wedding and looks him directly in the eye. Sonny whispers wow. Will agrees with the wow. Sonny is overcome as Will updates him on Marlena’s happiness making him remember. He hastily excuses himself. Sonny says please don’t go cos they have been waiting for this. Will reasons he must return to the wedding or they will wonder. Sonny sighs he means Paul and wishes he would confide in him. Sonny can feel that Will remembers exactly how he felt about him when they were wed ... Eric tries to get Sami away as she accuses Susan of trying to kill the bride. She rages this is no Susan ...

Will insists he still loves Paul but admits he remembered. Sonny wishes he would not run from his past. Will confides it happened when he was looking at Marlena. He suddenly saw her as the grandmother he loved for years and remembered all the love at their wedding, including the love from Sonny. Sonny cries as he adds he also felt his own love for Sonny. They both remember Will’s heartfelt vows from that day, how happy they were as they exchanged rings and hearts. As long as they both shall live. Marlena then praised their love and bond to bring them joy for all the days of our lives. Then they were pronounced husbands for life. Will repeats those words. Sonny smiles and hopes he also remembers ... Will does remember the kiss and gets closer ... Paul searches for something in his pocket. Susan calls Sami a liar so Sami shoves her and reveals a blonde woman under the dark wig. Kristen. The fake teeth go flying. John gasps oh my God. Marlena stares at her adversary. KRISTEN! Kristen taunts the crowd that Kristen DiMera is back. Silence ...

Kristen gets the gun from her bag and lets the crowd know she is ready to use it! Eric asks to take Sami to the doctor. Kristen claims she will bounce back from the drugs just like he did. Shawn holds Belle whispering about the basket of phones so she warns no whispering. She gushes how great there is no chance of backup. Brady soap stares. Eve has her hand on her mouth. Steve starts to rush her so Kristen fires a warning shot that breaks a vase. Marlena muses she is back from the dead just like Stefano. Kristen scoffs does John still call her doc and cackles about their vows. John drawls what does she want? She sneers ask Sami. Marlena realizes she is after revenge on her. Kristen leers and it becomes clear she does not plan to let her live ... Sonny asks if Will is alright. Will grins he got all his memories back of their wedding, even his memory of mama Sami and those words - that they were worth fighting for. He repeats them to Sonny now ... John states Kristen survived and suggests she put the gun down. Abe advises her to let her vendetta go. She hisses they would not. Marlena promises not to press charges. Kristen angrily accuses her of sending her to her death and she wants payback on this her wedding day. She wants her DEAD. She aims the gun at her. John stands by his woman. The guests all gasp ... Sami staggers up to her mother muttering she was right to stop the wedding and stands in front. Kristen orders her out of the way. Sami refuses to let her kill her mother. Brady steps forward and sternly suggests Kristen could stop this. She gushes it is good to see him ...

Will remembers how Sami took some time to come around and how Lucas and Sonny’s mom took time to accept them being together. Then they all supported them. Will also remembers being a kid who wanted the perfect family though there is no such thing as family perfection. Sonny calls perfection boring. Will chuckles his parents are anything but boring. He feels badly for not forgiving Sami. Sonny gets why he was like that. But Sami loves him which was why she did crazy things like getting Ben to attack him to trigger his memory. She loves him fiercely. Will smiles he loves her fiercely as well ... Brady reminds Kristen how she stole a baby that was not hers and became obsessed with revenge. She could have had it all as they were close to adopting. She reminds him he changed his mind and he shouts she should remember why. She rages it was because of what she did to Eric, who starts to creep up behind her. She turns and warns Eric he just made a monumental mistake. Sami shakes her shaggy head ...

Kristen decides to take them all down in a bloodbath. Abe warns there would be witnesses. Kristen now blasts Eric for believing in Brady the betrayer. She asks scared Eve how her sister is. She decides as a DiMera she is satisfied to simply ruin the happiness of her enemies. She orders Sami to get out of the way. Sami says no. Kristen announces Sami will do the shooting and throws her the gun ... Will has a long list of the loved ones he remembers and gets emotional about meeting Ari for the first time. He also remembers it was nutty Nick who placed his sweet baby in his arms. Sonny is all smiles. Will remembers their daughter ... Sami cannot believe what Kristen wants her to do. Kristen tells her John can die instead and Marlena will watch. She taunts Sami for how she caught them together as a kid and their family was torn apart. Sami refuses cos she loves her mom who loves John. Kristen adds and Sami loves EJ and he is alive. Drugged Sami gets more confused by the Salem second. Kristen lies she will let her see him. Sami does not believe her and threatens to shoot Kristen. She knows EJ was shot and died. Kristen, however, claims she injected EJ at the hospital and he survived. She will share all the details but Sami does not believe her. Kristen argues Will survived just as EJ did ... Sonny is grateful that Will called Ari their daughter. Will admits he actually remembers his whole life and it is the best feeling. He gazes at Sonny and remembers when they kissed after the wedding with those words. They get closer in the now and kiss for real ... Back at the wild wedding, Paul fears Kristen did something to Will. Kristen keeps going about EJ and offers to let Sami see him if she shoots John. Marlena tells Sami not to. Eric asks for the gun. Kristen repeats to pull the trigger or she will never see EJ again. Sami turns. Eric jumps behind her. The gun goes off with a BANG ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 24