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Friday, August 3, 2018
Episode 13,391
1515 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John joins Marlena in bed with morning chocolate strawberries, a rose and a romantic kiss for the woman he loves. She gets another RSVP and then wonders why no word from Sami ... Will texts Sonny a reply from bed there are no more notes but the sender of them must have an angle. Enter Paul with scones and lattes. Will really loves the scones and also him. Paul brings up his big story. Will notes he has not started his work day yet and kisses him. Paul stops and sighs much to his surprise he saw him at the pub with Sonny when he claimed he would be working ... At the town square Adrienne watches Sonny texting from their breakfast table and asks what is the matter ... Shirtless Brady wakes up in bed but Eve is not there. She left a note about having an errand. Brady looks bewildered. Meanwhile Eve is at the Kiriakis mansion complaining to Victor about Jenny wanting to expose them. However, she counter threatened her about revealing to Eric that Brady blackmailed Nicole into leaving him. Victor hates that she let Jen know Brady obstructed justice and assumed that girl would not go straight to Brady ... At the pub Jen listens to her anxious message from Brady. Eric sits at her table and praises her for being such an honest Spectator reporter in her endless quest for the truth. She sighs she is no saint ... Eve smugly tells Victor that Eric proposed so she is sure Jen will choose wedded bliss with the one she wants. But they have to wait for her answer. Victor remains worried. Eve now gets a call from Brady and gushes she has got a work fire under control. They arrange to meet in an hour and she gushes to Victor they are going for breakfast. Victor warns her to wait 24 hours until she dares assume Jen has held her tongue ... Jen gets nervous when Eric reminds her she shared earlier that she had a big secret she was considering for the Spectator. Steve and Kayla sweep in so the focus turns to his good news. Kayla notices the ring Jen is now sporting. Eric believes he is the luckiest man in the world ...

Shirtless John reminds doc that Sami is Sami and elegantly sips his coffee. Marlena knows she is somewhat self-absorbed but wishes she would get in touch. John seductively feeds her a chocolate strawberry and they kiss. She smiles she needs something else. John aims to please ... Will stammers about Sonny calling to discuss the difficulty with Ari. He assures Paul no need to be jealous cos he is the one that he wants. Paul knows Will would never lie. Will nervously nods ... Sonny stammers he has nothing to hide but he is preoccupied and suggests they order. Mama Adrienne probes so he babbles about Ari. And? He pauses and she hopes it is not Leo again cos her son had no chance to clear his name. Sonny would rather read the menu. She wishes he would trust in her and tell her what is really troubling him so ... Kayla, Steve, Eric and Jen enjoy coffee and conversation at the pub. Steve is surprised to hear Eric and Brady are co-walking mama Marlena down the aisle after all the bad blood, then apologizes. Eric looks down when Jen notes they all already know what happened between the brothers and Nicole ...

Sonny insists he fight his own battles. Adrienne assumes it is about Victor not letting him back at Titan. She explains he wants the company stable. Sonny gets upset about having to watch Chad and bitterly refers to others with hidden agendas. She tells him to be positive. Sonny vows to win back Victor’s support. The patriarch is very active in all things corporate and clan ... Victor scoffs about Eve being with Brady so she reminds him Nicole broke his heart. He cackles how Brady blackmailed her like a chip off the old Greek billionaire block. However, he is now open to charges cos Eve talked too much. Eve argues Jen would never risk losing Eric ... Meanwhile Eric refers to Nicole as ancient history. Brady walks in with hearty congrats for Steve and his bionic eye. He also congratulates the newly engaged Eric and Jen but solemnly states he must talk to Jen. She gasps it should be in private but Brady thinks no need as they all know what Victor is capable of. Did he plant the drugs that cost him custody of Tate? Jen replies she has something. The child services worker IDed Arturo as the man who paid him to plant the drugs at JJ’s place. She confronted Victor and he confessed he was trying to help. Brady storms off as she calls out to wait for there is more! Eric wonders about that more part ... John pays Paul and Will a visit and asks Will whether he has heard from Sami. She did not RSVP to mama Marlena. Will is not surprised but believes she will not miss the wedding. John is here to go over wedding issues with Paul. Will excuses himself to work. John now invites his son to do a reading to be a part of their wedding. Paul would love to and would love to have the same kind of relationship with Will one day. John asks to bounce a few vows off him since his were so beautiful. Paul sighs yes, the vows he wrote to Sonny ...

Adrienne gets a call as Sonny opens the bill. He is horrified to find another note attached warning that it is not over for him and for Will. When Adrienne returns and reaches for the bill he suddenly exclaims NO ... Eric wants to know what the more was. Jen whispers she should only discuss those details with Brady and they sit back down. Steve calls what Victor did the worst manipulation. Kayla smiles but JJ is getting his job back. Steve wants to celebrate with pancakes. Eric has to go share his big news with mama Marlena. He will call Jen later and leaves. Kayla praises Jen for making him so happy. Steve now must head off to deal with a P.I. update. Kayla wants to talk wedding with Jen, who nervously smiles ... Paul gushes he did write great vows. He recalls how he loved Sonny since he was so true to his heart. Alas he was not in that heart. John remembers how worried he was about him after the wedding was off. Paul adds but he found love again ... Adrienne assures positively paying Sonny it will all work out and heads off to meet Steve as Will arrives. Will sits and Sonny shows him the new note. He wonders who the notes came from. Sonny stands up to ask some questions but the waitress is no help. Will wants to contact the cops. Sonny gasps but they covered up the death of Leo so it no longer looks like he was defending Will. He also does not want Will to be blamed. Ted the terrible appears and sarcastically states it is sweet how they take care of each other. Sonny demands to know what he wants. Ted smiles like a snake in a suit ...

Eric pays Marlena a visit and teases her for her idea that brought him and Brady back together. She sighs she has not heard from Sami. Eric suspects Sami wants to make her own grand entrance and adds he has his own news. He asked Jen to marry him and she accepted. Marlena is over the moon. Eric believes they were meant to be ... Jen admits to Kayla she has not given the actual wedding much thought. Kayla asks if she has Abigail on her mind. Stefan told her and Steve all about it. She is sympathetic. Jen feels for the kids having another nightmare. Sometimes love is a fragile thing that makes people do crazy things ... Eve boasts she loves Brady and Jen loves Eric so it is a no brainer. She stands up to return to Brady, who suddenly bursts in, announcing Jennifer told him everything! Eve freezes. Victor soap stares ... Steve meets Adrienne outside and announces he has a lead on Bonnie Lockhart ... John believes Paul has come a long way. Paul reasons he had to let go of Sonny and adds it seems happiness with Will was his reward ... Sonny suggests Ted mind his own business. Ted taunts Sonny and Will, leering they actually believed it was over. Frighteningly familiar words ... Eric praises himself and Jen for overcoming so much. He trusts she would never hurt him. Marlena notes like Nicole did. Eric repeats she was his past whereas Jen is his future ... Jen alludes to keeping something from Eric. Kayla can relate and assures her she can trust her. Jen gasps it is huge ... Brady confronts Victor, who did not want it come to this. Brady blasts him for making him lose his boy. Jen told him everything! Victor alludes to there being more. Brady wonders what as Eve glances from the Greek tycoon to his volatile grandson ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 3