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Monday, August 13, 2018
Episode 13,398
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad cuddles with Abigail and regrets he ever left. They look forward to raising their baby together and kiss. Chad now wakes up at Kiriakis mansion with Gabi bearing coffee and a grin. Such is his sad reality ... Dr. Kayla assures Abigail she should be alright but could be tired. Abigail asks her to say nothing to Stefan. Kayla flashes back to Stefan demanding regular updates ... As Paul showers Will is on the phone with Sonny about how to get the money. But towel clad Paul comes out so Will hangs up. Paul suspects he was speaking with Sonny ... Kate is asleep beside Ted when suited Andre’s ghost pays her a visit. He sighs about sleep becoming a permanent condition. Kate tries to shoo the cheeky spirit away but Andre stays. He is disappointed she replaced him so soon following his demise. She reminds him he was no angel as he conspired against her with Viv and Stefan. Andre suggests Chad would deserve more loyalty and knows she has been lying about his child ... Gabi babbles about breakfast and sees Chad is upset. He shares his dream about being with Abigail and her baby being his. Gabi claims to be sorry ... Kayla suggests Chad accompany Abigail on her appointments. She cannot believe it when Abigail admits he actually left her. Kayla gives her a pep talk about not giving up. Steve enters and asks how she is. Abigail assures him she is alright and steps out with a sweet smile. Steve is ready to have that talk with Kayla she had no time for last night. Kayla cringes ...

Will fibs to Paul about being on the phone with a source for his secret story. Paul gets perturbed. Will diverts him with a kiss and the towel falls to the floor ... Andre blasts Kate for allowing Chad to be deceived by Gabi, the girl Andre fired. Kate admits it is a tangled web. Andre suspects she has something to gain such as smugness from the demise of Chad and Abigail’s marriage ... Gabi the deceiver "hates" to see Chad so unhappy. She tells him to focus on Thomas and has plans to go to Whoopee World with Arianna. Chad remembers the place from high school. Gabi invites him but he would rather not go. Gabi gushes to remember they are friends forever ... Steve wanted dinner with Kayla but she was evidently too busy. She remembers Stefan’s threats as he wonders why she did not even text him. Back to the present. He questions whether she is even being honest with him... Paul gets dressed for the day and offers to walk Wil to the office. Will mumbles about meeting his source and departs. Paul sighs and spies the bag he left behind. He wonders whether Will was even meeting any source ... Andre lectures Kate for lying to Chad all for Gabriella. Kate updates him on Abigail being the cause of her losing the ability to have children. Andre warns her to change her wicked ways before it is too late! Kate admits it already is too late for her to tell Chad about his baby now. Shirtless Ted wakes up and wonders what she means. Andre has sudddenly vanished ... Kayla mutters she wanted to monitor a patient. Steve had assumed she had something to say as she requested they meet at the pub yesterday. She stammers about her paperwork and will see him at home. They can discuss then. Steve sits and states he overheard her reveal to Jen that she was hiding something from her husband. Kayla wonders why he did not say anything then. He waited for her to come clean but she did not. Then John suggested he speak to her directly. Kayla asks what he heard. That he would not forgive her for something if he found out ... Kate claims she now cannot remember her dream and asks Ted to hold her. He obliges and vows to keep her safe from harm. She has heard that from husbands before. But she wants to believe Ted and he tells her she is beautiful. They kiss ...

Chad feels badly about leaving Abigail all alone and having to take care of Thomas. Gabi tells him she has many to help and adds she cares more about Chad. She advises him to accept the situation. He appreciates her understanding. He sighs neither of them saw sinister Stefan coming ... Abigail accuses Stefan of coming to the hospitalcos she had a prenatal appointment. He notes he was about to make a donation to the neonatal wing and refers to the child they will raise. Abigail coldly replies they will have a custody agreement only. When Stefan hears Chad moved out he smugly states he is not surprised he cut and run so Abigail slaps him across the face again ... Steve asks sweetness what she wants to protect him from. He even suspected an affair for a second. She takes him in her arms and gasps she loves him so much. He assures her now that he is better they shall overcome. She claims the secret she knows is not one she can share as Jen swore her to secrecy. Steve, however, heard her worry about what he would do and deduces it is about Stefan ... Stefan gushes about Abigail acting like Gabby. Abigail denies it and tells him nothing is his business before the baby is born. Then she waltzes off ...

Will joins Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny will not accept Chad’s offer to help fund a biz venture and suggests John Black. Will gasps he is Paul’s papa. Sonny suggests Sami. Will cannot call her for millions! Sonny sarcastically wonders who would hand over that amount no questions asked. Will suddenly realizes there is someone. Meanwhile back in the room Paul searches Will’s bag and comes across the note accusing Will and Sonny of lying to Paul about what they did ... Kate giggles in Ted’s arms. He wishes he would be able to stay in bed but has a living to make. Once alone Kate goes back to sleep but suited Andre reappears and demands she be fair to Chad. He urges her to tell Chad the truth and forewarn him about Gabriella ...

Arianna comes looking for mama Gabi, who promises never to leave her again. The little girl asks Chad why he seems sad, He explains he is happy to see mother and daughter and smiles when Gabi suggests they all get pancakes ... Sonny thinks they should not ask that person for such an amount, then gets a tick tock time is out text from Ted. Abigail arrives and Will excuses himself to work. Sonny states Will came to see Ari and asks Abigail how she fares. As well as can be expected but she would like to see Chad. She updates Sonny on her run-in with Stefan and wants Chad to come home. She appreciates he asked him to stay. Sonny explains actually Gabi did. He tells her where she can find her husband ... Steve suspects Stefan is giving Abigail a hard time and gets angry. Kayla wishes he would not get involved. Steve takes off to tell off Stefan but finds him lurking outside her office door. Speak of the devil! Stefan points out he must be happy about his precious sight. He boasts he just made a neonatal donation for his child. Steve gives him a hard time. Stefan states he has a meeting. Kayla asks Steve to let her handle things for Abigail as she is her doctor. Steve leers to Stefan to leave his niece alone and leaves. Stefan now demands the details on Abigail’s appointment from Kayla, whom he treats like a flunky ... Sonny gets stressed as he remembers rolling Leo in the rug. Paul storms in and demands to know what is going on between him and Will. Sonny soap stares ... Andre asks Kate to consider what is best for Chad. He warns it would be in her best interest to do what is right. Kate picks up her phone but a knock on her door makes her open it after throwing on her robe. Tis Will asking for big money cos he has big trouble. She wonders how bad his trouble is. Terrible Ted emerges from the bathroom in his towel. Will looks from Kate to Ted and does the math ... Arianna has enjoyed hearing Chad’s story and wants him to live with her and mama Gabi as a family. The three giggle together and Abigail opens the door ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, August 13