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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Episode 13,404
1550 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will is on his computer on the bed when Paul tosses him a baseball. Of course he catches. Paul gushes they have got papa John’s baseball themed bachelor party. He now asks about Ted. Will tells him Kate paid him so it is over ... A weird woman walks toward Will's door ... Steve runs into sweetness at the hospital. She is headed to Marlena’s bachelorette party. He updates her on tracking down Bonnie and stops her when she starts to leave. He begs her to open up to him cos he knows his baby's got a secret ... Claire flower arranges and gives Brady decorating orders at the club. Eve and Jen keep bumping one another. Eric asks Brady whether Claire is always so bossy. She smiles she also has a surprise for Marlena ... John helps Marlena on with her necklace. She teases he has to stay at the Salem Inn tonight since he is not supposed to see his bride before the big day. He coolly assures her all will go well. She now gets a call that exasperates her ... Steve asks Kayla about the bad situation that has her baby blues so troubled. He wishes she would let him help. Val flounces by in her fuchsia mini and Kayla leaves with her, promising Steve they will speak later ... Marlena is sorry to report to John that Carrie’s son Noah is sick so they cannot attend the wedding. No Carrie and now no Sami for the marriage! John promises it will be a perfect day and talks true love. Marlena muses the Marlena doll maker paid attention to every detail. John promises not to let Steve pour too many drinks at his stag and passionately kisses her ... Paul is impressed that Kate paid and Will wants to pay her back. They exchange I love yous and a kiss. Then they hear a noise at the door. Paul opens it to bat crazy Susan Banks, who toothily grins she is back ...

Pretty in pink Claire confesses she has wedding fever and hopes to catch the bouquet. Eve advises her to wait for the one who loves her more than anyone and asks Jen if that is right. Eric hugs Jen and agrees. Brady asks Eve for a word alone and blasts her for the catty behavior with Jen. Eric tells him it is time to go to John’s party. Brady wants to drive Eve home so she does not cause trouble for Marlena’s bachelorette first. She smiles she will be on her best behavior ... Will wonders whether Susan escaped. She stammers she is sane and has come to make amends and apologize. Will asks where Roger is. Busy at Graceland. She takes a deep breath and tells Will this is not easy. She officially apologizes for trying to turn him into EJ. Will does not hold any grudge. She throws her arms around him in relief. Will explains he now has to attend John’s bachelor party. Susan claims to be happy he and Marlena are remarrying and also hopes to apologize to Marlena. Will states not today since she is having her bachelorette at Doug’s Place. Susan smiles again ... At Doug’s Place, Claire, Jen, Eve, Kayla and Val all raise their glasses to Marlena the happy bride-to-be. Jen announces they will all be painting lilacs, which are Marlena’s favorite flower. Kate could not come and Hope, Marlena sighs, is cross with her. Eve freaks when she hears psycho Ben is living at the loft and Marlena supports his bid to be considered sane. Claire interrupts the almost spat and now the surprise guest arrives. Tis Belle, who came halfway around the world for the big day. She grins hellooooooo. Marlena happily hugs her daughter who came a day early. Shawn arrives tomorrow. Belle asks about Carrie and Sami. Marlena wonders whether she knows why Sami is not coming. Belle has had no contact for a while. Marlena muses she claimed she could not face Rafe and Hope. Belle doubts it and also doubts it was about John cos he and Roman have been good for years ...

At the pub bartending Roman wants John to know he is happy for him and doc. John vows to take care of her. Roman grins he knows he is a good man. Meanwhile casual Abe praises brothers Brady and Eric for being close again cos it means much to John. Time to play darts ... Will arrives and informs John that Susan Banks is back to apologize. He asked her not to bother Marlena ... Pretty Belle asks pretty Claire for an update on her life. Eve makes a snide remark. Marlena takes out the Barbie and asks if any of them sent her this mini replica of her first wedding with John. Eve thinks someone would have to be crazy. Enter Susan on cue, gushing that Dr. Evans got her gift! She hopes she liked it. Marlena is less than thrilled to hear she already saw Will. Susan thanks her for making her get help. Val gives Kayla a look, wondering who the wacko is. Susan also apologizes for turning Will into EJ. Marlena assures her it is alright. Susan loves to paint and invites herself to stay so long as Sami is not here. Marlena notes she could not make it. Susan would looooooove to attend the wedding and gives well mannered Marlena no chance to say no ...

Steve hits a bullseye. John credits his bionic eye. Paul and John are now off to play ball. Will stays behind at the pub. Roman notices Will seems to be drowning his sorrows in beer. He is here to listen. Will laments Sonny said he loves him but he loves Paul. Roman probes. Will sighs he feels badly about not telling Paul cos it is nothing. Roman questions him on that. Will insists it was nothing. Roman tells him all will be forgotten in time if it really was nothing ... Paul and John toss a baseball back and forth at the square. John wishes doc was not so worried about bad luck. Paul can relate. John asks to catch one of his 100 mile an hour fast balls like in the big leagues. Paul grins and obliges but Abe calls out to John and he turns his head. Bang! The ball hits him on the eye and he falls down with a groan ... Susan admires Claire’s art and adds it feels like old times with Marlena,like when they were in the secret room. Eve gets catty with Jen. Marlena joins Kayla, who softly admits she has not spoken to Steve. Marlena suggests she speak to him. Susan sits herself down and urges Kayla to pick a tarot card. She refuses so Susan selects one and states she is keeping as secret from her husband ... The guys tend to John at the pub. He makes light of his shiner. Roman gets the ice and calls him slugger. John gasps doc is gonna kill him ... Kayla suggests Susan give someone else a turn at the tarot cards. Claire jumps at the chance – until she is dealt the dreaded death card. Val points out it really means renewal. The gals breathe a sigh of relief and Susan makes Marlena select a card. She gets the lovers! Marlena smiles she has a good feeling about tomorrow. Super couples overcome bad luck and that’s a fact. Meanwhile John complains to Steve that doc cannot see him like this ... Marlena graciously thanks all her guests and bids them a good night. Kayla calls Jen’s art gorgeous and Eve taunts she is picture perfect. Jen pouts to Eve to stop pushing or she will blow it with Brady. Eve taunts not to test her or else Jen and Eric will implode ... Mama Belle quietly asks Claire why Eve made a comment when she asked what was new in her life. Claire suddenly excuses herself ...

Crazy Susan sings here come the bride to the Marlena Barbie she made and makes her fly away ... In his Salem Inn room, John gets bad ideas from Steve who suggests a few shots to make him feel better. He ices his eye. Knock knock tis Marlena! John states they were not supposed to see one another until tomorrow. She wants to say goodnight cos she is done being superstitious and hopes to hold him one more time. He opens the door. Marlena soap stares at the sight ... Jen asks Kayla whether she has told Steve her secret. No but she asks about Jen, who feels guilty for her secret. Kayla suggests she keep her secret for the greater good. Brady and Eric now arrive. Eric praises Jen’s art and she asks to go out for ice cream alone. Eve looks worried ... Back at the pub Paul, Abe and Will feel badly for John. But Abe is looking forward to pronouncing the perfect pair husband and wife forever this time ... Marlena innocently wonders why John is wearing Steve’s patch over his eye. John laughs he lost a bet. She admits she is over her superstitious worry and they kiss in bliss cos nothing could go wrong ... But back at the club Susan gasps the lovers card was actually upside down, which really means this marriage is doomed. Kayla lets out a little sigh ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, August 21