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Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Episode 13,394
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope visits Marlena at work. Marlena is elated she is coming to her wedding. Hope urges her to take back her assessment of Ben being sane. She begs her to help and send the psycho back to the asylum. She gasps otherwise something bad is going to happen ... Ciara asks Ben why he came back. Tripp holds the door and stares him down ... At the park Gabi touches Chad’s arm assuring him she is here if ever he needs ... Abigail slams the door on Stefan, who does not take the hint and barges in. This is about their baby ... Eli lies down at home and turns on the TV. Knock knock! Tis Lani with a long face. The state sent her a few copies of their son’s death certificate ... Chad agrees he and Gabi have gotten through a great deal and still they are friends! She smiles she is still here for him. JJ appears and glowers, wondering what is going on ... Abigail assures Stefan she is keeping her baby and raising him or her with hubby Chad. Stefan wonders how he is taking it. She calls it an adjustment and insists he will be a good father after the babe is born. Stefan wonders what she is stressed about. She numbly notes things are fine and continues to give him the cold shoulder. Stefan would like to attend the ultrasound in a few weeks. She refuses ...

Hope complains to Marlena about Ben manipulating Ciara. She thinks he set the fire but doc begs to differ ... Ben begs Ciara to hear him out. Shirtless Tripp tells him off. But Ciara wants to hear him out ... Lani laments it is like their baby was never born. Eli is sympathetic. Her sympathy is for baby David who never even had a chance. Eli insists their son will always be remembered by them ... Gabi stands up. Chad tells suspicious JJ they were only talking. JJ gets it is a hard time and is sorry. The worst thing his sister needs now is for Stefan to try and worm his way into her life ... Abigail wants Stefan to stay away. He counters she cannot cut him out of his child’s life. She counters she can sure cut him out ... Eli marvels how the new life he and Lani made changed him for the better. It meant much to have a baby with her and he holds her close. Then one thing leads to another and they kiss ... Chad is paged to an appointment. JJ warns Gabi that Chad is in a bad place at the present. He fears her feelings will only get her hurt and remembers when she stepped aside so Chad and Abigail could try again. She lies she is not looking for love anymore. JJ praises her for helping him. He suggests being cynical makes life worse. He feels she has much for which to be thankful and gives her a pep talk. Things will look up. She sighs they have to ... Back at the loft Tripp disagrees with Ciara listening to Ben. But she is listening as Ben boasts Marlena hypnotized him and he definitely did not set the fire. He hopes she believes him. Ciara’s eyes mirror her uncertainty. Meanwhile Marlena updates Hope on the details of Ben’s hypnosis. She believes with medication and therapy Ben can lead a productive life. Doubting Hope has heard enough and leaves. Chad now enters and admits he is having a tough time trying to accept Abigail’s child ... Abigail warns Stefan to stay away from her belly and her appointments. He grins she is sounding like Gabby so she slaps him across the face hard ... Ben reminds Ciara that Tripp is the same guy who broke her heart with with Claire. Tripp cannot believe she told him ... At the station Rafe is sorry to tell Hope they have hit a dead end with the Ben Weston investigation.

Stefan offers to step back but if Chad lets Abigail down he is here for Abigail forever .. Chad stammers to Marlena how hard it has been for Abigail. He realizes he is wrong to feel sorry for himself. How to overcome? Marlena can help him with a different point of view. Chad updates her on the almost abortion, the fact that Gabby is part of her, which means ... Marlena knows Abigail slept with Stefan. Chad wonders whether his wife loves Stefan since Gabby did. Marlena considers ... Hope wishes Rafe would not give up on getting Ben. Rafe explains the case is costing them and they have nothing. The fire is property damage but as commissioner she does have the clout to keep the case open. And if the case does not proceed then he can get Ben to leave town. Hope gasps he is as obsessed with her girl as he was about Abigail. Rafe is on her side and suggests dinner tonight. She wants Thai. He kisses her and exits. Hope now gets another idea ... Ben tells Tripp he and Ciara were together day and night which is why he knows all about him. Tripp scoffs. Ben gets a text and excuses himself. But he asks Ciara not to do something she might regret. Tripp closes the door and Ciara is sorry. Tripp hopes she does not believe the creep ...

Eli kisses Lani and she gets madder than mad. Being with him was the worst mistake of her life ... Chad is at a loss. Marlena reminds him Stefan is his brother and the baby is Abigail’s. Perhaps he ought to open his heart to the child as Abigail already has … Abigail accuses Stefan of setting out to destroy Chad. He notices she is showing. She gets a cramp and he gets concerned ... Lani apologizes and insists her and Eli’s son was no mistake. Eli sighs he is sorry he kissed her for comfort. She concludes it was a long hard day and leaves ... JJ updates curious Gabi on how much he likes to help others. Gabi thinks he is a great guy but she is not great girl! She has made many mistakes. JJ is on her side and she can call him anytime ... Marlena praises Chad’s paternal instincts she knows he will have for his child ... Abigail smiles the baby just kicked. Stefan tries to get closer so she shoves his hand away from her baby belly ... Tripp now regrets he opened the door. Ciara sighs he could not have known it would be Ben. The mood seems to be gone though Tripp still asks whether they can continue ... Hope summons Ben to the station and takes him into a room ... Violins play as Eli weeps for his lost son. Lani also weeps outside the pub. JJ comes along to console her. Meanwhile Gabi addresses God and considers telling the truth after her discussion with JJ. Rafe appears and asks about what ... Stefan begs to touch Abigail’s baby bump so she does not stop him this time. Chad walks in and gets an eyeful ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, August 8