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Friday, August 10, 2018
Episode 13,397
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Ciara gasps why does Ben want to go? Cos of Hope ... At the club Hope enjoys a cool drink and updates Rafe on her offer to Ben ... Sonny whispers on the phone about what to do about Ted and wonders to Will how they can get the money to prevent him from going public about Leo. Chad has walked into the room. How much has he overheard? Meanwhile Abigail holds a picture of Chad and remembers him leaving ... John asks Marlena why she is wearing her wedding dress. To check the alterations. She gasps he should not be here as it is bad luck. He sighs this is their bedroom and is surprised by her superstitious side ... Rafe asks deets about the deal. Hope offered to drop the case if he left town forever and stayed far from Ciara. Rafe wonders what his answer was. Hope smiles slyly ... Ciara is unhappy Ben felt the police pressure from Hope and agreed to leave Salem. She deduces there is no proof. Ben is after a fresh start and adds Hope will never let it happen here ... Sonny covers and ends his call at Kiriakis mansion. Chad overheard that he is desperate for money. He places his hands on his shoulders and stares him squarely in the eye. Is there trouble? Maybe he can help. Sonny fibs he was talking to a former partner about a possible new biz venture since he is not with Titan. Chad hopes he does not hold it against him and offers to help as Sonny hangs onto his drink. The young Kiriakis suggests they keep their distance from one another but thanks Chad for his concern. He assumes he is here to see Victor at this late hour. Chad admits he left Abigail and had nowhere to really go ...

JJ joins Abigail, having come for something in the attic. He hears how Chad walked out after he caught Stefan with his hand on her baby bump. She blames herself and fears he might never forgive her. Her brother gives her a supportive hug ... John believes in making one’s own luck and gushes about his beautiful bride in her gown. She giggles she does not believe in the superstition but has been feeling stressed that something could go wrong. John suggests they pretend it never happened. She tells him it is too late and leaves him scratching his head ... Back at the club Rafe questions Hope on the offer Ben could not refuse. He fears she could be accused of overstepping. Ben could claim harassment by the commissioner. Hope is confident she has won. Rafe likes to see her win and they drink to that. Then he sighs about his sister and confides his bad feeling about Gabi, who has been fighting with Ari and dealing with the fallout of her misfortune. He wishes she would open up to him more and know she can lean on him. Hope gets he would do anything for his loved ones. Rafe adds that includes her ... Ciara is furious about her mother pressuring Ben and urges him to fight. When she stands up she wobbles and he tries to catch her. They both end up on the ground, their faces close like before a kiss ... Chad confides to sympathetic Sonny he could have killed Stefan when he saw him touch Abigail. He admits feeling overwhelmed. Sonny hears he still loves Abigail. Gabi approaches the door and overhears Chad muttering to Sonny that he has to move on. The brunette bff from hell now has a new scheme ...

John puts his arms around Marlena and apologizes for seeing the dress. She babbles about them all being fine but late at night she has been having a sinking feeling about something happening on their wedding day. John drawls she might have the jitters about being hurt again, given how happy she is. Marlena is amazed by his assessment. He announces bad luck is no match for the power of love and promises nothing will come between them ever again. Then he tenderly kisses her ... JJ tries to reassure Abigail. She admits Gabi was the one who gave her advice about what to do. JJ adds and she has been advising Chad. It looked like they are getting a tad too close but they both denied it. Perhaps it was nothing as they claimed. Abigail gets to thinking ... Gabi informs Sonny she is here to see Arianna. He asks what is the matter. She wants to tell her daughter everything. Chad seconds that idea. Sonny goes upstairs to get her. Chad apologizes for not helping. Gabi understands he has had much to deal with and wonders whether she heard right and he moved out. Chad sighs it was cos of Stefan. Gabi throws her arms around him in sympathy ...

Sonny brings down Ari and Gabi stops hugging Chad. She wants to explain why she was unable to come home to her. Ari snaps NO so Chad gets her to calm down and hear her out. Gabi tells her daughter she was stuck in prison as someone lied about her. Sonny admits he did not tell her as they were worried she would be afraid. Gabi loves her little girl and promises to make sure this never happens to them again. Little Arianna hugs her ... Rafe regrets he ever broke Hope’s trust and strokes her hair ... Ben brings Ciara to her feet and asks if she is alright. She gasps she is and refuses to let him go cos of her mom. Ben believes he cannot go against the cops and she wonders where he is headed. Jordan has a new job new life so he will not bother her. She emotionally begs him to stay in Salem and prove to the world he is not the man he was. He lists all those against him but she vows not to give up on him ... John holds Marlena in bed as she giggles about their good luck love in the afternoon. He gushes theirs is gonna be the perfect wedding. She brings up the silence from Sami. Ring ring! Speak of the devil. Marlena answers the call from Sami, her eyes as wide as saucers ...

Ari and Gabi are good again. Gabi sends her up to brush her teeth and promises to read her a goodnight tale. Sonny suggests she stay overnight. Ari asks for the sleepover in her room. Sonny is all for it. Chad is sorry for all their lost time but loves a happy ending. He lets out a sigh and leaves to get a room at the Salem Inn. Sonny insists he stay with his friends right here. Gabi nods. Chad hugs Sonny in gratitude. Gabi glows ... JJ assures abandoned Abigail things will only get better and goes. She sighs and looks at her framed wedding photo ... Marlena speaks to busy unseen unheard Sami. Marlena hopes she will make the wedding. But there is something Sami thinks could pose a problem and she ends the call. Marlena unhappily tells John she will not be coming ... Hope and Rafe are slow dancing at the club when his phone rings. Hope tells him to take the call. Tis Gabi, who gushes all is well with Arianna and she is staying at Kiriakis mansion for a sleepover. Rafe realizes she will not be back at his place for the night. Gabi asks Sonny for a shirt and shorts for the night. No problem. He assures her he and Will are always here for her as well as Ari. Gabi thanks him and walks in on Chad calling Abigail to bid Thomas good night. He states he is staying at Sonny’s. Abigail approves he is with friends. He will call Thomas in the morning and wishes her a goodnight. She whispers goodnight Chad. After the call Gabi reminds him he has her here too ... Marlena informs John that Sami did not want to face Hope after what happened with Rafe. John has his doubts. Marlena suspects there is something else as well ... Hope realizes Rafe’s house will be empty tonight and invites him to her home - permanently. The big guy asks if she really means it. She reminds her they remain married. They kiss over the table ... Eerie music plays as Ciara asks Ben whether he wants to stay here in Salem. Yeah. She now promises he can do so and live his life the way he wants. Together they will fight this. She will be the woman who stands up to Hope ...!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 10