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Monday, August 20, 2018
Episode 13,403
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the loft Tripp confirms to horrified Hope that Ben lives there now. Claire notes it was Ciara’s idea. Hope gasps why. Ciara replies to protect him from HER ... Steve updates Adrienne as he has apprehended Bonnie Lockhart aka her imposter. He taunts the colorful broad in cuffs at the station to say hello on the telephone ... Sonny gushes to Will he does not want them to end ... Kate pulls a gun on terrible Ted instead of the cash. She calmly claims she will kill him for his deception. Ted tries to talk her down and doubts the diva is a killer. She leers she let Vivian have it with this very gun ... Will looks down. Sonny argues they are a great team and he cannot give him up. Will agrees they were a great team. As friends. Sonny still loves him. Will stops him from getting closer with a hand on his chest ... Ciara blasts mama Hope for trying to make Ben leave Salem. Hope whispers he is a threat and she believes he set the fire. Ciara wishes she would leave them alone. Tripp agrees with Hope. Claire tells Tripp to stay out of it. Ciara accuses Hope of being the one at fault. Ben watches, still standing behind her ... Steve warns Bonnie she will be locked up for killing a man and ripping people off. Bonnie wants him to believe she was innocent as Angelica recruited her and tries to make a pass. Steve stands up with a whew and leaves the pink terror ... Ted knows Kate was struggling with Vivian but she warns him she might have set it up so she could shoot and kill her arch enemy. Ted starts to sweat in his designer suit ...

Drums play. Hope and Ciara continue to clash. Hope thinks Weston wanted her daughter dead but Ciara and Ben both insist he saved her. Ciara will not change her mind. Mama Hope warns her daughter she is tragically mistaken ... Kate taunts Ted she had much to gain by offing Viv for causing her grief just like Ted. She hisses why should she hand over her deceased husband’s money after what he did to her grandson. This is a cleaner solution ... Sonny did not intend to make Will feel uneasy. Will is sorry and admits they did get closer but he feels as a friend not a lover. They can co-parent Ari but no more. He apologizes if he misunderstood. Sonny the good guy praises him for his honesty. Will tells him he does care but does not love him, he loves Paul. Nothing will change that. Sonny’s face falls ... Steve leaves sweetness a heartfelt message so they can continue their conversation. Adrienne rushes in, anxious to see Bonnie the broad. She wants her locked up a long time and asks to see her alone. Steve agrees to wait outside. Adrienne now goes in to face the pink crook and leers long time no see. Bonnie stops smiling ...

John and Marlena return home and he wonders about her silence. She was remembering Hattie and hopes she will not show up to ruin their wedding. John laughs and notes nothing and no one comes between the super couple. He gets frisky and suggests they have their own party instead of the bachelorette and bachelor party. She now opens a package she received and gasps in surprise ... The conflict continues at the loft. Hope finds out from Tripp that he is against Ben being there. Claire claims to be trying to bond with Ciara by supporting her and admits she owes Ben for not pressing charges after she bopped him on the head. Hope reminds her of Paige, whom he killed in cold blood. She suspects Ciara put pressure. She now threatens to go public to cause problems. Ciara snaps if she does then she is done with her! Ben smirks ... Steve paces with his coffee at the station and waits for Adrienne, who is alone with Bonnie, blinds drawn. Inside Adrienne blasts the felon for leaving her locked up just to settle a score. Bonnie sighs it was with old red. She now announces Hattie was the mastermind, who was after John Black and likely still is ... Marlena is surprised that someone gifted her with a Barbie wearing the same kind of wedding dress she was wearing when she first wed John. John reads the unsigned note wishing her luck. She wonders who would have done such a thing ... Bonnie is blasted for agreeing to work with Hattie. When she hears Adrienne chose Justin over Lucas she argues she must have helped her realize which one she loved. Adrienne cannot believe her audacity. Bonnie claims they are connected and suggests she help a sister out ... Sonny stammers he hopes he did not make Will feel awkward. Will appreciates his candor and calls him great. His eyes appear confused and he promises to be in touch when he hears from Kate. Then they hug and Sonny thanks him. Exit woeful Will. Sonny’s eyes reflect his own sorrow ...

Ted apologizes to Kate and claims the blackmail was only business. She counters it is concluded and shoves the gun to his cold heart. Ted starts to beg for his life ... Hope cannot believe Ciara would choose a killer over her. Ciara accuses her of trying to control her and orders her out. Hope accuses Ben of being smug. He gushes he is grateful for Ciara’s friendship. Tragic music plays. Hope hopes her daughter will discover the truth about him before it is too late. If only Bo were here! Ciara snaps to leave him out of it. Hope kisses her daughter and then declares she is officially re-opening the arson investigation ... Bonnie cries she has lost time with her babies and her grandbaby. She begs to go back to them. Adrienne says no way and suggests she tell her friends in Statesville hello cos she is gonna make her go away for life ... John examines the wedding doll and laughs it must be from an old guest who attended their first wedding. Marlena gasps it could be a threat and starts to check the guest list. She then realizes who it might have been ... Sonny sadly stares at his wedding pic with Will. Adrienne rushes in and announces Bonnie has been apprehended at long last ... Bonnie is trying to loosen her cuffs when Commissioner Hope pays her a visit at the station. She is having the escaped felon locked up. Bonnie demands a phone call in privacy and calls a contact. She begs for a favor and it is a doozie ... Outside Hope praises P.I. Steve for hauling Bonnie in. She now admits there was a development with Ben. They need to find a way to make him leave town ... Ciara gives Ben clean sheets for the couch. He is sorry about the strain this has put on her relationship with her mom. Ciara sighs she is wrong about him and goes to get him another pillow ... Tripp is still against him staying. Claire primly points out Ciara seems to feel passionate about it and flounces off. Tripp glares daggers at Ben as Ciara continues to fuss ...

Sonny does not look like he wants to celebrate about Bonnie and sighs Will let him know he does not feel the same way he does. Adrienne consoles her heartbroken son with a hug ... Kate takes a drink and savors the taste of victory, now alone. Then she calls Will and promises that Ted the terrible will bother them no more. She will call him again later. Will is grateful. She would do anything for him and places her gun back in the case. She sighs Ted should not have believed she would actually give him Andre’s money! She takes another drink like she needs it ... After a call, John updates Marlena on Hattie working in the warden’s office and denying sending the doll. She also wished her luck at the wedding. Marlena wonders then who sent it. John wishes she would stop thinking about it and gets frisky again. She giggles and puts the doll down as they head to the bedroom to kiss in bliss ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, August 20