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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Episode 13,389
1570 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady considers coming clean to Eric. Eve disagrees as all are happy. Best to reveal nothing! Tate now calls papa Brady from California ... Eric catches walking Jen talking to herself and asks what her big decision might be. She flashes back to Eve noting Nicole was blackmailed by Brady to leave Eric. She admits she has become aware of a significant secret ... Jogger Gabi gives jogger JJ his fallen keys at the square. Nearby at the park Stefan stops Kate and grabs her arm, leering she has done nothing. Tell Ted he wants complete cooperation. Kate hisses to let go. He warns he will expose her if she does not get him something to use against Chad and storms off ... Pregnant Abigail call Chad’s cell. He takes the call outside Doug’s Place. She is worried about him since he has been away 24 hours. He coldly replies he was at the office working and dealing with her unplanned pregnancy with his brother! She was hoping they could resolve things ... unless he would rather not. Chad pauses ... Jen fibs her secret is a possible story for the Spectator but lives could be ruined. Eric is bemused. She suggests sometimes secrecy is best but the wise ex priest knows for a fact that honesty saves a soul from future heartache. Jen thanks him for the words of wisdom and he asks her out to dinner. She agrees and he gushes he is going to text her. They exchange I love yous, a kiss, and then she leaves ... Brady laments to Eve he still feels the loss of his son being long distance. He updates her on Jen suspecting Victor of setting up Theresa. Eve tries to stop him from calling her. Brady, however, warns there will be hell to pay if grandfather meddled ... Chad admits he has not had time to decide much of anything. Abigail loves him and their son and has a good feeling. Chad mutters he now has a meeting and is at work. She wonders whether he is coming home tonight ... After the call, concerned Kate lets Chad know she overheard him lying. He sadly states Abigail is having a baby but it belongs to Stefan. Kate blinks ...

Brady is surprised to see Stefan at his door. He blasts both Brady and Eve for not signing their contract. Brady admits there has been a personal matter. Stefan scoffs he ought to reconsider their relationship and wants to know whether they have a deal. Eve smiles they do and hands him the paperwork which was revised to include shares and bonuses. Stefan is impressed. Brady gushes she has always got a trick up her sleeve ... JJ updates Gabi on the dirt bag who planted the drugs agreeing to appeal to his supervisor. He asks Gabi about Ari. Her face falls. He offers to help. She says no need and notes he is going thru a great deal with Abigail at the moment. JJ wonders what she means ... At the club Kate hears about the Chad/Stefan fight and Chad’s dilemma. She uses the a word. Abortion. Chad admits Stefan convinced her not to. Kate is sorry he harbors influence on her. Chad worries the part of Abigail that is Gabby still has a thing for Stefan. Kate suggests he ask her but he also fears she is lying to her own self ... Abigail overreacts when she finds Thomas’ train broken. Mama Jen arrives and assures her the train can be put back together. Alas Abigail feels like her whole life is a train wreck for she is having Stefan’s baby. Mama Jen hugs her, no words necessary ...

Bartender Roman has a conversation with Eric about what has him so happy. Eric believes things are looking up as brother Brady accepted his apology. He is also impressed by Eve’s level of commitment to the man she loves. Meanwhile Eve makes Stefan sign on the dotted line. Now it is her and Brady’s turn. After, she hands him the signed contract. Stefan sincerely tells Brady how sorry he is he lost Tate. He boasts he can relate as he is a proud papa to be ... Jen asks if Abigail is sure. Yes. Now she asks about Chad and hears how he stormed out to the office for the night. Abigail fears he will not overcome her cheating with Stefan. Jen argues it was her alter and anyway Chad loves her. They shall overcome. Abigail now admits she considered abortion. Jen wishes she had known she was feeling so alone. Abigail tells her how great Gabi has been ... JJ does not want to believe sister Abigail is pregnant by Stefan. Gabi adds she almost ended the pregnancy. JJ gasps and Chad? He walked out on her. JJ the hopeful romantic reasons they have their love. Gabi suggests Stefan could destroy their love for real this time ... Chad downs his drink and Kate offers him another round. He glances at the phoenix ring on his finger and vows to destroy Stefan DiMera style. He now asks her to take a look at his plans of destruction for DiMera. Kate claims she would rather not see ...

Brady and Eve digest Stefan’s bombshell. Stefan senses Chad is out to get him big time and seeks some insight into the vulnerabilities of Titan. Eve and Brady are both in. Stefan is surprised Brady would go against his Greek grandfather. Brady growls he would take Victor down and anyone else who had a hand in making him lose Tate. Eve gulps ... JJ feels for the baby caught in the middle of a tragically hateful tug of war. He wishes it were Chad’s. Gabi mutters it almost was ... Abigail insists Gabi has been her bff and feels for her not being able to have any more children. She wishes she had agreed with her idea to switch the test results so Chad would believe he was the baby’s father. Jen talks truth. Abigail concludes the truth is not worth losing the man you love. Jen sighs in consternation. She clearly has Eric on her mind ... Kate is uncomfortable sneaking a peek at any Titan business secrets since she is not in their employ. Chad thinks he can change Victor's mind about her since he is the super-ceo who raised his stock. He cannot wait to destroy Stefan. He urges nervous Kate to take a look at what is on his notebook. She notices they are negotiating with the same shipping company DiMera is dealing with. Chad wants to use them to blow DiMera out of the water and bring Stefan down. Kate warns him it could backfire but he is not above playing dirty. The shipper calls and he steps outside to take the call. Clandestine Kate now inserts her own usb and presses a few keys ... Gabi tells JJ she suggested Abigail switch the test but she said no. JJ is relieved. He now gets a call from his boss. Gabi gets to thinking ... Stefan is done with Brady and Eve and is ready to roll. He will stay in touch and departs. Eve and Brady do not trust Stefan but Brady wants to bring Victor to his knees. Eve argues he was attempting to help him get custody of Tate and urges him to drop the anger. Brady admits he must ask Jen if she is sure first that Victor was the one. Eve smiles they should celebrate first and they fall on the bed together ...

Kate gets off the computer when Chad comes back in. She praises his plan and he thanks her for being on his side. He promises to bring her on board at Titan. Kate is still concealing the usb key in her perfectly manicured hand when the unsuspecting young man leaves ... Eric is ready to head home and plan his special dinner for Jen tonight. Roman offers to leave them the whole pub to themselves. Eric would rather plan his own rooooomantic dinner. Roman gets it and they heartily hug ... Gabi congratulates JJ when he informs her he was reinstated. He assures her her luck will also change for the better. She smiles she senses it already has started to ... Jen offers to cancel her evening with Eric. Abigail insists she go be with her guy. Jen urges her to be strong. She knows she and Chad will make it through ... Chad has had yet another drink. Kate urges him to tell Abigail he loves her cos he does. He wonders whether it is enough ... JJ wants to go home to shower and thanks Gabi for being a good friend to himself and Abigail. She grins she is lucky and he goes on his way ... Kate meets tough talking Stefan at the park, hands him the usb and hisses to choke on it. Gabi appears, having overheard ... Chad returns to Jen’s house and comes face to face with Abigail ... Eve snuggles under the sheets with Brady and asks him to drop his vendetta against Victor. He will only say he fights for what is his and they kiss ... Jenny marches to the club, considering her options. She decides Eric deserves to know the secret even if it means she might lose him. She comes inside the club and he finishes lighting the candles. She interrupts his menu talk for she has important information to share ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, August 1