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Episode 13,713
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tis morning. Sarah mutters she has no food or water and is sure she wants to terminate … Eric dreams of a baby crying in the distance. He gasps and wakes up to Nicole, having dozed off when he came out for coffee. He asks where Holly is. Ready for fun at playschool. Mom and daughter are over the moon to be with him. Eric kisses her … Xander tries to talk down Kristen on the phone and assures her he is in cos of her blackmail. He does not want her to tell Eric about Sarah’s baby. He stops when Sarah enters the elegant Kiriakis living room … Eli is at sleeping Julie’s side. He cannot lose her so she has to fight … At the station Jack is livid at absent Eli since Jen is still missing. Lani explains his grandma is dying. He snaps if he does his job Jen will not also die … Jen screeches for heeeeeelp. Henry taunts no one hears her, no one will save her this time … Lani calls Eli to update him on jumpy Jack. Alas nothing new on Jen. Eli is on his way. After the call Julie wonders what is wrong with Jen … Henry is smug as a Salem bug about taking Jen to a deserted and closed crime scene. She warns Jack and her son will find her. Henry whispers that is why they will leave Salem for their new start. He smiles and breathes on her face … Eric sips his coffee as Nicole looks for a new job online. He takes her hand and tenderly tells her of a Horton Center opening. Then they kiss in bliss …Sarah did not hear Xander’s call and he lies t’was boss Brady. He told him he would not be to work today. Sarah thinks it is not necessary. He murmurs she should not be alone … Maggie appears and wonders why …

Eric explains people used to come to the center to speak with Nicole long after she was gone. He loves the way she loves Holly. She gushes he will be a great dad and giggles as they kiss again … Xander feels the fair Sarah needs support since Eric and Nicole are now togetha. Maggie suspiciously warns Romeo not to make moves. Sarah, however, does not harbor such suspicions. Maggie offers her a ride to work since she is heading to visit Julie. Sarah is not heading to the hospital. Maggie probes … Eli does not tell Julie that Jen is missing, assures her all is well and will see her soon. Julie knows better and decides to summon someone who will tell her the truth about Jennifer … Hostage Jenny calls Henry insane. He believes she will be grateful one day when she accepts they were meant to be. He touches her face and she turns away … Julie grills Haley, who tells her JJ sends his love. Julie senses a big secret surrounding Jen and demands answers … Henry calmly informs Jen he controls whether she lives or not and tells her to think about it. She apologizes for hurting him and admits she did not know him this way. He lies down on his back and she notes she does not know things about him. He admits he has been angry his whole life … Oooooo

Back at the station JJ has coffee for Jack and is grateful how hard he is working to find his mom. Jack would rather focus. JJ silently goes through files searching for a clue … At the square Nicole loves the fact that Holly made a paper heart for Eric the good. They kiss … Sarah stammers she is not going to work. She has something to do. Maggie deduces she is not sharing, hopes there will be good news about Jen and goes. Sarah swears Xander to secrecy again … Eli assures JJ and Jack all flights are being monitored and Jen and Henry’s pics have been circulated. JJ sighs Henry seemed straight laced but there was little available about his past …Henry complains about his boozing and drug addicted mother who went from man to man. Her latest man always stole her away the way Jack stole away Jen … As Haley hastily leaves Maggie arrives with beautiful flowers and tabloids. Julie wishes people would stop pretending she is not slipping away. She asks Maggie for a favor. Please look after Doug. The redhead agrees. Julie elaborates. She asks her to take her place in his life … Sarah is waiting at the square with Xander, babbling. He assures her it is alright. She decides they should depart before she sees … Here come Eric of paper heart fame and Nicole, who informs Xander their divorce is almost done. Sarah assumes the heart was from Holly. Eric drawls they dropped her at play school. Nicole wonders where Sarah was headed with Xander. Oooo …

Flabbergasted Maggie refuses to replace Julie and reasons she is married to Victor. Julie wants her to divorce him for Doug, who is a man of character! Maggie insists nothing compares to Julie for Doug. Julie weeps her darling needs looking after. The redhead notes they will all be there for him. Julie brings up Jen and fibs Eli told her everything. Maggie insists JJ and Jack will find her. Julie gets worried and asks what is going on … Eli is sorry to say there is no signal on Jen’s phone. JJ deduces he destroyed it. Jack gasps time is running out and goes to get something done … Henry does not want Jen’s pity. She is so sorry she hurt him. He alludes to her going with any other guy. She marvels Henry was not dull, he was strong and stoic and praises him for his accomplishments. He hisses she is no better than his mother, who charmed him when she wanted a drink. Feels like old times. Jen gets nervous. He muses when he had mommy dearest under his control she begged but it was too late. Jen anxiously asks if he harmed her …

Xander suggests Eric and Nicole butt out. Eric gasps why is Sarah with this guy! Sarah shouts she can look after herself, snaps she is happy for Eric and Nicole cos they deserve to be happy. Then she makes Xander leave with her … Eli laments to Lani it could be too late for Jen … Henry calls Jen a Freud and denies offing his mother. It was natural causes under his care but all Jen has is his word. He laughs. She offers to help him. He shouts she does not give a damn. Jen argues they are the same since Jack used and left her the same way his mom did. She knows he will not come for her and promises to show Henry how she feels about him if he unties her. Henry swoooooons … Deceived Maggie admits to Julie that Henry abducted Jen. Julie wails nooooooo … Eric sips his coffee at the square with Nicole, noting something was wrong with Sarah. Nicole stops him from texting her but praises how wonderful Sarah was with Holly. She clearly loves kids … Sarah is sitting at the clinic in her hospital gown. Xander asks if she is sure … Maggie calls Eli with tragic news. Julie just had heart attack number two! He is on his way with Lani. JJ tries to keep it together and then finds something. Jack bursts in with something big. Someone reported a break-in at dead Ted’s old apartment. JJ has something even bigger. Ted was Henry’s lawyer … Henry gets his knife ready to cut Jen’s ropes, then holds it to her white throat …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, September 25, 2019