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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Episode 13,399
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Paul wants answers about Will and Sonny from Sonny ... At the square café Brady calls it cool he and Eric are walking Marlena down the aisle. Soon it will be Eric and Jen! Meanwhile Jen opens her door to Eve who taunts her about her engagement making them sisters ... At the Kiriakis mansion Abigail is surprised to see Gabi with Arianna getting close to Chad! Ari wants her to know her mom did not do what she was accused of. Chad appears tense ... Kate wants to talk to Will at the café but he is out of time. Ted emerges and puts on a bathrobe. Will gasps why the hell is he here ... Sonny acts innocent so Paul produces the note he found in Will’s bag that shows they share a secret. Sonny is not impressed he snooped. Paul bellows about them cheating together ... Will blasts Kate for going to bed with Ted the enemy lawyer of Leo. He assumes she is somehow involved as she works for rival DiMera ... Gabi cuts the conversation short and takes Ari downstairs for a treat. Abigail asks Chad for an explanation cos it looks like he is finding his new family with Gabi and Arianna just like before! Chad blinks ... Eve enters Jen’s house and smugly gives her a gift for keeping their Nicole secret from fiancé Eric ... Brady admits he has no plans with Eve. Eric laughs they will all improvise but Brady doubts Jen and Eve will ever be friends. Eric uses their own repaired relationship as proof positive that anyone can overcome. They drink to better days. Eric admits Marlena wanted him and Jen to double with her and John’s wedding. Brady teases they could make it a triple header. Along comes Marlena in her red pantsuit ... Paul asks Sonny how long he has been cheating with Will. Sonny states Will would never cheat on him. Paul can see something is wrong in his eyes and wants to know what this person knows and what they want ...

Kate lies to Will she had nothing to do with Leo and only met Ted after that case was dropped. Will gasps but he now reps Ben. Kate counters Ted reminded her they all deserve representation so there is no trouble with that. Will now drops a bombshell and announces Ted is presently blackmailing him and Sonny. (If only Kate had listened to ghost Andre’s warning to tell the truth!) Kate asks what Will what Ted could possibly have on him and Sonny. Ted states to start with they killed his client Leo ... Sonny tells Paul the whole Leo truth and nothing but, including Leo snapping and starting to strangle Will. Sonny saved Will by sending Leo flying and then he hit his head. He could not risk going to the cops. Paul the straight shooter would have done different. Sonny confesses he got Will to help him get rid of the body. Paul takes his hand. Gabi opens the door and misinterprets the gesture ... Chad tells Abigail the whole story but she is now suspicious of Gabi. Chad admits he appreciates good friend Gabi's support and gets testy she does not seem to trust him ... Jen wants Eve to know anything she says to Eric is none of her biz. She also warns if Eve blackmails her she will go directly to Brady and expose Eve for making him lose his son ... Marlena sits and goes over her wedding plans with Eric. She has yet to hear back from Will as he is busy with an assignment - and Sami is too uneasy about facing Hope and Rafe. They are bewildered by that. Marlena marvels but Brady and Eric will be there, close brothers again ...

Jen reminds Eve that Eric proposed to her so they are solid. Eve taunts he would dump a dull girl like her for knockout Nicole in a heartbeat ... Gabi gets Ari’s doll and takes off. Paul apologizes for being so hard on Sonny. But Sonny is more worried about Ari cos he and Will are her double dads. Both could be put away for life ... Ted accuses Will and Sonny of murdering Leo Stark in cold blood. He coldly claims to have evidence. Will argues to Kate that Leo was trying to kill him and Sonny saved him. His death was an accident. Kate wonders then why not go to the cops. Will gasps they would not have believed it was an accident. Kate believes him and waves a finger at Ted. She orders him to drop it. Easier said than done ... Abigail is sorry for the misunderstanding and laments Chad is still the love of her life. She wants them to try and work things out. He looks down and she realizes he is not ready. But she knows they have their love and she will be waiting for him ... Gabi interrupts the moment, claiming Ari is waiting for his blueberry pancakes. Chad walks to the kitchen. Abigail stops Gabi from going after him ... Sonny complains to P.I. Paul about the nightmare. He also wants Paul to believe that Will was only trying to protect him. Paul needs the name of he who sent the letter ...

Kate gets angry at two-faced Ted when she hears from Will he wants big money and taunted them. She never knew him at all ... Eric offers to get in touch with Sami so Marlena thanks her son. He grins and goes to visit Jen. Marlena smiles ... Eve calls Nicole the woman who is the great love of Eric's life. Jen calls Eve the reason Brady lost his son. He will never forgive her! Furthermore it is foolish to believe that Theresa would actually share Tate. Eve has already broken Brady’s heart! It seems to hit a nerve ... Marlena asks how Brady is doing with no Tate. He admits it is harder by the day and tells her to focus on her future happiness. He would not be able to make it through the day without Eve at his side ... Eve suggests she and Jen are similar. After all she made no mention of what she now knows to Eric. She tells her she should keep her mouth shut so they can both keep their man and leaves with a smile. Jenny sighs ...

Will orders Ted to get out and not go near his grandmother. He warns if he does not, what happens to him will NOT be an accident ... Gabi plays innocent with Abigail and lies she urged Chad to go back to her. She only suggested he stay at the Kiriakis mansion instead of the Salem Inn so Sonny could talk some sense into him. She believes Chad and Abigail were meant to be. Abigail suddenly seems to have doubts about her supposed best friend. She wonders whether she resents her for all that her alters caused her to endure. Gabi states she blames only Stefan, not her friend who was sick. She lays it on thick and hugs her ... Paul has heard that Ted wants big money in return for his silence. Sonny informs him Will went to see Kate for help ... Kate assures Wil she will take care of Ted and so he leaves. Ted waits for the negotiation to start. She hisses no deal ... Brady complains to Marlena about Victor being to blame for ruining the almost custody agreement between himself and Theresa. He tells her Eve wants him to forgive grandfather but he cannot. Eve returns and notes if not then they could be done ... Jen distastefully opens the gift bag from Eve and scoffs at the book title. HOW A BAD GIRL KEEPS A GOOD MAN. Knock knock! Tis clueless Eric calling! He can see the consternation on his fiancee's fair face. She gasps they have got to talk ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, August 14