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Thursday, August 9, 2018
Episode 13,395
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena updates Kayla on Hope being bothered by her assessment of Ben. She feels for the worried mother but is certain Ben would not hurt her daughter ... Ben boasts he was hypnotized and informs Hope that Marlena made him remember he was not the one who started the fire. Hope stares him down and declares she knows he did ... Shirtless Tripp tries to get closer to Ciara again. She wonders where they were and he kisses her ... Gabi does not like big brother sneaking up on her. He wonders about that truth she was thinking aloud. Guilt-ridden Gabi remembers her rage against Abigail that led her to change Chad as the father to Stefan on the test results ... Stefan has his hand on Abigail’s unborn baby when Chad comes home. Abigail holds hubby back as Stefan sweetly states he was just feeling the baby kick cos he is the father ... Gabi lies she had Ari on her mind. Rafe acts sympathetic as she suggests she make her daughter understand another was to blame for her imprisonment. Rafe deduces she means Stefan ... Chad shouts at Abigail for allowing Stefan to touch her baby bump ...

Ben politely points out he is relieved Marlena helped him arrive at his truth. He did not set the fire and notes Hope has no proof against him. Not yet says she. He states he also wanted Ciara to know. Hope snaps when he boasts he saw her and fumes about his fixation ... Ciara is passionately kissing Tripp when she flashes back to Ben saving her and feeding her at the cozy cabin. He was the one she could count on! She pulls away from Tripp and admits she has Ben on her brain ... Marlena admires her wedding gown with Kayla. The same dress she wed John in once upon a 1980s time. She loved the wedding and the gown with the headpiece to match. Kayla calls her the most beautiful bride. Sweet moments are shown of their romantic wedding. Marlena emotionally explains she loves him even more than before if it is possible. Meanwhile John meets serious Steve at the pub for an ale. Steve sighs his baby’s got a secret. He overheard Kayla refer to a secret she is keeping from him as she and Jen discussed Jen’s wedding. This detective wants to keep digging and vows to discover the secret ... Tripp shoves his shirt back on and wants to know how long Ciara has been thinking of Ben! He sighs he was surprised she even discussed him kissing Claire with him. Ciara reminds him Ben saved her so she totally trusts him. But when she suggests he did not set the fire Tripp calls him a psycho. He believes nothing Ben says ...

Ben assures Hope he and Ciara got close in the cozy cabin and he cares for her. She announces she has now decided whether or not to close his case ... Rafe questions why Gabi would work for Stefan the snake. To support her daughter and keep her company. Plus she can do much at DiMera and already has many projects planned. Rafe wants details. She calls it dull fashion talk. Rafe senses his sister is hiding something. Big. And it ain’t business. Gabi innocently insists she only wants Gabi Chic to do well ... Abigail repeats what she said to Stefan to Chad. Stefan sarcastically thanks her for the special moment. Chad wants to go after him when he smugly departs but Abigail once again stops him ... Kayla loves the dress she gets to wear at Marlena’s wedding. She admits she is still stressed as Stefan has been dangling reminders of her secret. Marlena suggests she come clean to Steve about getting the bionic eye because of Stefan. Eerie music plays. Kayla fears he would never forgive her ... Steve drinks more beer and hopes Kayla is not hiding a sickness. John doubts that is it. He chuckles when Steve muses she might have told Marlena something. He tells his partner to ask Kayla himself ... Abigail gathers why Chad is upset but he is the one that she wants. He paces like an angry DiMera and admits he went to see Marlena. But the second he saw Stefan with his wife he realized he cannot do this. He is enraged. She asks if it is toward her. Yes and he cannot stand it! She sadly asks what he means. He means he will not be a father to the other man’s child after all ...

Rafe enjoys a sweet treat outside with Gabi and is sorry he has not been around for her. From now on she can tell him anything even about sinister Stefan. She sighs to drop it so he agrees. She wonders about the Ben fire investigation. Rafe complains they are closing the case cos there was no proof. Gabi blames Ben for killing sister Paige and stealing Ari’s father. Rafe adds and now Hope fears Ciara is his next target ... Tripp reminds Ciara that Ben is nothing but a natural born killer. She counters Tripp is unfair. He thinks they should agree to disagree. She kisses his cheek and opts to go for a walk alone. Tripp looks a tad disappointed ... Hope warns Ben she should and she could keep investigating or close his case. She would be willing to close it if he did not stay in Salem or go anywhere near her daughter. He soap stares. She suggests he choose to be a free man anywhere in the world ... Marlena assures anxious Kayla that Steve shall overcome for her motives were pure. Ring ring! Tis Steve who flirts and asks to meet at the pub to discuss something. She impulsively lets him know she has something to say to him as well ...

Gabi asks about Rafe and Hope’s romance. Rafe grins things are going good and they are working on it. However the Weston case and her worry for Ciara occupy her mind. He is here for her just as he is here for sister Gabi, who hugs him in gratitude ... Marlena, now clad in her glam wedding dress, urges Kayla to go tell Steve her secret ... John leaves the pub after wishing Steve luck. Stefan walks in, his mood foul. He sits at the bar and Steve greets him. He then warns him to leave Abigail alone. Stefan states he only wants to be a part of the baby’s life. The baby they are having together. Steve threatens him to leave all his clan alone or else ... Abigail assumes Chad wanted to try. He laments to tell the whole town he walked out on her just like a selfish DiMera. She disagrees he is selfish and loves him. But she will let him go if that is what he wants. Her blue eyes fill with tragic tears ... Marlena is about to try on her earrings when John opens the door and gushes oh doc! She gasps why did he come home early?! He roguishly reasons he is glad he did cos he got to see her in the dress. She breathes he might have ruined the wedding ...… Hope meets Rafe with a relieved smile and announces Ben will never go near her daughter again ... At the square Ben is glad to run into Ciara and announces this is goodbye. He is leaving Salem. Ciara’s face falls ... Gabi calls Sonny hoping to see Ari ... Steve looks at his watch and wonders where sweetness is. Stefan walks out of the pub and runs into Kayla. He orders her to provide regular updates on the baby he is having with Abigail. She gasps she cannot. He threatens to take Steve’s new eyesight away unless she obliges ... Chad will come and see Thomas later. Abigail woefully wonders where he will be. He knows not. She will always love him and will be right here waiting for him. Chad hangs his head, apologizes, and walks out. She leans against the door and tries to keep it together ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 9