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Friday, August 17, 2018
Episode 13,402
1390 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny remembers Leo’s blood being on the mantle. Adrienne enters and he gets spooked. She suspects he has Leo on his anxious mind. Sonny stammers Leo has left Salem. Adrienne feels the same frustration about Bonnie but Steve is getting close. Sonny agrees Steve can crack any case ... Kayla catches Steve with her phone and talks privacy. Steve holds up a pic of Ted and asks why she was spying on Kate DiMera... Kate gets a call from Ted who taunts he will be coming by for his money - or Sonny and Will will be charged. She notes he is whispering. Will now arrives asking Kate for an update. She tells him she is taking care of Ted. Will wants details ... At the station Ted suggests to Commissioner Hope to drop the arson case and cease her harassment of client Ben. Hope informs him she did drop said case ... Claire votes to keep killer Ben at the loft. Ciara is elated and thanks her. Tripp scoffs and wonders how she could do it. Claire looks up at him with her baby blues ... Steve has seen the pics in Kayla’s deleted photos. She begs him to drop it but he begs her to trust him. They can solve this together ... Tripp demands an explanation from Claire, who remembers suggesting to Marlena that Ciara being with Ben would free up Tripp for her! She now fibs Marlena insisted Ben was sane, hnece her vote. Ben promises to find another place of his own when he can but Tripp refuses to let the psycho stay one second ... Hope smiles and tells Ted she had a friendly discussion with Ben but he begs to differ. Furthermore, As far as he understands Ben is staying in Salem. The smile fades from Hope’s face fast ...

Adrienne gushes to Sonny that Steve is going to schedule a family dinner to celebrate his sight. She wonders what has him so preoccupied. Paul? No, Will. They have been busy co-parenting. She asks if they are getting back together ... Woman in green Kate tells Will she told Ted to drop the blackmail. However he holds all the cards so they have to pay him off. She is expecting a hefty transfer from Andre’s inheritance later today. Will promises to pay her back and promises Leo was an accident. She purrs she would understand if it had been on purpose and would still protect him. She is the master of such situations ... Kayla claims Steve has a vivid imagination but she cannot hide her lying eyes! He asks about the pictures of lawyer Ted with Kate, She stammers and he gets a call about a break on a case. When he comes back they will continue. He lets sweetness know he loves her. She loves him too ... Ciara tells Tripp that two to one means he lost! Tripp wonders what the girls’ folks would say. Ben insists he did not set the fire. Tripp wants a word alone with Ciara so they step into the hall. Claire blinks at Ben ...

Kayla sits at her desk deleting and destroying any remaining incriminating photos so Steve cannot see them. Marlena is surprised she did not speak to Stefan. She sighs he intercepted her and threatened to make Steve lose his sight if she did not do his bidding ... Sonny confesses to Adrienne he cannot fight that loving feeling for Will anymore! Sadly Will could not get any more serum so the memories on Will’s part will not come back. Adrienne advises him to keep the faith ... Will is grateful to Kate, who is glad she warned him about terrible Ted. Will believes she can do better anyway and hopes Ted gets his comeuppance ... Hope warns it would not be wise for Ben to go against their agreement. Ted tells her to let him stay free or she will be facing a lawsuit ... Ciara lays down the law with Ben about shower length, her vitamin water and more. He thanks her for letting him stay since she recently hit him on the head with a frying pan. She smiles she owed him and is sorry but Ben senses an ulterior motive ... Tripp gets Ciara is grateful to Ben but ... she dramatically declares it was the right thing to do. He questions what it means for their relationship ... Kayla needs to keep her secret so Steve can keep his sight. Marlena hears he found photos on her phone and already is aware she is not telling the truth ... Adrienne assures Sonny that Will is worth fighting for if he still feels a connection. Sonny confirms when they are together it feels real! Alas Will remembers them not and his heart belongs to Paul. Adrienne suggests the audacity of hope and urges him to tell Will the way he feels. Sonny sighs he has already made his life too complicated. Adrienne wonders what he means ... Kate is relieved that Will has made better relationship choices than her. He opens up about Paul assuming the worst about him spending time with Sonny so Sonny told him the truth. Kate reminds him he and Sonny share a rich history. Will does not remember. However, they have a stronger connection cos of the Leo drama but he loves Paul. Kate will contact the bank now. Will thanks her profusely. She calls his return to her life and the land of the living a gift. She would do anything for him and ominously states she will make sure terrible Ted never bothers him again. They hug. Will goes and she closes the door, waiting like a black widow ...

Claire confronts Ben for having feelings for Ciara. He makes light of it. Claire suggests he could have a chance with her cos she does not usually defend men the way she defends him. Their cabin time together sounds like more than friendship. Claire knows it and adds so does Tripp. Ben thinks she is mistaken as is Tripp. Claire tells him maybe they are right and he and Ciara could be together. Ciara returns and asks what is going on ... Marlena now shares her own worry with Kayla that her wedding will not be perfect. Kayla teases with John how could it not be perfect! Marlena smiles and wishes she could help her but Kayla believes this is a lose lose situation. If she tells Steve the truth she knows it will ruin their relationship ... Will returns to Sonny to say Kate will pay off Ted and make sure he never bothers them again. Sonny gushes he is going to pay her back when he gets back his CEO position. Will insists they are in it together. Sonny teases him for being stubborn and recalls a time things got heated at a restaurant. Will smiles it also sounds like Sonny is stubborn. Sonny admits he never gives up if something means enough to him ... Kate orders visitor Ted away from Will and Sonny. Ted understands. She taunts she tossed his box of belongings. He reaches for the briefcase before him, wanting his money, but she slams her well-manicured hand down on it ...

Claire claims she and new roomie Ben were just getting acquainted. Tripp agrees Ben can say for now since Ciara wants it that way. Hope comes in and cannot believe what she is hearing ... Kayla sighs to Marlena she senses Steve will somehow get his answers. He always does ... Steve calls Adrienne and tells her he her a souvenir from Chicago. He glances at overpainted Bonnie, who is sulking at the station ... Will believes it will all be over soon and is grateful Sonny saved him from Leo. Sonny smiles he has protected him too. Will now concludes their partnership is done. Violins play. Sonny the hopeful heart admits he does not want it to be over ... Kate opens the case for Ted and takes out a gun, which she now holds on him, turning the tables on the latest snake to grace her bed. She is plenty mad he messed with her family ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 17