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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Episode 13,393
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena is on the phone with John, who is waiting for Claire at work. Marlena offers to join him. He likes the sound of that and they exchange I love yous. Click. Marlena suddenly stops smiling when big bad Ben walks into her office ... Ciara has another nightmare about the cabin fire. She wakes up screaming for help. Shirtless roommate Tripp to the rescue ... Abigail pensively paces at home and assures her unborn baby Chad will love them too. But her blue eyes reflect her worry. Outside the house Chad gets a call from Kate, who questions whether he can really accept Stefan’s baby. She has something to say about the baby but Gabi ends her phone call fast ... Marlena eyes Ben like he is the devil and wonders why he came. He admits there are blanks in his memory when he was out of meds and knows he would never want to hurt Ciara. He asks her to help him get his memory back so he will know the truth. Hypnosis ... Claire tiptoes out the door as Tripp embraces Ciara and helps her calm down ... Gabi will not let Kate tell Chad the truth and reminds her of their deal. She threatens to expose her deal with Stefan to Chad. Kate hates that Chad is in pain. Gabi hisses to stick to the plan. Kate patiently points out that Chad is now accepting the baby so her scheme it seems was in vain ... Chad goes inside and Abigail suggests they talk. He would rather not and has to head to work. She asks him to look at her and touches her tummy. A baby kicks. He excuses himself to shower. She wishes he would stay with her ... Gabi asks how Chad sounded. Like it is hard but he is determined to make it work. They should tell him it is his baby. Gabi fumes and threatens to make her regret it if she does ... Ciara is sorry she had another scary sleep. Tripp will never let Ben harm her again. Ciara brings up how he helped her. However without his meds he was scary and he was the only one around the cabin. Perhaps he saved her just to kill her. Tripp promises she need never see Ben again and vows to protect her ...

Ben begs apprehensive Marlena to help him on his quest for the truth. She agrees but if they discover he did set the fire, then everyone including Ciara and the police have to be told. Ben agrees to her terms so she agrees to start ... Claire serves John his coffee at the square café. He can see she is unhappy and she admits it is about Tripp, whom she cares for. Alas he only has eyes for Ciara ... Ciara thanks Tripp again. He tells her to focus on the future and helps her stand. She takes a few steps and then smiles she can walk without the crutches. She throws her arms around him and then kisses him ... Gabi is sorry she overreacted. Kate is not impressed. Gabi complains about Abigail getting what she wants even after she destroys people. Chad would be better off without a woman like that and points out she and Stefan deserve to pay. Kate agrees that is true but Chad has every intention of making it work with the fair Abigail. Gabi has a new plan in store and seeks Kate’s assistance ... Chad exits for work in his suit, ignoring Abigail’s request that they talk. But then Gabi calls claiming to have something to share about his brother. She then reminds Kate to do her part. Kate waltzes off as Gabi waits for the one she wants ...

Kate pays Abigail a visit at the house and admits she is aware of her pregnancy. Should she be sorry or happy for her? The girl in the pink dress sighs it is not easy seeing Chad so unhappy. She asks Kate to speak to him about how his feelings toward the child will change. Kate doubts it ... At the park Gabi updates Chad on seeing a purchasing agreement for a shipping company on Stefan’s desk. Chad knew not it was too late. He laments he has to deal with the pregnancy caused by Stefan too ... John enjoys his coffee and advises Claire to accept that Tripp is getting together with Gabi. Claire claims Ciara only has eyes for Ben and worries Tripp could get a broken heart. She wonders why all the boys now want Ciara instead of her and she is lonely heart. Matter of fact she shall be dateless for the John and Marlena romantic wedding ... Tripp stops and apologizes. Ciara grabs him in another kiss ... Meanwhile Marlena has Ben under hypnosis. He is with Ciara at the cabin in his mind. He remembers when she was afraid and holding a knife as he was without his meds. He wondered whether he was the same as before. Ciara explained he needed his meds because of a chemical imbalance. He agreed to go to the drugstore and she agreed to wait with trust. She even turned off her phone. He was sorry he spooked her and praised her for talking him down. Then he left. Ben gasps he now remembers it all ...

Kate thinks Abigail has her nerve wanting her to help with Chad after what she did to Andre! She scoffs she should have ended her pregnancy instead of making Chad endure more pain cos she slept with Stefan. She calls her selfish ... Chad updates Gabi on Abigail’s baby kicking but he felt sick since it is not his child. Gabi blasts Abigail and suggests Stefan has influence over her as he even changed her mind about the abortion ... Ciara invites love struck Tripp to her room. She assures him she is sure ... John tells Claire she can attend the wedding alone and adds they want her to sing for them. Claire smiles in surprise. He gushes his granddaughter is talented and beautiful and that’s a fact. But when she meets her Mr. Right he and Marlena want to meet him as they are protective of her. Claire smiles her one true love must be out there somewhere. Of that John is certain ... Ciara longs to forget the past and live in the present. She wants him right here right now. He takes her hand and they head toward the bedroom ... Ben asks Marlena to be his court ordered therapist. He believes she can help him get better. She agrees to a trial and he goes, ever so grateful. Marlena seems to feel there is hope ... Chad wonders whether Stefan threatened Abigail cos she did not say so. She just wanted to keep the baby that was a part of herself. He wonders what Gabi knows. Gabi believes Chad is going above and beyond ... Abigail would do anything for the man she loves. Kate dares her to do right by him and set him free! Then she walks out ...

John joins Marlena at her office. He updates her on Claire loving the idea of singing at their wedding. Just two weeks until they are wed and he cannot wait! The blonde shares the sentiment and they kiss like a super couple ... Before Tripp and Ciara reach the bedroom Ben shows up at the door ... Gabi innocently informs Chad she cares for both him and Abigail but is here if he ever needs to talk alone ... Abigail anxiously looks out the window. Ding dong! She opens her door to Stefan, who eyes her growing stomach he believes to contain his first heir ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, August 7