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Episode 13,716
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Doug and Hope await their miracle for Julie. Enter Kayla … Cringing Lucas loves being with alive Kate in her room and just spoke to Austin. The family sends their love. Kate informs him Will went to tell Sonny. She assures him Rafe and Will updated her … on her shooter. Lucas asks who it was. That beech Vivian … Chez DiMera Viv imitates Billie and calls the hospital, furious to find out that Kate still has her heart! Downstairs Stefan romantically suggests grateful Gabi only focus on them tonight. Then he kisses her … Jack and Jen finally finish their loooooooong kiss of love at the Salem square. He remembers her lips and they kiss again … Before dinner Stefan gives Gabi a shiny blue globe. He suggests she spin and find their honeymoon place. She gushes she yearns to know his whole history down to every last loving detail. He promises to keep her so happy forever! Smooch … Kayla bears dramatic news. Doug fears Kate expired. Not exactly. She woke up … Lucas stammers he should go after Vivian. Kate assures him Rafe will handle her … Viv screams like a banshee. Kate will implicate her … Gabi and Stefan giggle and start to go up to the bedroom until … knock knock! Tis dedicated Detective Rafe. He stares down Stefan …

Jen laments almost losing hope. Jack blames himself for treating her so badly. She gushes that guy is gone, the real Jack is back. Here comes JJ with a bear hug for his mom. She gushes Jack was her hero. Jack confesses that call he got was a summons from Henry. He is sorry he had to keep his silence. JJ is just grateful they are alright and calls him a hero. Jen agrees and Jack laughs about the time the Christmas tree also made him hit his head. JJ soap stares as Jack announces he remembers everything, including his boy … Hope sits by Doug and is stunned. Kayla knows not how Kate made it. Doug believes it is the best news for Kate’s clan. Kayla must now bring Julie back. Hope wonders how to tell her … Kate recalls running into Viv at the park by the cemetery and tells Lucas all about it. The wicked woman was after revenge and left her for dead in a grave after a gunshot. But then she woke up under dirt. Her blue nails clawed her out. She was helped along by a homeless guy. Lucas calls her a superhero. She agrees she has much to live for. Lucas stammers about the speed things unfolded and he had to decide … time to come clean …

Stefan assures Rafe they already cooperated with Lani, who did not find anything. He talks harassment. Rafe scoffs and states Kate survived. She pointed the finger at Viv as her shooter. Stefan denies she is at the house. Rafe warns Gabi that hubby is incriminating himself. Gabi agrees he did not tell the truth … JJ cannot wait to call Abigail but Jack notes it is night in Paris. Jen gushes they will get hold of them in the morning. JJ is stunned to hear Jack remembered without any serum. He gazed into Jen’s blue eyes and got all the memories back of their wonderful life. JJ is touched when he tells him how sweet he knows his boy always was and yet tough! Jack regrets how he treated him and Haley and apologizes with tears. JJ sniffles tis the past and that guy was not him. Jack vows to be there for him from now on with love and respect. JJ gets emotional about having his dad back and they all share a family hug … Julie wakes up and asks if she got her new heart. Doug has to tell her she did not have the operation because … Kate smiles her son seems nervous. Lucas blurts out no one thought she would come out of that coma … They were taking her to the OR for a heart transplant. Kate assumes she was to be the recipient. She is relieved when Lucas assures her she has a healthy heart. Dr. Kayla claimed the odds were against her and he had to decide …to let Julie have her heart. Kate cannot believe it … Stefan gets upset with Gabi when she shares with Rafe where Vivian’s room is. He heads upstairs and Stefan blasts his wife for betrayal … Jack, Jen and JJ arrive at the hospital. Kayla is shocked to hear their story and wants to examine Jen. First Jen wants to see Julie. Kayla is sorry to say it does not look promising …

Julie is happy to hear tough cookie Kate came through. Hope and Doug give her a pep talk but she has accepted her fate … Kate is cross Lucas could not give her more time! He tells her the whole story. She asks about Julie and hears without a new heart there is no hope … Rafe knocks on Viv’s door and then enters. There is only a bed no Viv in sight … Downstairs Gabi explains to Stefan she stalled for time since she saw her already downstairs. Viv thanks her as she emerges and wonders what they are going to do about awake Kate now … Hope and Doug insist the search is not over. Jen and JJ come in and the hugs follow. Julie is fine being in God’s hands. Jen gives her a Horton pep talk …Kate feels for Julie and Doug. Lucas asks her to forgive him. She forgives honey and teases she will transfer her health proxy to Austin. Lucas is fine just being her favorite and apologizes again. Kate announces she blames Kayla … Kayla blames herself for not seeing how insane Henry was. Such a secret darkness within. Jack sighs like him. He remembers his horrible act against her. He remembers the good, the bad and the unforgivable of his life … Gabi makes claustrophobic Viv hide down in the secret DiMera rooms … Seconds later Rafe returns, asking where Viv went since she was certainly not upstairs …

Hope is so happy for Jen and JJ about Jack and heads out to hear the whole story from Jen. JJ grins to Julie now she has to get better so all is right with the world. The clan loves and needs her. Alas the fighting spirit seems to have left Julie’s beautiful eyes … Kayla reminds remorseful Jack he did own what he did and earned her trust and friendship. Jack sighs he might not be any better than that newer Jack and excuses himself for some air … Kate exclaims to Lucas she might sue Kayla and the whole hospital … Jen comes looking for Jack. Kayla notes he is having a hard time digesting everything. Jen goes to find him … Now JJ hears that Jack took off and tells Kayla he is concerned. She assures him his father can face anything … Jen catches up with woeful Jack at the park. He shares his memories are precious but also painful. She believes he is that better man now and loves him. He loves her and calls her the best thing that ever happened to him. They kiss in bliss …Julie is over the moon about Jack and Jen but still she is slipping away. Doug and Hope are heartbroken … Lucas wishes Kate would focus her fury on evil Vivian. She hisses the beech better be in police custody … Gabi stammers Viv must have slipped out. Stefan thinks she went out to eat and suggests Doug’s Place. Rafe however, decides to start his search deep in the DiMera catacombs …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 30, 2019