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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Episode 13,401
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tripp happily returns Home and invites Ciara to the lake. She likes the sound of that but wants to wait. Ben walks out in a towel and gushes how good he feels. Meanwhile at the pub Steve meets John and teases him about his first trip down the aisle in the 80s, a period he loves. John wonders about Kayla’s explanation when Steve asked what she was withholding from him. Steve admits he doubts she told him everything ... Stefan sternly enters Kayla’s office and announces he will not leave until she gives him what he wants ... Chad checks the market on his iphone as Abigail gets off a call. She was hoping he was going to kiss her before Gabi came in ... At the station Rafe hauls Hope into a room to kiss her. He reminds her she is his wife and sneaks another kiss. Last night was wonderful. Hope tells him two weeks form tomorrow they do have a day off ... Chad quietly confirms what Abigail assumed. However he needs more time. She is visibly relieved but Gabi is eavesdropping ... Stefan demands Kayla hand over Abigail’s recent test results right here right now. He feels he is within his rights since he is the baby’s father. He threatens to make Steve lose his sight again by flipping his switch. Kayla warns him the results are only numbers. He assures her he only wants to be sure the baby is healthy. She states it is so he asks to see the ultrasound. Boy or girl? He then updates her on Chad walking out on his wife and her child. He suggests she protect Steve and do as she is told ...

Steve sighs Kayla claimed Jen told her something personal that was not hers to repeat. He knows differently and senses something is off. He wishes his wife would confide in him. John considers ... At the square cafe Marlena would like to converse with Claire the hopeless romantic about life at the loft. Claire complains that Ciara is all about Ben and is ignoring Tripp, who follows her around and ignores Claire. She admits she is not over him and tells Marlena how much Ben frightens her cos she thinks he set the cabin fire. Marlena does not agree ... Ben teases Tripp he used up his shampoo. Ciara explains the crowded shelter kicked him out. Tripp now tries to kick him out of the loft ... Abigail wants to keep talking to Chad after he is done with his work and agrees to let him see Thomas tomorrow. Gabi bursts in and tells Chad that Ari ... Abigail asks her to finish. Ari wants Chad to show her how to do a back flip on the trampoline. He leaves and Gabi pretends to be sorry for the interruption. Abigail assures her friend they are fine as friends. Gabi promises to push Chad back into moving home. Abigail appreciates it and exits ... Stefan decides to go simple and demands ALL Abigail’s medical records. Kayla is horrified. He wants to know more about her meds and mental health. He would not want his child’s health put at risk and knows no one wants alter Gabby back. Kayla claims it has nothing to do with Gabby. Stefan claims he only wants the best care for his child. Kayla feels the pressure and hands him the complete patient file. He promises to be back soon ...

John is convinced Kayla is just trying to protect Patch. He refers to keeping doc in the dark to keep her out of danger in the past. Steve vows to get the truth one way or another ... Marlena patiently points out people can change and Ben is trying hard. Claire concludes then Ciara can get together with him and scurries off, much to Marlena's surprise ... Ciara wants Ben to have some food before he goes. Tripp slams a cereal box and calls him a serial killer. Ciara counters this is her place too! Ben goes to dress. Tripp and Ciara clash. She suggests Hope and Tripp are being unfair cos Ben deserves a second chance. Tripp wants him out of town too. Ciara reasons he saved her, never hurt her, and swore under hypnosis he set no fire. Ben returns in his street clothes and says goodbye but Ciara blurts out to stay here ...

Abe interrupts reconciled and romantic Rafe and Hope. She promises to keep it professional at the station. The mayor is happy for them. He has come about the Weston case that was suddenly closed. Hope boasts she got Ben to leave town for good but Abe knows better. Ben spent the night at a Salem homeless shelter. He will be in touch as he is keeping tabs on him. Hope growls God help Ben if he has gone back on their deal ... Tripp tells Ben he knows Claire will also be against him moving in. But Claire arrives and considers ... Chad is relieved that Ben was spied leaving a Salem homeless shelter and sighs to Gabi it seems he is going away. Gabi now claims Abigail was cross about him spending more time with Ari than Thomas ... On a park bench Stefan sneaks a peek at Abigail’s file and sees the ultrasound photo. Abigail appears and asks what he has there. He closes her file in a hurry ...

Steve goes to see stressed Kayla at the office with a surprise lunch. She gives him a big hug. He asks about Stefan’s visit and assumes he was after something more than a donation. She denies it. He will help her if he is hounding her about Abigail’s baby. If she were in trouble she would tell him would she not? Kayla looks down ... Stefan lies he was looking at something related to business and notes Chad is still not with Abigail. She believes he will come around ... Chad stammers Abigail must know he misses Thomas and admits it will be hard to get over her anger toward him if that’s where they are headed. Gabi listens with glee ... Rafe and Hope find out Ben left the shelter and hope he is gone from the town too ... Tripp complains about his roommate inviting the serial killer to stay. He tells Ciara to give up cos Claire would never agree. Claire slyly smiles ... John joins Marlena at the square café. Along comes Abe. The mayor announces he managed to clear the town square for the ceremony. John marvels Belle and Shawn are coming all the way from Hong Kong. Marlena sighs Sami is not coming and Abe wonders why not ...

Kayla insists all is well and excuses herself to her rounds. Steve spies her phone and enters the code, which is their wedding date. He reads and wonders what the hell! Kayla comes in and catches him holding her phone ... Back at the park Abigail warns Stefan that all of their friends and family are on her and Chad’s side including Gabi. Stefan suggests he would expect her to be out for revenge but Abigail disagrees. He sarcastically realizes Chad and Gabi are living under the same roof, chuckles and walks away, leaving her alone to consider ... Gabi pretends to believe Chad might need time away from Abigail and announces she respects that since seeing her always seems to upset Chad. Clueless Chad is grateful ... Tripp waits for Claire to break the tie and kick the killer to the curb. Claire primly casts a YES, Ben gets to stay. Ben smiles and eats some cereal from the box. Ciara smiles back at him. Dangerous drums play ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 16