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Episode 13,715
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion glittery Vivian gloats to Stefan about Julie getting Kate’s heart … Kate wakes up and wonders why the tears! Against all odds … Lucas gets emotional … Rolf blurts out Kristen is already having a baby. And it must be Brady’s … Jen holds Jack’s head as he remembers the way they were. Memories. True love. Wedding. Dramatic danger. Heroic rescues. Her smile when they kissed. He gasps God he remembers … her! … Stefan is stunned the hospital gave Viv that info. She laughs she lied she was Billie when she called and cackled she gave her support. Stefan is not smiling … Lucas gasps but she was in a coma! Kate wonders where she was being taken and coughs …Rolf reminds Kristen he gave her those fertility treatments before. Kristen decides she does not need Sarah’s baby now for she is having her and Brady’s love child. Xander stares darkly since his only concern is Sarah … Jen is amazed Jack remembers everything. All of a sudden Henry hops up. Jack springs into action as they struggle over the knife … Stefan explains Gabi would be devastated if Kate died. She is Ari’s great grandmother. Viv hisses all that girl wanted was his money. He argues their marriage is real in every way. Viv suggests he give Eve a chance instead. The perfect match. Stefan accuses her of worrying about Gabi ratting her out. She insults Gabi and suggests he kick her out. Here comes Gabi, who glares daggers …

Kristen slowly sits down, stunned. Rolf offers to take her home. Xander wonders wot about Sarah. Rolf replies he is pro-life and takes Kristen home. Xander looks down at sleeping Sarah … Kate has a headache from the lights. Kate orders the orderly to return her to her room for evaluation. Will and Lucas are amazed. Lucas worries she will kill them for what they decided. Will alludes to it being Lucas’ decision. Meanwhile Jen watches Henry and Jack fight for the knife. Dangerous drums play. She screams Jaaaaaaaaack … Back at DiMera mansion Gabi points out the only reason mommy dearest is not in the slammer is cos she loves her son. She warns Will and Sonny already suspect she shot Kate. Viv is catty and cocky as ever … Lucas gets miffed at Kayla. He is told to be thankful. He gasps will his mom know … Will assumes she will find out. She always does. Kate coughs, wakes up again and asks what she will find out … Sarah wakes up to Xander. She asks where the doctor went and if it is over … Back in her room, Rolf assures Kristen he only found out today she was with child. He had run tests prior to implanting anything, hence the discovery. Kristen calls her Brady baby a miracle … Henry clutches his bloodied chest and falls to the floor. Jack gasps he killed him! Jen argues he was about to kill her. She worries about his hit head. He muses his memory was jogged … by her! She asks if he really remembers it all. He recites their wedding poem and lists more details, including the Loretta, London and their kids. It was a wonderful life. She gushes it still is and hugs him, happy at last …

Smart Sarah questions Xander cos she feels like nothing happened. He claims the doc was called away on an emergency, which meant there was no abortion. Sarah exclaims she is still pregnant … Kristen kicks Rolf out after he warns her no hanky panky with Brady during her pregnancy for her elderly age makes it high risk … Kayla updates Kate on how she staggered to the hospital, shot, and they operated. Lucas and Will add the police would need to know more … Rafe joins Jack and Jen and wonders what the hell. Jack confesses to killing Henry. Jen gasps he was holding her hostage and Jack saved her. Rafe has questions. Jack recounts how Henry ordered him to come alone or he would off Jen. He thinks he needs no ambulance and heads out to escort Jen to the hospital … Gabi feels Vivian is a fool for trying to get Stefan to cheat on her, given he is the only reason she did not implicate her. Stefan adds he told manservant Harold they will be dining alone tonight. Gabi waits for her to go. Vivian refuses … As it turns out Kate currently has retrograde amnesia regarding her shooting …

Xander suggests he take Sarah home. She can reschedule. She decides not to ... At the square Jack asks Jen to head to the hospital with him before calling JJ cos he lied to his son. He gets emotional about their boy and then Abigail. He wishes he had been nicer to his daughter. Jen insists their kids will be elated to have him back. She now decides to go to Julie. Jack asks her to get herself looked after first. T’was a time of traumatic stress. Jen sighs Henry snapped and accused her of pushing him away. Jack also remembers he used to push her away and calls her Miss Horton. She gushes they always got back together and he leans in for a kiss. Jen now calls JJ … Back at the hospital Lucas demands answers from Kayla, who is baffled how Kate miraculously came back. Dr. Rolf watches from around the corner and remembers how he saved the only wife Stefan really cared for. The mad scientist had given her a secret injection to make everything betta … Inside her room, Kate has a word with Will, who stammers they were saying goodbye. They had been told she would not be herself again. She asks who the police suspect. Stefan and Vivian. Kate believes Vivian is dead. Will explains she survived the explosion and came back with a vengeance. Kate now flashes back to their run-in at the cemetery and remembers she was the one who shot her. Will soap stares …

Vivian refuses to go. Gabi starts to count loudly in Spanish. Stefan warns his mother not to make him choose between her and the woman he loves … Outside the Salem patient’s room Kayla notes she now needs to tell Doug and Julie there shall be no transplant. Lucas is sorry … Rafe enters Kate’s room, so relieved she is alright. He asks if she remembers who shot her. Will replies it was Vivian. Kate insists Rafe arrest her … Stefan gives Gabi a passionate kiss. Vivian leaves the room. He assures Gabi he will always choose her … Kristen gushes to her unborn baby she has waited forever … papa Brady will be so happy! She calls and leaves him a message. She has big news he will want to hear. Violins play … Sarah confides to Xander that this seems to be a sign. She had a dream that she was rocking with her baby and it was beautiful. She breaks down. She is keeping her baby. Xander remains faithfully at her side … Jen leaves JJ a brief message that she has big news to tell him soon. Now she is ready to head to the hospital with Jack, who gives her a roguish look. They almost kissed earlier. She babbles and he suggests she stop. Then he romantically kisses her and she kisses him back. ALWAYS.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, September 27, 2019