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Episode 13,390
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Steve and Kayla have video chatted about his good news. Roman brings a bottle of the good stuff so they can celebrate. The first toast Steve makes is to his wonderful wife. He knows not how she did this for him ... Gabi has seen Kate hand Stefan something at the park. When he is gone she assumes Stefan has something on Kate connected to Chad. Kate wishes she would drop it but she demands to know why she would work with Stefan the devil ... Abigail notes Chad is back. The CEO clears his throat and she wonders whether he is going to stay ... Brady continues to complain about the set up to Eve. He wonders what Jen discovered ... At the club Jen is poised to inform unsuspecting Eric that Nicole was blackmailed away from him but ... He would rather focus on their romance. He no longer loves Nicole and assures her he wants only her. He now shows her the velvet box that contains their future. Jenny is flabbergasted ... Back at the pub Roman toasts to his sis. Steve enjoyed his video chats. Roman steps away due to a delivery. Steve toasts sweetness and their anniversary. Tonight is just beginning. She giggles and he gets closer for a kiss. Stefan spies them from outside ... Gabi claims to care about Kate and hate Stefan. Kate is listening. Gabi wants to help. Kate tells all ... Chad apologizes for earlier. He takes Thomas’ toys off the sofa and they smile. Ponytail Abigail is all ears as he admits he wants to be alright with her having Stefan’s baby although ... Eve suggests Theresa went rogue to sue for sole custody, hence Victor’s actions. Brady thinks there is much more and so did Jen. Victor would have had an accomplice. Eve now overreacts ...

Jen is at a loss. Eric considers her his everything and wants to make their love permanent and official. She is touched. He shows her the ring as he insists he loves only her and asks her to be his wife. Jen gazes back at him with her baby blues. Th ring reflects diamond and blue hues. Jen asks her Romeo to return to his seat and wonders how long he has had it. Since they first exchanged I love yous. He knows they make one another happy. She whispers he does. Eric smiles to take her time and tell her when she has decided. He hands her the box, kisses her, and goes. Jen opens it again and blinks back the tears ... Brady wonders why Eve is against his probing. She agrees to their elegant dinner but only without discussion of the Victor problem ... Gabi has heard Kate’s story and sighs she only works for him to have Gabi Chic. He set her up for Andre’s murder and she wants payback! Kate admits she is against harming Chad so Gabi suggests she tell Chad what Stefan is holding over her head. No can do now. Abigail’s pregnancy comes into the conversation ... Abigail admits to Chad that her alter who was with Stefan was still a part of her. Chad hates that. Abigail reminds him the baby is also a part of her. Chad has heard enough. She refuses to erase the part of her that got pregnant from Stefan and snaps when Chad scoffs. Can he accept it as well?

Stefan soap stares from the bar and wants to buy Steve a drink for his miracle bionic eye. He suggests it was hard to get. Steve credits Kayla. Stefan slyly praises her and she looks worried he will reveal that she secretly did his bidding to get Steve his bionic eye ... Outside the club Brady gets a call from Theresa. Eve goes in to get them a table. She approaches Jen to blast her but stops when she sees the engagement ring. She tells her to say yes to Eric. Jen gasps she has to tell him the truth about Nicole. Eve tells her not to be a fool ... Gabi believes Abigail is to blame for getting pregnant and informs Kate she is her bff no more. Kate asks if she is after revenge. Gabi boasts she has a plan in place. Kate gets her to confess she changed the paternity test results. Chad is the real father ... Abigail cannot end the pregnancy! Chad is disappointed. She declares she wants to keep her baby. Chad woefully reminds her it is not his, it belongs to sinister Stefan ...

Eve warns Jen that Eric might not want her after he hears that Brady blackmailed Nicole to leave him. She believes the brothers are best not being at odds again. Jen stands up and disagrees. Eve hisses not to ruin her happiness and storms back to Brady outside, claiming the restaurant is too crowded. She convinces him to return to their room for room service ... When Stefan announces Abigail is having his baby Steve is appalled and warns Stefan that Chad will not let him near it. Stefan smugly suggests miracles happen in Salem like his bionic eye. He asks Kayla if she agrees. She gasps yes and he walks away ... Kate wants to know when it happened. Gabi updates her on coming across the results just when she had learned she would never have another child. So she stole Abigail's happy ending. Kate laments she is also hurting Chad. Gabi states she is really only hurting Stefan who is bonding with a baby that is not his. The truth will ruin him! Kate, however, takes out her phone to call Chad with the truth. But Gabi stops her ...

Jen sits and remembers Eve’s words from earlier that Jen was really just Eric’s consolation prize, followed by Eric’s proposal ... Gabi threatens to expose that Kate is working with Stefan if she tells Chad the truth about the baby. Kate cannot believe it! Gabi reminds her Abigail walked free after killing Andre. Kate states what she is doing is wrong and she could be breaking up a family. But bitter Gabi wants Stefan to pay. Kate agrees it will destroy him and wonders what if Chad never knows the truth. Gabi does not mind that scenario. Kate is against it but Gabi offers to keep her secret if she keeps hers. Then they can team up to take down Stefan DiMera together ... Abigail asks if Chad is with her and if he understands. He cannot understand now but promises to try. For better or for worse. She gasps she hates this. So does he. However they will be a family with the new baby ... Brady orders room service as Eve slips into something else. He now calls Jen and leaves her an anxious message seeking an update on her investigation into Victor’s actions. He would like to know whether there was a partner ... At the pub Eric sighs to papa Roman he may have misread Jen. She appears and disagrees. She brought them a bag of food to celebrate that she is gonna marry the greatest guy in the word. He dips her in a kiss ... At the square Steve sadly states to Kayla he wishes he had protected Abigail from Stefan. Kayla feels it was the alter’s fault. Steve hates the fact that their family still has to deal with Stefan. Meanwhile Stefan sits at Stefano’s chess set and picks up a piece, his own queen of the night on his mind ... Abigail softly suggests she and Chad seek therapy with Marlena. He agrees. They exchange I love yous and he starts to cry ... Gabi reminds Kate they work well together but Kate does not want to hurt Abigail and Chad. Gabi adds then there is Stefan. Kate agrees Gabi can help her neutralize Stefan and extends her hand. They have a deal!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, August 2