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Thursday, August 23, 2018
Episode 13,406
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve and John are ready and waiting for the wedding to begin. Steve teases the groom about the eye makeup. John stammers he has screwed this up before but this day will be different. Steve now notices Kayla speaking with Paul. Eric and Brady join John and the jokes flow. John tries to play it cool. Nearby Jen fusses with the flowers and Eve antagonizes her. Jen wonders why she would dare wear white. Eve calls the color pearl. Brady and Eric come to escort them to their places. Steve helps sweetness with a corsage and she thanks him for everything. Shawn the photographer interrupts and asks Kayla for assistance. Abe now bears news for John and Steve. The bride is nowhere to be seen! Meanwhile at the club crazy Susan removes the knife from Barbie Marlena’s back. Will enters and hopes she is alright. She hides her knife and holds up the Marlena doll she made. Will politely explains John asked him to check things were ready for the reception. She ominously states it will be a wedding they will never forget. But she is sorry Will cannot remember his wedding to Sonny. He smiles he likes his new life and Paul. Susan sighs she does not even have a date for this wedding so nice guy Will offers to escort her ...

At the square wedding venue Paul gets a call from Will, who is on his way. John leaves doc another anxious message. Jen informs Eric that Rafe and Hope went to the windy city on business. Eric assumes it is important. Val arrives and updates John on Marlena’s driver getting a flat tire. Val picked her up. John thanks her and hugs her. Claire asks for the cell phones in a basket as per the bride’s request. Abe tells Claire to take her place so she agrees when Susan offers to watch those cell phones. Will and Paul gush the other looks great and kiss ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion devastated Sonny remembers his wedding to Will ... As Susan hobbles to her seat Claire plays her guitar and starts to sing a romantic little song. Steve looks at Kayla as she approaches to say she loves him and she will share her secret after the ceremony. Then she takes her place as matron of honor. The song ends. Here comes the glittery blonde bride. No bridal barbie could ever capture her beauty! Marlena smiles at the man she loves, who is waiting for her with stars in his roguish eyes ...

The guests stand as the wedding march plays. Eric and Brady escort radiant Marlena to her romantic groom. Love is in the air. The music stops and she apologizes for being late. John gushes she is worth the wait and she teases he looks perfect despite the shiner. Nothing escapes her! Abe announces this is a celebration of love and Paul smiles at Will ... Sonny flashes back to marrying Will and takes their wedding photo out of the frame. He then departs with determined footsteps ... Susan bawls as Abe begins. John and Marlena’s eyes sparkle as Abe proceeds to join them back into holy soap matrimony. Will is summoned to read a Shakespearian sonnet chosen by Marlena about love. He adds a few words from the heart about the love he now knows to exist even without all his memories. Love to him is a moment in time. A precious heartbeat ... Sonny heads to the pub to drown his sorrows and takes out his wedding pic with Will. He asks Roman for tequila. Roman notices the picture. Sonny sadly states today he has to say goodbye to the love of his life ... Back at the ceremony, Will has high praise for John, Marlena and love. He suddenly has a flashback of Marlena at his and Sonny’s wedding saying the same words he just spoke about love and commitment. WILL REMEMBERS! Marlena senses something. Will goes to sit back down. Paul wonders what happened up there ... Sonny updates Roman on Will rejecting him for Paul ... Will fibs to Paul he just feels dizzy and walks off. Now it is Paul’s turn to speak. His words are from Goethe, 18th century poet, who wrote that the true season of love is when we believe our love is unique. Marlena smiles by her man. Meanwhile Will is outside hyperventilating, assuring himself his memory changes nothing. But then he remembers more about his wedding to Sonny, how happy they were. He sits down, shaken by the way he feels ...

Time for John and Marlena’s vows. She gushes she loves John, who is her life, her love, her trusted confidant, her hero, her everything. He wipes a tear from his eye as she notes love has no rules, it is a leap of faith, a show of courage. He nods ... Will weeps and calls what is happening to him crazy. He now remembers Sonny’s vows to him. Meanwhile Sonny is reciting those very vows at the pub. Their life together was the greatest adventure of his life. Roman returns to the bar, sorry they are outta the good stuff. He praises Sonny for making him lose his backward ideas when he got together with Will. Sonny wishes they had made it. Roman knows Will cheated and things did not work but he is proud to know him! Sonny lets out a long sigh and tells Will’s picture he had his heart once before. He blames his own pride for getting in the way and realizes he was wrong ... Marlena cries she is crazy for John and vows to stay with him on the crazy adventure of their love for every day of her life. He caresses her cheek and tells her how she takes his breath away. It took too long for them to get here again! He admits his secret agent life has taken him far away for long but his heart is always with her ... Sonny takes a drink and remembers Will’s vows. Meanwhile Will weeps and recites those very vows. He gasps oh my God as he remembers loving Sonny ...

John assures doc his days of spy games are over and she is stuck with him! In this crazy world they are blessed to have found their own crazy love. Brady beams, proud of his papa, who tells Marlena he will be mad about her forever and that’s a fact! Then he kisses her ... John and Marlena are ready to exchange rings. Abe asks John if he takes Marlena ... as long as they both shall live. He declares he does and slips the ring on her finger ... Still outside, Will stands up and tries to keep it together. Then he recalls his declaration of love for Sonny on their special day. He turns and there stands Sonny for real. Their eyes lock ... Abe asks Marlena if she takes John to be her lawful wedded husband but before she can reply disheveled Sami rushes in and falls down, gasping she cannot marry him! The guests soap stare at the strange sight. Susan slyly reaches into her bag ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 23