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Monday, August 6, 2018
Episode 13,392
1545 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square, Sonny and Will are upset about the new note. Will wants the police but Sonny counters they covered up what they believed was a murder. He is sorry. Will appreciates he saved him. Sonny does not want to cause him trouble. Here comes terrible Ted ... Adrienne asks where Bonnie is now. Steve is about to reply. Lucas appears and also wants to know ... Club Chloe ends a call with unseen unheard fancy Nancy and greets Eric. He gushes to thank Julie for the special dinner she helped set up and announces he and Jen got engaged. Chloe is happy for him. Eric thinks it was a long time coming ... At the pub Jen complains to Kayla that the woman she trusts the least in the world told her something huge about Eric ... Brady demands the truth from Victor and the name of his co-conspirator. Eve starts to sweat ... Will points out this is a private conversation. Ted taunts they believed it was over? Will looks at Sonny who looks at Will. Ted boasts he wrote the notes and accuses them of killing his client Leo ... Victor reveals his man Arturo was involved. Brady asks why. To help him keep his son. Brady bellows he blew it for him! Victor scoffs he had no idea JJ would play the hero. Brady rages and blames him for Tate being gone. He loathes him for it ... Kayla asks Jen why keep Eve’s secret? Jen enlightens her on Brady blackmailing Nicole into breaking up with Eric and leaving Salem behind. Jen knows Nicole never really had a choice and likely still loves Eric wherever she is ... Chloe has a cool beverage on the house for Eric. She wonders why Nicole left town. Eric declares things are different now. Chloe assumed there was more to her story, then realizes he is not entirely over the woman who loved him like no other ...

Victor is somewhat sorry. However he refuses to apologize for trying to keep Tate with Brady. It was all in the name of love. Brady blasts him for not butting out. Eve stops him so Brady snaps why stick up for him? Pause ... Kayla gasps Brady could not have been so cruel to his own brother and Nicole. Jen admits she does not want Eric to become aware of the truth as she fears he will leave her ... Eric refers to Nicole as his first love but calls Jen the woman he is committed to ... Adrienne admits she wanted to know where Bonnie was as the FBI dropped the case ... Sonny stands up to Ted, who sarcastically suggests they speak of this matter at a more private location. He leads and Sonny and Will follow ... Steve shows Adrienne his shots of the desert in El Paso. Bonnie sold some land parcels that are worth nothing but she lied to wealthy Texans it would be worth a lot when the government made a move to buy it. She got away a rich woman. Steve informs Lucas and Adrienne that wealth will make it easier for Bonnie to stay unfound. At least for a while ... Ted takes Sonny and Will to the park and warns he was having an investigator follow Sonny the night Leo vanished. He knows he was with them at the mansion and then Sonny left in Leo’s car, which he later found along with Leo’s body. There will be no defense and they will not get away with the crime ... Kayla realizes Jen will not reveal what Brady has on Nicole. Jen knows Nicole would lose it all, including Holly. She likens what she herself has with Eric to what she shared with Jack. He declared his love though she feels guilty over accepting his proposal ... Eric explains to Chloe that he is at peace with Jen, unlike when he was with Nicole. Chloe still senses he misses the passion of the Nicole ...

Eve urges Brady to calm down but he blames Victor for Tate being gone. He warns Eve he will not forgive him. She sighs in fact it is her fault but he assures her he was right to choose her. He now tells Victor he is DEAD to him and ushers Eve to the door. She fibs she forgot her purse and parked in the back. She will call Shane too and make him get Theresa agree to joint custody. He kisses her and repeats he loves her and will meet her back at their room. Eve heads back into the lion’s den and asks Victor why he just covered for her ...

Jen deduces she is wicked for not telling the man she loves the truth. Kayla confesses she too is keeping a secret from Steve. She remembers lying about Stefan no longer owning the bionic eye technology ... Eric hopes he was not boring Chloe and asks about Lucas. Chloe stammers they still have fun and their kids get along. However she knows not where they are headed ... Lucas hopes Steve will keep trying to track down Bonnie. Steve suspects she will emerge eventually and the Texans she ripped off will get her or they will. Adrienne and Lucas like the sound of that. Steve goes. Lucas is sorry he butted in but he also wants Bonnie caught. Adrienne understands as Bonnie is to blame for him falling off the wagon ... Sonny questions whether Ted has proof. He leers he has lots and names his high price. He wants a payoff. Sonny insults him. Ted smiles they will have to pay for what they did. Will watches. Then he steps up and states Leo was trying to strangle him and Sonny saved him. Leo fell and hit his head. Ted claims he could prove they conspired to cover their crime and warns the jig is up ... Eve asks Victor what he wants. The Greek orders her to get Brady to forgive him or else he exposes her involvement ...

Lucas laments over the nightmare of dead Angelica Deveraux ending up in his bed. Adrienne apologizes for how things ended between them. He knows she belongs with Justin and is happy with Chloe. They hug and he goes on his way. Meanwhile Chloe confides in Eric about Lucas keeping his distance. She wonders whether he believed the letter she was forced to write him. For her he is the one and he might not feel the same. Eric the relationship guru assures the girl her guy cares as much as she does. Lucas looks at them ... Kayla admits to Jen that if Steve discovered what she had done, she fears the worst would happen. Steve has entered the pub and has his eye on her. Guilt-ridden Kayla cringes ... Lucas grins as Chloe greets him and updates him on Jen and Eric’s engagement. Lucas teases to be good to Jen or else. Eric agrees ... Kayla fibs she was discussing wedding plans with Jen and walks her to the pub door. Outside Jen assures her Steve did not overhear. The two women are there for one another. Jen assures her whatever she is hiding from Steve us not unforgivable ... Eve will try to make Brady come around but worries what Jen will do. She hopes she accepted Eric’s proposal or she will start spreading her secret. Victor warns her to do as he asked in a hurry or she and Brady will be history ...

Ted warns Will the idealist and cynical Sonny that Leo’s death could be proven by him. Sonny agrees to work something out so long as he leaves Will out of the mess. Will tells Sonny to stop. Sonny repeats the condition but Ted wants them both on the hook especially as Will works for the Spectator. Will wants to know why the cryptic notes. Ted wanted to throw them off. Sonny gasps he will not be able to get the amount he is asking. Ted taunts he has no choice and looks forward to working together. He will be in touch. He slinks away in his designer suit ... Once they are alone, Lucas lets Chloe know he has been hesitating as he is still fighting to stay sober. She smiles she is happy. So is he and they kiss ... Eric twirls Jen around at the town square and gushes she is the only one he wants to spend the rest of his life with ... Eve returns to her room with Brady and brings up Victor. Brady stops her and announces he has good news. Eric and Jen got engaged. Eve smiles so she said yes and admits she saw her with the ring box. Brady is baffled when she states she is happy for her former arch enemy. She adds she is happy to have the man she loves and he holds her close ... Back at the pub perplexed Steve asks Kayla if Jen is alright. Kayla makes light of their wedding talk. Steve muses he has his own work cut out as he is helping John. They have no secrets. Kayla excuses herself and he remembers overhearing sweetness spill to Jen she was keeping a secret. He wonders what it is ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, August 6