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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Episode 13,400
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Brady calls after Marlena that she will be a beautiful bride. He now asks Eve if her own words were an ultimatum to forgive Victor. She believes it would be best to drop the anger. No can do! Besides this is between him and grandpa Vic ... Maggie and Victor are served by Julie and Doug at the club. Victor grumbles and the happy Hortons announce Eric and Jen are engaged ... Eric wonders what is troubling Jen and spies the book that Eve gave her. She admits they had a run-in but she has to fix it now ... Kate blasts loverman Ted for trying to blackmail Will the innocent. He tries the charm but it does not work this time. He reminds her Will aided and abetted ... Paul tells Sonny to stand up to Ted! Enter Will. Paul holds up the note he found and explains he knows everything. Wil gulps ... Ted claims tis only business. Kate orders him to leave her grandson alone effective immediately. Otherwise she will make him regret it ... Paul snaps now he knows the truth thanks to Sonny. Will is surprised he went through his stuff. Paul wishes he had confided in him. Will stammers he wanted to protect him. Paul feels he had the right to know! Will notes he could now be considered an accessory after the fact – unless he plans to rat them out to the cops ...

Doug and Julie get back to the business of the club. Maggie wishes Victor would not have been so sarcastic. He scoffs Jen is a snoop and Eric is the man who took Daniel’s life. Maggie wonders why he does not want anyone to know Eve had anything to do with him planting drugs on Theresa ... Brady finds Eve’s pro-Victor crusade crazy. She urges him to drop the grudge and forgive his grandfather. Brady suspiciously wonders why she wants him to forgive a man she herself hates. She remembers Victor warning her he could expose her to Brady if she did not help him. Brady waits for his answer ... Jen admits to Eric she was partly to blame for her recent argument with Eve. Eric reminds her they could end up sisters-in-law and suggests telling Brady about the friction. Jen admits her anger stemmed from the fact that Eve brought up Nicole. He solemnly asks what about her and assures Jen she is his present and his future whereas Nicole was his past. He wonders what Eve said. Jen starts to stammer this is not easy so he assures her he can tell him anything ... Eve will not give up on bugging Brady to make peace with Victor, who will not live forever. Brady is not yet ready to let what he did go. Eve smiles at least it is a start and they head off for lunch ... Lunching Maggie wonders why lunching Victor is protecting his enemy Eve. Victor notes he needs her to make Brady forgive her. The redhead warns him his lies will come back to bite him. Besides Brady deserves to hear the truth about the woman. Brady and Eve now enter and she invites them to their table ... Paul gushes he would never give Will up. Will apologizes for everything and assures Paul he loves him. Paul loves him right back. Sonny looks crestfallen and then asks for an update on Kate. Will interrupted her with Ted in a towel ...

Kate tells Ted to drop his demands as Will is innocent. Ted taunts Sonny was innocent of any harassment and they knew that. Besides Sonny and Will went and ruined his plan with Leo so he needs something. He calls himself a man of business. Kate asks if he would give up this plan for her. He points out he cares but that is not a fair question. Kate quips the same thing happened with Andre but what he choose died with him. She now asks Ted to be on her side as he promised when they were in bed ... Sonny and Paul are appalled that Kate is involved with terrible Ted! Will states she was stunned by what he did and she exploded about the blackmail. But Ted told her they killed Leo. Will believes that Kate was serious when she stated she would take care of the situation. Sonny cannot help but wonder what the hell that means ... Ted refuses to stop the greedy blackmail so Kate calls him a son of a beech ... Eric implores Jen to repeat what Eve said. Here come Doug and Julie with hearty congratulations from the club including a bottle of bubbly ... Maggie explains she is aware of Victor's actions. Brady fumes his fiancée also wants him to forgive him. Victor gets his hopes up. Brady bellows at him so Maggie informs him he might not know the whole story. Eve gets tense. Brady fumes he went too far. However he is somewhat like him but if he tries to forgive him it is thanks to Eve. Now he is just considering. Victor grins maybe they can get back to being a happy family. Brady now takes Eve to a table for a bite. Victor thanks the redhead for not outing him. She warms he would be wise to tell his grandson the truth. Victor would rather order a bloody steak ... Doug hands Jen a card from himself and Julie. Two hearts as one with well wishes. Eric thanks them for the sweet sentiment. Jen gets ready to serve the cake but can she have her cake and eat it too?

Kate kicks Ted out now! He muses she must have all her dead husband’s assets. Alas the estate is tied up and she knows not when she will get anything. He will never see a cent! He taunts to tell her beloved grandson to pull some strings ... Will believes in Kate but Sonny has his doubts. Paul offers to dig up dirt on Ted. Will wants to wait until they hear from Kate. Paul promises Will they will get through this together and Will calls him amazing. Sonny looks heart broken when they hug ... As they eat cake, Julie wonders about a wedding date. She suggests Jen shove evil Eve away from the bridal bouquet when Marlena throws it. Doug thinks they could do without such fireworks. Julie does not like the woman and notes Brady is still not over Nicole. She then stops and is sorry. Eric assures her it is alright as Jen knows that she is the woman he loves. Doug starts to return to the club but stops outside and assures Eric he believes he belongs with Jen now not Nicole. Inside Julie gushes Jen has not been this happy since Jack. She is glad she has a good man! She warns her not to let anything ruin it ... Back at the club Eve thanks Brady for being bit more understanding with Victor. Brady now decides Eric deserves to know he blackmailed Nicole into leaving him. Eve tells him to leave Jen and Eric the happy couple alone. They should all be happy. Brady deduces she is right and decides to take Nicole’s taped confession from Victor’s safe. Eve remembers Victor confirming said tape was gone ...

Ted the sleaze gets dressed and tells Kate she has the power to keep her grandson out of prison. Her eyes dangerously narrow ... Paul and Will head to the door, promising to stay in touch with Sonny. At the door Paul apologizes for acting jealous. Will insists he was only trying to protect Sonny and he loves only him! They go and Sonny emerges with a sad little sigh, having overheard ... Eve wonders why Brady left the tape at the mansion when he moved out. He was busy with Tate at the time but now needs to destroy it ... Maggie makes Victor assure the now returned Doug and Julie that he wishes Eric and Jen happiness. He raises his glass in a sarcastic salute ... Eric helps with the dishes as Jen reads the card wishing them a lifetime of happiness again. She sighs she certainly earned it and tosses Eve’s irrelevant book in the trash, wanting to believe in a brighter tomorrow ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, August 15