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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Episode 13,405
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...



John is in his suit with Steve and Abe, ready to wed. They take their places and the music begins. Steve suddenly asks sweetness what she is hiding. John agrees with her they should wait. Val arrives and announces she will sing up where we belong for John and Marlena. Abe stops her and says to wait until their own wedding. John cannot wait to wed doc! Steve has seen her and grins here she comes. Marlena is walked down the aisle by brothers Eric and Brady. Belle smiles and takes a seat. Abe says to speak now or forever hold your peace and starts to make jokes about the many Salem wedding interruptions. Pause. John takes Marlena until death do they part and Marlena takes John until death do they part. A man with a bandaged face appears and exclaims NO. Then he removes the bandages and informs Marlena that HE happens to be the real John Black. Marlena soap stares at her groom from behind her veil. Roman insists he is John and notes no one knows who that John imposter is. John drawls not to believe him cos he is her John Black forever. She stands beside Roman and announces she is no Marlena, she happens to be Hattie! Roman swears not to let her outta his sight and she gives her sirloin a kiss. John leaves with the doc Barbie. Marlena now wakes up with a NO to her ...


Now fully awake, Marlena assures herself all is well. Susan suddenly bursts into her room to parade her outfit for the wedding ... At the pub Eric and Roman discuss the damage that was done to John not from a dancer but by a pitcher ... John is with Abe, Steve and Brady in his room, stressing over his black blue and now purple eye. He doubts he can get married on this day after all ... At the loft Claire has her song on her mind as she opens her door to dad Shawn, who demands to see Ben. Claire assures him she is alright and wonders where he found out. Belle walks in, having heard the news from Marlena and reminds her Ben is a crazy killer. Belle notes Marlena does not agree. Belle shouts she wants nothing to go wrong before the wedding and walks out. Father faces determined daughter ... Brady and Steve try to talk John out of changing the date. Abe announces he knows who can help. Back at the club Val finds the Barbie doll that Marlena left behind. Kayla agrees Susan and her present seemed strange, not to mention her later reveal that the upside down lovers’ card was a bad omen. Val is not a superstitious sort. Kayla now remembers her own wedding when Abe also officiated. Steve has always kept their story of love alive. Val marvels no man could have been happier than Steve was that day. Devotion was in the air! She smiles Steve and Kayla seem to share everything. Kayla woefully shakes her head ... Susan convinced the maid to let in Marlena’s old friend. Marlena makes nice for the nut and the nut notes she is nervous. She was not trying to upstage her. Marlena now sighs she had a nightmare. Susan acts apologetic and assures her she will not try to take her man like before. Marlena knows she is different now. Susan refers to mean mean Kristen and boasts she told her she was mean when she came to see her in hospital. Marlena blanches as Kristen has long been believed dead ...

At the pub Eric sips his coffee and is sorry it did not work out with Anna. Roman tells him he still had a good time and was happy to help the good woman. He now wants to know Eric and Jen’s wedding date. Eric suggests he get ready for this wedding but Roman reveals he does not intend to attend ... Weepy Kayla claims to Val and Belle she just gets emotional and asks about Shawn. Belle states he is trying to talk sense into Claire as they speak and Steve must be upset about Tripp. Kayla admits he did not confide in her. Belle is surprised since Steve and Kayla usually share everything. Val now gets a summons from Abe about a secret mission ... Susan insists to Marlena that on New Year’s Kristen came to see her in Memphis. Marlena asks what she said. Susan saw her through a cloud. Creepy music plays and Marlena tries to tell her her mind was playing tricks. Susan swears on Elvis' grave that she knows what she saw and Kristen DiMera walks the earth ... Shawn worries about Claire, who assures him she is alright. He notes she did not have an easy year and wishes she was more connected with her folks who have to be far away. He gathers she is no longer a little girl but that is how she is in his heart. Claire hugs him and promises she is forever his little girl ... Belle and Kayla come to Marlena’s room and find disagreeing doc and Susan who have different beliefs about Kristen being dead - or not. Marlena makes Susan realize it might have been the meds. Susan starts to say the lovers’ card was ... Kayla interrupts and sends Susan to check on the center pieces at Doug’s Place. Today is a day to celebrate John and Marlena’s timeless love. They are as timeless as the hourglass ... Belle laughs when the loon is gone. Marlena is surprised to hear that Val had a mysterious appointment. Meanwhile Val checks out John’s shiner and announces to anxious Abe she has an idea but will be needing assistance ...

Eric wonders why avoid the wedding. Roman thinks it is too awkward for an ex to show up at the wedding so he will sit this one out. Eric sighs Sami too, but she said she was staying away cos of Hope and Rafe. Just as well since it is bad enough Susan is in Salem. Sami still holds a grudge against that one ... Kayla assures Marlena that Susan meant well. Belle finds it funny that Kayla asked the least centered person to center the centerpieces ... Brady comes into the club and surprises Susan, who calls Sami mean for not coming to Marlena’s wedding. She boasts Kayla wants her to center all centerpieces. Brady humors her and looks for the makeup bag Val left. Susan keeps busy centering all the hourglasses. Brady finds the makeup bag and goes ... Belle gives Marlena a something new charm for luck from John. Kayla has something old and borrowed for the bride. Tis a lace hanky. The something blue was supposed to be from Carrie. Belle suggests they get the blue from the Barbie. Alas it was left at the club. Marlena worries Susan will be upset. Meanwhile Susan bumps a table and the Marlena bridal Barbie falls to the floor ... Eric, Steve and Abe are amused by Val giving John a makeover. Brady brings the stuff so she ushers the groom into the bathroom where there is better lighting. Brady solemnly updates Steve, Eric and Abe on Susan and the center pieces. He has a bad feeling about the woman who could still be dangerous ...

Kayla and Belle have a bad feeling about Susan. Marlena explains her ex patient was suffering and got help after she lost EJ. She poses no threat and neither does Kristen cos she knows she is dead just as Susan is harmless ... Susan wonders whether the Marlena doll she made was left on purpose. She gets herself worked up about Dr. Marlena leaving her doll like garbage and now tells Barbie she might have been acting nice. It might not have been real after all ... Brady believes Susan is bonkers. Steve states they must respect Marlena’s wishes. Val now emerges from the bathroom to present new improved John. The former pawn looks PERFECT. The guys applaud the man and his makeup artist. Brady is sorry to tell his father that Marlena is letting Susan attend the wedding. John cannot believe it and calls his beloved. She answers with a smile and he sighs Brady said she invited Susan the unhinged. Marlena notes it was not really an invite but she believes she is stable as does her doctor. Let her have a little happiness! John praises her big heart. But back at the club the Marlena doll is face down on the wedding party table, a knife stuck in her back ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, August 22