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Episode 13,714
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr. Rolf has checked out healthy Kristen and advises her against going to the clinic now. He knows how to do things the clandestine way … Sarah is having second thoughts to Xander, who is by her side at the clinic … Will enters Kate’s room. It seems he and Lucas did not get their miracle. As she sleeps on Lucas explains she did not want to be kept alive this way. Will is shocked when he suggests starting the process for Julie to get her heart … Dr. Kayla is sorry to inform Eli and Lani that it does not look promising for Julie … At the station Jack and JJ are pretty sure Henry Shaw has Jen at Ted’s old place … Meanwhile Jen asks Henry and his knife if he will finish her off. He lets her know her fate is in her hands … Will is upset it would be so soon. Lucas has his mom’s health proxy and has to tell loved ones. He adds the heart might not even be a match for Julie and explains the situation. Will cannot give up on Kate yet … Kayla explains Julie conned Maggie into updating her on Jen. Eli realizes he said too much … Henry talks trust as Jen sweats. He was humiliated by her. She claims she cares for the kind meeeean and good doctor. He accuses her of playing him. Jen gasps they were good friends and she did not mean to hurt his feelings. He cuts her ropes and she continues to fib. She respects him and whispers he did the right thing. He cannot wait to be together and invites her to the bedroom …

Kristen wants to go to Brookville and argues to Rolf that she will be able to get Brady back with their child. Rolf reminds her Sarah is not carrying Brady’s child. She notes he will never know and giggles demonically … Updo Sarah stammers Eric is a great father but does not want a child with her. Xander implores her to be less selfless. This is her choice. She can do wot she bloody well wonts. She appreciates his support. Enter the Brookfield doctor, who asks her to confirm her decision … Jen wants water. Henry takes her by the hand. She runs for the door and he grabs her. Jen screams … Jack has a bad feeling about Henry panicking and harming Jen. Henry now calls and warns if he wants to see alive again … Jen is back in the chair with his knife against her throat … Eli blames himself for Julie’s new stress. Kayla counters no one is to blame for the heart situation … Will wonders whether Lucas would want to take Kate off the ventilator if Julie was not in need of a heart. They are arguing as Kayla enters. The compatibility results reveal … Xander wants to be there for Sarah through thick and thin no matter what her choice is. She emotionally thanks him … Kristen updates Rolf on Xander being at the Brookville clinic. She will make an appointment and then Rolf can sneak in to do as ordered. He points out it is impossible. She rages she pays him. He is missing something vital as his lab was vandalized. That means he must stop by at the hospital to get it. She warns him to hurry cos Xander just texted Sarah is being put under …

Sarah starts to count backwards as ordered by the doctor. Xander gets a text from dastardly Rolf who is on his way. Xander gets the good doctor in a chokehold and renders him unconscious before he can begin … Kayla confirms Kate is a match for Julie, who has little time left. Meanwhile comatose Kate could need a machine to breathe for years or even the rest of her life. Will bites his lip and looks down at her … Henry orders Jack to come alone in fifteen minutes or else! JJ the former cop can see that was no normal call despite what Jack says. He demands the truth from his dad. Jack fibs a cop checked out Ted’s place but no one was there. He excuses himself in a hurry. JJ soap stares … Kristen comes into sleeping Sarah’s room and whispers this is best for both of them. Xander comes back and orders her to get away from the fair Sarah. She threatens to expose what he knew to Eric so he stops. He asks sleeping Sarah to forgive him and promises to protect her … Lucas breaks down and hopes Will is with him. Will nods and they emotionally embrace. Will and Lucas now leaves to look over the papers, They will then be able to say one last goodbye … Henry taunts Jen about Jack not caring enough to come. Hero Jack appears leering to let her go …

Lucas was going to get Justin to look over the papers but there is no time so he is ready to sign. Lani and Eli arrive and learn that Julie will be getting compatible Kate’s heart. Eli is overwhelmed and goes to update Hope and Doug. He will never forget this and thanks Lucas and woeful Will … Xander wonders what is taking Rolf so long … Rolf creeps into Kate’s room with his medical bag. He faithfully greets the unconscious former Mrs. Stefano DiMera … Jack offers Henry big money but Henry has only one thing in mind. To make Jen see the man who cannot even remember her before she meets her end. The life or death situation suddenly gives Jack a jolt as Jen looks into the eyes of the love of her life and then braces herself … Eli and Lani feel for weeping Lucas. Will points out Julie is family as well. Eli hugs heartbroken Lucas as does Lani. Then they leave so he can tell Julie and Hope … Will is sorry to inform Lucas that Sonny cannot get back in time. But he is here for him. Lucas thanks and hugs him … Jen wants to say her last words. Henry does not know Jack, the everything, the fun, the amazing meeeeean who cared about others and he was the most fearless reporter. He gave his life to save Abigail. She is overwhelmed he came and reminds him of their past. They always saved one another. He is the best man she will ever know! Henry gets mad and moves with the knife. Jack yells no and jumps him. They struggle. Henry throws him to the floor and he hits his handsome head. Jen gives Henry a push and rushes to Jack’s side. He gazes up at her …

Kristen is cross Rolf is late. He rushes in and claims he cannot perform the procedure … Violins play as Kate is wheeled out of her room. Time for Will and Lucas to say the last goodbye … Kristen rages at Rolf, who calmly explains she is already preggers … Tis a soap miracle when Jack looks up at worried Jen and watches their life flash before his eyes. He marvels he remembers … Meanwhile Kate suddenly wakes up and wonders why all the tears …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, September 26, 2019